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A country without law is like a house built on sand; when wind blows and rain falls, the house will collapse. Law has kept countries, industries, companies firm and rigid.

For that reason, countries like Nigeria has decided to produce law practitioners. Lawyers are law interpreters and most times they act like an advocate for a company or an individual.

In this post, we have highlighted the best Nigerian law schools, in order to help you make a quick decision when you have completed your courses in the university.

Law in Nigeria is a 5-year course where you obtain a university degree in Law after which you proceed to an optional 1-year training in a law school. Attending the law school is optional because it is only for those who wants to practice law.

What is a Law School?

The Nigerian Law School is an educational establishment by the Nigerian government under the legal education act. This school provides practical training for those aspiring to practice law after obtaining a university degree in law.

Before the establishment of law school in Nigeria in 1962, Nigerian graduates of law travelled to England to receive training and had been called to the English bar.

The council of legal education gives certificates to students who pass the bar part II examinations (ie exams in the law school) and these students are then called to bar afterwards.

Currently, Nigeria has up to 6 law schools where who wants to practice as a legal practitioner are posted. The law schools are located in different locations as stated below:

  1. Victoria Island, Lagos
  2. Agbani, Enugu state
  3. Bagauda, Kano state
  4. Yenegoa, Bayelsa state
  5. Yola, Adamawa state
  6. Bwari, Abuja

Each of these law schools are good for your training as a law practitioner. Each law school campus has its own unique experience and challenges.

Since there are only but few of them and are managed by one body, we can’t decide the best law schools in Nigeria. We shall now go in details of each of the campuses and perhaps, decide on the one that is the best amongst them.

Nigerian Law School Agbani, Enugu State

The Nigerian Law School in Agbani was named after Augustine Nnamani, the former judge of Supreme Court of Nigeria. It was established in the year 1997. It is the 3rd law school established in Nigeria. Students who are posted in Agbani tend to feel disappointed as they had always hope for Abuja and Lagos but at a certain stage, they began to find out that the law school in Enugu has no much stress and they don’t have long lecture hours. The cost of living there is very low as you can get nice foods and be transported at an affordable price.

Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island


This school is located at Ozumba Mbadiwe street, Victoria Island, Lagos State. The school was established by the government in 1962. It is one of the most honored and extremely trusted institution in Nigeria. It was established for the purpose of providing a Nigerian legal education to foreign trained lawyers and training for the aspirants.

The school was relocated to its current location in 1969 for the purpose of expansion and to accommodate more people as population kept on increasing. It has facilities and provides a better environment for the training of these law practitioner aspirants.

Nigerian Law School, Bagauda, Kano

This Nigerian law school was established in 1999 by the Council of Legal Education. It is located at Bagauda in Kano state.

The school has conducive environment and functional facilities which help the training of aspiring law practitioners. They have housing facilities even though it is limited. Cost of living in the school is a little bit high. But the interesting thing about it is that it has interesting places to be visited that is located near the school.

Nigerian Law School, Yenegoa

The school is located at Agudama-Epie, Bayelsa State. It was established in 2011. The campus which started with just 252 students has expanded so wide and has facilities, ICT libraries that are shocked with up to 265 computers, a world class auditorium and 80-person capacity library and a modern clinic with two wards.

It also has enough housing facilities (accommodation) which makes it conducive for the students. There are also interesting places to visit near the school such as Kclamola lounge, Kilimanjaro Restaurant, Yenegoa, etc. Cost of transportation here is not high at all as compared to some other law schools

Nigerian Law School, Yola

The school is located at Lamido Zubairu way, Yola township bypass, Yola, Adamawa state. It is the sixth campus built in Nigeria which was officially opened in 2013. It has limited facilities for certain number of students. Nevertheless, it still provides conducive environment for the students.

Transportation is very affordable and there are interesting places near the school where you can go and have good times. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Unlike others, their lecture period is shorter and so you will have enough time to make note by yourself.

Nigerian Law School, Abuja

Nigerian Law School

The school was relocated from Lagos to Bwari in Abuja in December, 1997. It is currently the headquarter of Nigerian Law School. It is an educational institution established by the government of Nigeria.

The determination to move the law school caused other law schools to be established. It has a main auditorium where general lectures and programmes are taken place. It has lots of facilities which boost the training of students to become law practitioners and accommodations which are made conducive for students. The school has produced over 70,000 students that are all over the country representing her well.

The Best Nigerian School of Law

Now, we have listed and given a highlight on each of the law schools, you may now want to know which of them is the best and can give you the best training you desire.

The Nigerian Law School, Abuja has been said to be the best amongst others. According to my research, the campus has a vast environment and facilities which helps the training of the students. It has produced lots of students that are all over the country. They have notable alumni who were once governor of a state.


These Nigerian Law Schools, like I stated earlier, are good for your training. They all differ according to the rules guiding each of the schools. Every school has its own experience and challenges and which ever one you find yourself, you just have to adapt to the environment.

Since one is been posted to wherever the authority decides the person should be posted even after applying for the school of your choice, you do not have any other choice than to learn to adapt.

Leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box; we will be glad to attend to them.

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