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Have you been wondering the mark you need to make in JAMB to gain admission in Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo?

If that’s the case, or whether you are just inquisitive to know, in this post, you will learn about the JAMB and departmental cut-off marks of the polytechnic.

Benue State Polytechnic JAMB Cut-Off Mark

The official JAMB cut-off mark of Benue State Polytechnic is 120. This means that only candidates who made a minimum of 120 in JAMB will be admitted.

If you fall short of this criteria, then you must seek available alternatives. You can apply for a part-time programme instead of full-time, or buy JAMB change of course/institution form and switch to a college of education.

But if these alternatives aren’t your choice, then re-sit JAMB. But before then, you must have garnered the knowledge of how to pass JAMB.

Departmental cut-off mark

Although having 120 as aggregate is enough to win you admission; unfortunately, not into all departments.

So, here is an estimate of cut-off marks for different departments in Benue State Polytechnic:

S/NDepartmentCut-off mark
1Fine Art120 and above
2Industrial Design120 and above
3Printing Technology120 and above
4Accounting140 and above
5Business Administration and Management120 and above
6Marketing120 and above
7Banking & Finance140 and above
8Office Technology and Management120 and above
9Civil Engineering Technology170 and above
10Mechanical Engineering Technology170 and above
11Electrical/Electronic Engineering170 and above
12Welding & Fabrication Engineering150 and above
13Preliminary Studies120 and above
14Library and Information Science120 and above
15Mass Communication150 and above
16Computer Science130 and above
17Hospitality Management120 and above
18Mathematics & Statistics120 and above
19Science Laboratory Technology130 and above
20Geology130 and above
21Legal Studies170 and above
22Local Government and Community Development120 and above
23Public Administration120 and above
24Public Accounting/Auditing130 and above
25Building Technology120 and above
26Architectural Technology150 and above
27Surveying and Geo-informatics120 and above
28Estate Management120 and above

About the school

Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo is a public tertiary institution founded and owned by the Benue State government. It is located in Ugbokolo, in Okpokwu LGA of the State.

The polytechnic was established in the year 1977 by Abdullahi Shelleng as Murtala College of Arts and Science. However, today the institution is approved by National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) as a state-owned institution.

Faculties and Departments

The courses taken in Benue State Polytechnic lead to the award of National Diploma and Higher National Diploma.

Here below are these courses under their various schools:

School of Art, Design and Printing

  • Fine Art
  • Industrial Design
  • Printing Technology

School of Business and Management Studies

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Marketing
  • Banking & Finance
  • Office Technology and Management

School of Engineering Technology

  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Welding & Fabrication Engineering Technology

School of General & Preliminary Studies

  • Preliminary Studies
  • Library and Information Science
  • Mass Communication

School of Technology

  • Computer Science
  • Hospitality Management
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Geology

School of Administrative and Vocational Studies

  • Legal Studies
  • Local Government and Community Development
  • Public Administration
  • Public Accounting/Auditing

School of Environmental Studies

  • Building Technology
  • Architectural Technology
  • Surveying and Geo-informatics
  • Estate Management

How to apply for Post UTME

To apply for Benue State Polytechnic post-UTME, kindly visit the School’s portal: www.benpolyonline.edu.ng

In case you still have any other question, simply drop it in the comment box below. And, ensure you share this post to your friends.

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