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The JAMB cut-off mark for the Bachelor’s degree courses in Air Force Institute of Technology is 160 while that of the Diploma courses is 140.

However, different departments in the institution have varying cut-off marks, as you can find out below:


DepartmentCut-off Mark
Aircraft Engineering Technology180
Automotive Engineering180
Banking and Finance180
Business Administration180
Business Administration and Management180
Civil Engineering180
Metallurgical and Material Engineering180
Physics with Electronics180
Telecommuniction Engineering180
Information And Communication Technology180
Aerospace Engineering180
Electrical/Electronic Engineering180
Explosive Ordinance Technology180
International Relations180
Mechanical Engineering180
Mechatronics Engineering180

N/B: Please be informed that at the time of publishing this post, Air Force Institute of Technology has not released the official departmental cut-off mark for 2020/2021.

However we advice you treat the above list as a mere guide and not the actual figure.

We shall keep you posted as soon as the school makes the necessary updates. Do well to keep in touch with us.


Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna was established owing to the demand for skilled manpower to operate and maintain the Air equipment and weapons that were brought during the Nigerian Civil war from 1967-1970. Back then, the Nigerian Air Force relied on foreign aid to obtain the required technical know-how.

What we have today as the Air Force Institute of Technology started out as the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Technical and Supply School in 1977. It went through various remodeling and renaming until it was made into the Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna (AFIT), in the year 2008. Since then, the military school has been regarded as a one of the Federal universities in Nigeria. 


AFIT consists of 5 faculties and a total of 28 departments. These faculties include:

  1. Faculty of Air Engineering
  2. Faculty of Computing
  3. Faculty of Ground and Communications Engineering
  4. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
  5. Faculty of Science

These 5 faculties contain both Bachelor’s Degree courses and National Diploma Courses. That is, it acts both as a Federal University and a Federal Polytechnic.


In order to successfully gain provisional admission into the Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna, one is advised to carefully note the following points. You might find them helpful.

  • Be sure to choose AFIT as your first or second choice during JAMB registration. It is a Federal University and using it as a third choice may cause your application not to be duly considered as preference will be given first to those who picked them as first choice, then to those who picked them as second choice.
  • You must have at least 5 Credit passes in O level exams including Mathematics, English Language, and any other 3 courses relevant to your field.
  • Admission forms are to be purchased at the school’s website: www.afit.edu.ng


Is Air Force Institute of Technology an accredited University?

Yes, AFIT has undergone due process and has had its various faculties accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), National Universities Commission (NUC), Council for the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN) and the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

Is AFIT a Military School?

Yes, Air Force Institute of Technology is a military school, run under the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Air Force. However, it is also approved by the Nigerian University Council as a Federal University in Nigeria.

How do I Apply for AFIT?

In order to apply for AFIT, you would have to visit their admissions portal; www.afitportals.com

Before an applicant can access the form, they would have to purchase it for a non-refundable price of ₦2,000. This payment can be done using the AFIT online payment portal.

What is AFIT admission portal?

The admission portal of Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna is www.afitportals.com.


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