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Have you been wondering which among the host of the private universities we have in Nigeria are the best? In this post, we have carefully laid out the top 10 best private universities in Nigeria.

There are public federal and state universities, but the processes of entrance are not only very competitive, they are also difficult. Public universities are also prone to industrial actions (which prolongs ones year of study) unlike their private counterparts.

Most Nigerian students prefer to avert all these and choose the private universities over the public ones. Although private the private universities pay very much higher than the federal and state universities, it is still a good option for many Nigerian and international students alike.

You may want to know the most expensive private universities in Nigeria here.


Covenant University is a prestigious university owned by the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel). It can be better attributed to Bishop David Oyedepo of the Faith Tabernacle. The school is located in Otta, Ogun State.

Covenant University acquired its academic license in 2002 and academic activities kicked off on the 12th of October, 2002. Overtime, the school has stood and renowned to be strict in its Christian value, academic excellence, innovation and having a wonderful learning environment.

The number of students of the university is about 15,000 and her staff numbers up to 1000.

The University Website: www.covenantuniversity.edu.ng


The American University of Nigerian ranks second on the list of the best private universities in Nigeria. AUN is located in Yola, the capital city of Adamawa State Nigeria.

It was established in 2005 by the then Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. This school was established and modeled to fit the American University, Washington DC. The curriculum, methods of teaching and the accreditation style fits the American style.

Since its establishment, the American University of Nigeria has stood firm in their vision for academic excellence and innovation and bringing up qualified youths.

The University Website: www.aun.edu.ng


The third best private university in Nigeria is the Skyline University. This university is located in the heart of Kano State.

Skyline University Nigeria was established in 2018 by a United Arab Emirate (UAE) wealthy businessman called Kamal Puri. He also owns the Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE.

Skyline University Nigeria was established to provide young Nigerian quality and world-class tertiary education. Thus, this university is duly recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

The University Website: www.sun.edu.ng


Babcock University is another private-owned university in Nigeria which is highly revered to be one of the bests. The university campus is located at Ilisan Remo, Ogun State.

The Babcock University is owned and managed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Nigeria. This university has gained unspeakable reputation because of the unrelenting management of the school and the quality of services delivered – which is evident in the type of students they graduate.

Babcock University ranks 4th on this list the best private universities in Nigeria.

The University Website: www.babcock.edu.ng


Joseph Ayo Babalola University is a university owned by the Christ Apostolic Church and was established in 2004. Since its establishment, the school has experienced a sporadic growth.

Ayo Babalola University is a school revered for the entrepreneurship programmes carried out in the school. NUC has come to recognise them for that. For this reason and other success in management and learning, Ayo Babalola University has come to be one of the best private universities one can think of in Nigeria.

The University Website: www.abuad.edu.ng


Bowen University is school located in Iwo, Osun State. The Nigerian Baptist University is one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria and it has faculties occupied by competent lecturers.

The school is close to Obafemi Awolowo University and thus, it is easier for the school to acquire quality lecturers.

It is one of the most aesthetically attractive school, coupled with the fact that is has good academic records. Currently, Bowen University has five faculties with about 5000 students.

The University Website: www.bowenuniversity.edu.ng


Redeemer’s University is a private university owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). It is located in Ede, Osun State and it was established in 2005.

The school has three colleges: College of Management Sciences, College of Natural Science and College of Humanities. The Redeemers University also enrolls students for post-graduate studies in the above colleges.

Redeemer’s University has students getting up to 2000 in number and for the quality of education, management and facilities in the school, it ranks 7th on this list.

University Website: www.run.edu.ng


Igbinedion University is the first private university to be established in Nigeria. It was started in 1999. Hence it referred as the Nigerian premier private university.

As an old player in the game, Igbinedion is one of the best private universities one can locate in Nigeria. This outstanding university is located in Okada, Edo State and it positioned in one of the most conducive learning environments.

Igbinedion University is known to be the first private university to produce recognised medical doctors. The school also offers courses in natural sciences, business and management studies, law, engineering, applied sciences and so on.

The University Website: www.iuokada.edu.ng


Landmark University is a private university located at Omu-Aran in Kwara State. As Covenant University, Landmark University is also owned by Living Faith Church. The school commenced full operation in 2011, following its acquisition of operation license.

The school is hedged toward driving agricultural revolution in Nigeria. Therefore, the school does courses in Agricultural Sciences. Landmark University also run programmes in applied sciences, engineering, business and social sciences.

The University Website: www.lmu.edu.ng


Godfrey Okoye University also comes in as one of the best private-owned university in Nigeria. The school is located at Thinkers Corner, Enugu State.

This wonderful university is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu. The school started operating in 2009, when it got its academic operation license from the NUC.

The school envisages producing graduates grounded in learning and coupled with the best character. With no doubt, Godfrey Okoye University Enugu is the best private university in the South-East Nigeria.

The University Website: www.gouni.edu.ng


We arrived to this ranking of the best private universities following the criteria stated as follows:

  • Teaching and learning facility
  • Influence on research (citations) and volume of research
  • International outlook and reputation
  • Location


Now you can argue with facts having known the best private universities in Nigeria. Although there are many good private universities in Nigeria that are not on this list; that does not strip them of their greatness however.

Do you have questions or suggestions with regards to this article? Leave them in the comment section below if you do have.

Which of these Nigerian private universities do you like most?

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