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With the world becoming more a global village on daily basis, more and more activities are carried out online. Today, many universities in Nigeria offer online courses that earn people degree certificates.

If you have been wondering the best out of these online universities in Nigeria, you will get to know them after you have thoroughly gone through this article. So if you have tight daily schedules, getting online education can be the best idea.

Perhaps you are afraid some of these universities are not accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), do not worry because these ones listed here are accredited and the certificates they award are acceptable.


Lest you get it wrong along the line, you should understand what really an online university is.

An online university is the one which your courses are initiated and taught on the internet. You receive your lectures through a customized internet platform, and you do not have to appear at the physical school or class.

This means you can have your classes from the comfort of your room and at your own time and perhaps, pace.



National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is an NUC accredited university that offers online degrees. NOUN is practically located in all states of the country and anyone who qualifies for the programmes can enroll.

But inasmuch it offers online programmes, some courses are taken offline too. So it is not 100% online. Students are also required to visit their schools for periodical examinations.

The National Open University Online Programme Link is: https://ceagslearn.nouedu.net/ 

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University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

The University of Nigeria is another reputable Nigerian University that offers online degree programmes. This is possible through the Centre of Distance and e-Learning (CDeL) of UNN.

This programme was set up to cater for individuals who want flexibility in their studies, while they also get quality and excellent learning experience.

The UNN CDeL offers various online degree courses in Nigeria, which can rise from B. Sc, B.A, MBA, M.Sc and so on.

To find out more about the University of Nigeria Nsukka online programmes, log on to https://cdel.unn.ed.ng/

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University of Abuja

The e-learning programme of the University of Abuja is a one worth mentioning. It is set to perform on a global scale, to reach every dick and harry and to penetrate every nook and cranny.

As much as it offers quality learning experience to students, the UNIABUJA offers their available courses at relatively affordable price. Some of the courses they offer through their online programme are:

  • B.A English
  • B.Sc Accounting, Economics, Geography, Public Administration, Business Administration and so on.

Log on the programme’s website at https://Ims.cdlce.uniabuja.edu.ng to find out more about the programme.

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Obafemi Awolowo Univerity (OAU)

The Obafemi Awolowo University offers one of the best online university programmes in Nigeria. Their distant learning programme is a one that must be revered.

The school’s distant learning programme is administered in different programmes of the school, ranging from Pre-Degree, Diploma, undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

Learn more about the OAU’s distant learning programme through their website at https://www.oaucdl.edu.ng/home/ 

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University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

Another reputable university that offers online degrees in Nigeria is the University of Port Harcourt. The UNIPORT’s Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) programme offers both undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes.

Log on to the university’s online programme website at https://odel.uniport.edu.ng/

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Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU)

In response to the needs of many students for distance learning (online learning), the Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) established the Center for Distance Learning.

The programme will cater for the teeming population of Nigerians who wants to acquire tertiary education but because of time or money are unable to enroll for fulltime offline programme.

This online university programme by JABU Nigeria offers both undergraduate and Master’s degree certificates. The JABU is also an accredited private university with a trusted reputation.

The online programme’s website link is https://www.jabucdlelearn.org/ in case you need to make further enquires.

Lagos State University (LASU)

LASU is one of the best online Universities in Nigeria; although the online programme is just a subsidiary to the programmes done in the school.

The courses the school offer in the online platform ranges from management courses to social science and general studies courses. Among the available courses are courses in Education, Professional education and Continuing education.

You can find out more about the Lagos State University online programmes at their website at http://www.lasgelearning.org/odlri/

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You may be wondering if studying online can be of any advantage to you. Yes, it definitely offers you a plethora of advantages that may include the following:

  • Studying online will aid your career advancement and you do not need to quit your job for it.
  • It allows you the flexibility to schedule and choose your learning environment.
  • Studying online will train you to be more self-discipline and responsible over your life and activities.
  • It is sometimes cheaper to study online than studying offline.
  • E-Learning will grant you more opportunity to explore your discipline and get more exposed to recent technologies.


Is online degree accepted in Nigeria?

The National Universities Commission (NUC) affirms that online university degrees remain unacceptable in the Nigerian system. But this does not include the e-Learning programmes of accredited universities like the ones listed above.

Are online Universities accredited?

Most of the online universities are not accredited by the NUC. But to be on a safer side, you should enroll for the

Are online degrees respected?

Online degrees are respected relative to the school from where they are obtained. If you acquire your certificate from any of the schools listed above, you will definitely be respected because the school bears outstanding reputation.

If you are also wondering if employers accept online degrees, you will like get an answer like the one stated above. Many employers accept online degree, as far as they are obtained from reputable institutions.

What is the easiest online degree to get?

Some of the easiest courses to get online are:

  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration

What are the highest paying online degrees?

Some of the highest online paying degrees are:

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Software Development
  • Management Information Systems
  • Economics


Now you do not have to dwell on the conventional and more or less the traditional way of getting a university education, having gotten the knowledge of the best online universities in Nigeria.

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