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Do you really want to get a job? One of the best techniques in job hunting in Nigeria is leveraging on the opportunities presented by job sites.

And if you are wondering the best job sites in Nigeria, then you are on the right page.

It’s no longer news that there are little or no jobs in Nigeria. The demand for job is greater than the supply or availability of the jobs.

The number of graduates outnumbers the available job vacancies in Nigeria and this makes job hunting in Nigeria so much a task.

However, to lessen the stress of going from one place to another looking for a vacancy, the internet has made it easier for you as you can check up for any job vacancy in Nigeria using the great job sites.

These job boards have indeed helped a lot of people secure good jobs and they can testify to that. Not all job sites are good as we now have online swindlers who try to use people’s situation at the moment to scam them.

But you don’t have to worry about that because here, we are going to give you the list of the 10 best job sites to hunt for a job.

Now let us get down to the business of the day.


Careerwatch is career website positioned to help you get to your desired life career. Our platform presents a perfect ground for you to hone your career. We make regular job updates and hence, you have a wide range of job opportunities to choose from.

You could take the opportunity of being listed on the email list of Careerwatch, through which you will be given an on-time and firsthand update on new job alerts. As such, you can make your job applications early enough and stand the better chance of getting the job.

Careerwatch also looks beyond getting you on the right job; we are also poised to making sure you get the best educational plans and enjoy your career through various scholarships and grants.


Jobberman is popular Nigerian website for job hunting. The platform was established in August, 2009 by Olalekun Olude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi. Jobberman however, is a career platform that helps people looking for job with available job vacancies in the country and across Africa.

It is said to be the largest job placement website in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jobberman receives an average of 5000 job applications on daily basis and it is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria. Therefore, it presents a great platform for employers and employees to meet.


The NGCareer platform allows you to seek and get the right jobs. You can also connect with industry professionals in order to maximize your opportunities of landing your dream job.

NGCareer however, is one of the top job sites in Nigeria on which you can cast a sight of trust if you really want to connect to the right job. You can sign up and create an online portfolio through which your potential employers can see your skills and qualifications.

This job board under review is also a good platform on which employers can get on to, in order to recruit the best skills for the different jobs.


Indeed is an American website which also stands as a great job listing website available to Nigerians as well. On Indeed, you can get whatever category of job in Nigeria.

The board has a great reputation on which many employers leverage on and bearing the trust that they can recruit the best and skilled employees from the site.

With Indeed, you can also search for jobs around the world and work remotely by simply clicking the “Apply” button. You can also create a wonderful portfolio to stand as your CV, although you can also upload your CV manually.

If you subscribe for alerts, you will definitely get notified immediately a job that fits your profile is posted by an employer.


MyJobMag is a career platform that has sporadically grown to a one trusted by many. It makes provisions of updated job vacancies in Nigeria.

The site is overwhelming as it has made it easier for people by providing option for one to choose any company of his/her choice, the location, the field, industry, your qualifications and experience in the job.

This top Nigerian job board, MyJobMag also provides a scintillating ground for recruiters to find the best manpower for their different projects or jobs. Job seekers can also register on the platform, to create a unique profile through which they can be connected and pitch for their desired jobs.


HotNigerianJobs is one of the largest platforms in Nigeria. Are you a graduate seeking for a job in Nigeria? Well, this site can help you find any kind of job. It is always updated with latest job vacancies running into hundreds on daily basis every day.

When you get on the platform, all you just have to do is to subscribe to their job notifications so you can be updated whenever a new job that fits your qualification(s) is posted.


One of the best sites to hunt for a job in Nigeria is the Joblist Nigeria platform. It constantly updates new job vacancies, career opportunities every day.

The platform has a very beautiful and user-friendly interface which allows you to simply input the keywords of the job you want. You do not need to register to apply for jobs on this platform, but you can get on the email list so that you get notified when new jobs are posted.


This is one of the top 10 best job sites you can get on while hunting for jobs in Nigeria. This site presents a remarkable opportunity of getting the latest job alerts for different categories of employees (graduates, skilled and so on).

You can also register on the platform as a job seeker or as an employer and get the best result of what you seek. You can test your abilities through the aptitude test practices and also get ready for interviews with the Test ebooks on the platform.


Glassdoor is also an American owned platform as Indeed. The site enlists different categories of jobs worldwide. Being a reputed and popular website, many recruiters in Nigeria have taken to it to recruit the best hands for their projects and jobs. As such, I would believe would not want to neglect it.

You can best optimize your visibility to recruiters and employers on Glassdoor by making sure your profile description defines your qualifications and skills. You can also follow different companies on the platform in order to know when they have vacancies or when they post jobs.


Well, you may have heard about LinkedIn as a professional social media. That may not be far from the truth. If my guess is correct, you are looking for a high paying job which will give you the time you want.

LinkedIn is a platform where you can hone whatever skill you have, therefore placing yourself in the best position to get employed by the best companies or industry. There are many recruiters on LinkedIn and you can subscribe for job alerts that fit into your qualifications. It is a wide platform you must get unto if you really want a job.


With these top 10 best job sites in Nigeria before you, I am certain you will best know how to trace your steps. Get on these platforms and let the hunt begin.

Wait! I guess you would also want to learn how to get a job in Nigeria. Having such knowledge will help you navigate to your dream job.

Leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box and do not fail to share this post of it was really helpful. I wish you success in your search for job.