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The BRISIN is set to build data-driven governance in Nigeria. For the collection, storage and distribution of these data at various levels, they must recruit capable hands to carry out the daunting assignment.

In this course, the Federal government is set to employ over 5000 unemployed Nigerians into the project.

The job will definitely be a daunting and challenging one to do. It will require you going to different places: homes, work places, schools, hospitals and just everywhere for the collection of data. As much as it is challenging, it is also interesting.

The exposure the work will offer you will be second to none.

You will get varying work experience and get to understand better the need for data in Governance.

Hopefully, You will have so many travel experiences and interesting stories to tell.


The application is done over the official website. To apply:

Log on to BRISIN website at https://brisin.ng/

Tap the menu tab and click the “Apply” button.
Pay an application fee of N1000
Fill your information in the online application form and submit.


After the first phase which is the submission of application and short listing of successful candidates, comes the online examination.

If you scale through this first stage, prepare for the online exam having these requirements in mind:

  • You are required to have a stable internet connection
  • To take the online exam, you must have your BRISIN Application number
  • You must have your personal details so that you will enter them before the exam
  • You will pay a token of N500 processing fee with you ATM card


To start your BRISIN exam, please follow the link: https://test.brisin.ng/. T

his link will only work when the examination is open. For now the link is inaccessible.

  • Log on to the examination portal and login with your Reg. Number or your email.
  • Pay the N500 processing fee with you ATM card.
  • After making the payment, copy the TAC authentication code generated and then click “Take Test now”.
  • You can also get the authentication code in your email, in your spam if it did not appear in Inbox.
    Before you Accept the test, read the instructions
  • In matter of seconds, you test question will load and you good to go.


Here below are the different vacant roles available for the BRISIN recruitment and the description of the job.

When making your application, do make sure you apply for the one that you can best fit.


Under this role, you duty as a BRISIN staff is to update, monitor and control data after the comprehensive data and information have been gathered, mined and stored.


You will be after the comprehensive data and information on education, public and private, to monitor and update data including the security and minor identification.


In the Diaspora role, your duty will be to capture data and information of all Nigerians in Diaspora, and getting into the National grid.

You will also monitor children born outside Nigeria as well as control their citizenry rights.


Under this role, you will monitor Fiscal and Revenue payment and to control payment instrument on all economic sector.


You will be put in charge of data and information on all cellular phones in circulation, among producers, SIM cards used and quantum data sold by service providers on daily basis.


Those under this role will be after the collection of data and information on all existing health systems, pharmaceuticals and medical structures.

They also monitor drug distribution daily basis, daily hospital frequencies, the number of doctors and nurses and their distribution across the country. They also monitor sanitary instruments and wares and so on.


Those under labour will assume the functions of getting the comprehensive data and information o employed and unemployed workers in every aspect of the Nigeria economy system.

Even autonomous workers, visible and invisible workers and smallest economic operators will be captured by those under this role.


These workers will be responsible for the collecting and recording data and information on internal residential changes, traveling and traveling document records. They will monitor external migration exits, controlling of visas issued and where.


These staff are after various documentation, method of issue and also provide means of information verification before giving documentation. They handle every legal issue in the agency.


Those under this role will take records of farmers, all agricultural operators and their products and processing. They will also record animal farmers and the number of their herds.


The Staff under Demography will be after harmonizing already existing data and verification with NpopC and others. They will also update birth and death records.


The staff under this category will collect all data and information relating to car engine, vehicles, mechanics, spare parts dealers and equipment sellers.

They take records of all insurance and drivers licenses and so on.


Under this role, the staff will be responsible for the collecting and of data and information on all professional services, monitoring and updating the day to day transactions and its record.


Those under this role will be responsible for the distribution of infrastructure at Ward, Council Area and the distribution of development.


Those whose role is based on transportation will be after the due collection of data and information on public means of transport and those involved.

They also monitor the daily inter-state and intercity shuttle and number of passengers involved in each.


Your duty when in this role is the collection of data about building structures, their owners, the use of the building and the attribution of commercial benefits to the structures.

You will also monitor the changes in use and correct documentation of these buildings.


In order to be chosen for the exercise, you must meet the minimum requirements set:

  • Applicants must not be less than 22 years of age but not more than 40 years
  • Candidates should be proficient in computer skills.
  • Applicants are required the minimum of the following academic qualifications: PhD, Masters Degree, B. Sc or HND, OND, NCE, SSCE or GCE,
  • Candidates must also be Nigerians.


BRISIN is an abbreviation for Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria. It is an integrated and all encompassing system for the collection, storage and distribution of data and information in Nigeria.

It is aimed at supporting the management of the economy and socio-economic development.

It facilitates and guarantees regular and continuous assessment and management of population and administration institutions in Nigeria.

The Data and Information will be made available to Wards, Local Governments Areas and States of the Federation.

These data and information will be good instruments of governance and management, because they are needed for proper planning and policy making.

Through these data, millions of jobs will be created. It will also support federal government agencies like the NIMC, INEC, FIRS, NPC, NBS, Immigration and security agencies, in their functions.


When will the recruitment start?

The BRISIN recruitment was last carried out in 2018. There is no official statement on when another recruitment exercise will be carried out. Meanwhile, we can keep you updated with information regarding the recruitment if you bookmark this page.

When will the final shortlist name come out?

The agency conducted exam for 10, 000 applicants of which 5000 were shortlisted. About 2000 candidates will be trained for the project.

What is the primary goal of the project?

The primary goal of the project is to build data bank in Nigeria, to serve as instrument for job creation, policy formulation, distribution of infrastructure and planning for proper governance and management.

What is the update on the recruitment?

A reliable update from our sources is that the recruitment exercise has not started. Information from the official website at the time of publishing this article states that they are still processing application from the last recruitment.


We have come a long way to this point of the journey. I am assured you have gathered all you should know about BRISIN recruitment. Do keep in touch with us to get every update regarding the recruitment and every other recruitment opportunities that will interest you.

We shall be glad if you share this article within your social circle; it may be what your friends have been waiting for. Lastly, so not hesitate to ask your questions if you have any.