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With your goals clear and your direction certain, I guess you are wondering the short courses you can enroll for in Canada. Perhaps you are a Canadian citizen or an aspiring international student in Canada, I urge you to read along because contained in this article are all you should know about the short courses of study in Canada.

Even though Canada has become the dream destination of many international students, especially Africans, it should be noted also that the cost of education and living in Canada is only relatively low; we cannot say it is not high at all.

We would say it is cheaper in Canada than in the USA or UK and in some other educationally and economically healthy nations. Therefore you must make the right choice when choosing the type or duration of course you want to study.


What would you call a short course by the way? Except you already have glimpse of what a short course is, this view I have presented here can help you grasp the idea behind what is called a short course.

A Short Course is one which you can do between a period of an hour and 12 months. Although the duration may change with schools: some could even last up to 18 months. But the whole idea is that it would not last like a whole degree programme (which lasts a minimum of 3 years).


If you are an international student who is considering taking some short courses in Canada, this list can serve as a prescription alone. If you are a Canadian or the resident of the country, this prescription should also work perfectly for you too.


This is one of the most popular and important disciplines. It teaches everything about how to run a successful business. Business Management is whole bunch that contains so many other sub-disciplines. It is in these sub-disciplines of Business Management that you can do the short courses in Canada.

The short courses under Business Management are:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sales
  • Introduction to Decision Making
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Mediation

Studying Business Management or any of the sub-disciplines stated above will place huge responsibility on your shoulder because you are a manager; you are a planner without which success cannot be achieved.


Journalism is the act of researching events and coming up with credible reports about them and disseminating the information through various media. It is about giving people the right information.

Journalism has become an integral part of the society, owing to the undisputable fact that people must have something they should believe. Thus, it will be great if you take few short courses in Canada under this discipline.

Some of the short courses under the Journalism category are:

  • Advertising
  • Gathering and Developing News
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Public Relations


Even if you do not have enough money or time, the short courses you can enroll for in Canada are disciplines under Software Development. These studies will involve building system, web and mobile apps.

The world today is a global village and the need for technology keeps growing. I believe therefore you understand that there is high demand for skills.

The short courses you can take under this category are:

  • JUnit
  • Java Programming
  • Data Abstraction
  • Building software logical unit

Some skills short courses you can study in Canada are:

  • Short Video production
  • Directing
  • Basic Scripting
  • Sound Engineering
  • Vocal Training for audio
  • Digital video editing
  • Acting for Camera
  • Camera Work and lighting
  • Fundamentals of Web design
  • Graphic Design for digital camera
  • Music Production


You have learnt the different courses you can study in Canada, but in what school will you study them by the way?

Well, not every school does short courses. The universities you can take these listed short courses are:

  1. Algonquin College
  2. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  3. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  4. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  5. Conestoga College


How can I apply for Short courses in Canada?

You must understand first that the education system in Canada is controlled by every province.

Therefore, the curriculum structure and the application methods vary from province to province; each has their central application portal.

So if you must apply for short courses in Canada, you will apply from the central portal of the location of the school.

If the school is in Alberta, apply here.

If it is Quebec, you can apply here.

For schools in Ontario, kindly apply here.

What is the cost of studying short courses in Canada?

The cost of short courses varies with province and perhaps, the courses. So here is just an estimate of how much studying a short duration course in Canada might cost you based on the location of the school”

  • Alberta Colleges (CAD $14,000)
  • Quebec Colleges (CAD $12,360 to $19,160)
  • Ontario Colleges (CAD $9,750 to $26,560)

What are the best courses to study in Canada for the future?

The world is heading somewhere and it will get to a time it will shred off some unimportant attributes. Therefore, if you must stay in fashion, here are some to the best courses to study for the future:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Public Health
  • Information Technology
  • Health Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Environmental Science
  • Building and Construction
  • Human Resources


If have ridden gently with me from the onset of this great read, then I must be certain you have grasped all you may need to know about short courses of study in Canada.

In the case that you have more questions to ask, or contributions and even suggestions, please do not hesitate to hit the comment section and pen down what you have.

Was this article helpful? If it was, please share it others. If it was not, a suggestion on what we should improve upon will be of great help.

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