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Are you wondering how you can lay your hands on Canada visa lottery, know about the Canada immigration programs or even get to know how to get the Canadian migration programmes?

This article has been specially crafted to answer your questions on Canada visa lottery and give you the best guide on how you will go about migrating to Canada. So I urge you to read carefully and grab the bit of all we have.


It is quite unfortunate that you cannot get what does not exist. A trusted source in the Canadian Immigration system states that the Canadian government does not offer anything like Canada visa lottery.

As such, you are advised to stay away from cheats and dupers requesting money from you to process your Canada visa lottery. They are all scammers!

But not to worry, there are other trusted and better alternatives through which you can migrate to Canada, your dream country, and get on with the business you wish to go there for. There are different immigration programmes through which you can migrate to Canada.


If you are not yet sure of the best ways you can migrate to Canada, here are different programmes through which you can migrate to Canada.

These programmes have proven to be the best ways to move to Canada and not hoping on the Canada visa lottery that will never come.


If you need permanent residence in Canada, the Express Entry could be an option to exploit. The Express Entry is a system of immigration programmes that allow skilled workers migrate to Canada as for permanent residence.

Through this system, workers are ranked based on their age, education, work experience, language skills. From this ranking, the best workers are selected and allowed to migrate to Canada with their families.


Aside Quebec, the 13 provinces of Canada are allowed to respond to their individual economic needs by nominating certain people for permanent residence in Canada. This is the provision made by the Provincial Nominee Programs.

These provinces search out for qualified workers around the world and nominate them for permanent residence in Canada.

If you want to migrate to Canada, why not build your career to a level you would be recognized for such nominations.


Canada is a home for many citadels of higher learning. The country has many internationally recognized schools and their tuition fees are relatively cheap when compared with UK or the USA.

So you can migrate to Canada for studies and from there get your ways to become a permanent resident.


This programme was launched in 2017 to help bring in more workers to Canada’s Atlantic region. With this programme, employers in the Atlantic region are allowed to employ workers from outside Canada.

These employers help their employees process their migration documents. So you could search for jobs in the Atlantic region of Canada and with it you can migrate to Canada.


The Family Class Sponsorship programme is another way you can migrate to Canada. The Canadian government allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents bring their loved to reside with them.

The Family Sponsorship programme is allowed for relationships like parents, grandparents, common in-laws, spouses and dependent children.

Some provinces can sometimes allow someone who has permanent resident, to bring your friends or any relative. The policies sometime chances and therefore it is not assured.


Aside the non-existent Canada visa lottery, you can migrate to Canada based on these programmes. You could be wondering which of these programmes is best for you, since you have some unanswered queries.

Let us look at some of those things you might have and be wondering what chances are there for you:

“I have a post-secondary school education”

Canada is country that has much interest in education. So if you have post-secondary school qualifications, chances are there for you to migrate to the country through the Provincial Nominee Programmes, or the Express Entry programmes.

“I have at least one year of skilled work experience”

If you are experience in the work you do, you can be allowed to migrate to Canada. There are programmes like the Express Entry and Atlantic Immigration Pilot, through which you can move to the country. It is assumed that with your wealth, you will help Canadian grow, through impacts on the economy.

“I have a Canadian job offer”.

Canada makes provisions for all international workers who has been offered job in the country. You can utilize programmes like the Provincial Nominee Programmes and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot programmes. Of course, if you will add value to their economy, they will allow you the opportunity to come in.

“I have friends and relatives in Canada”

Definitely, if you have a close family who resides in Canada, they have some options of bringing you to the country. It could be through the Family Class Sponsorship or the Provincial Nominee programmes, PNPs.

It is also possible for your friend who resides in Canada to bring you over. But the available chances are slimmer than the former. Perhaps the person would utilize the PNPs

“I have already worked and studied in Canada”

Not to worry about migrating maybe permanently to Canada, if you had studied or worked there. However, you can get permanent residence in Canada through the Experience Class and Quebec Experience programmes. But you can be allowed that if you have a record of good past.

“I have a high net worth or a significant financial resources”

If you have considerable high net worth or significant source of finance, you qualify for a number of visas and immigration programmes in Canada.

“I have a business that I own or manage”

Having your own brand or business you manage gives you upper hand and qualifies you for certain migration programmes in Canada. You can take chances of the Provincial Nominee Program or the Business and Entrepreneur programmes found under the Express Entry


How can I get the Canadian Visa Lottery?

You cannot get the Canadian visa lottery anywhere because nothing like that is run by the Canadian government. We therefore implore you to stay away from sources carrying that such exist; be careful, as not to be duped.

What is the Canada visa lottery portal?

The Canadian government does not issue any visa lottery. Please do not subscribe to the scam that you can obtain the form, from here or there. You can log on to the Canadian visa portal to get yourself a visa: https://www.cic.ca/ctc-vac/getting-started.asphttps://www.cic.ca/ctc-vac/getting-started.asp

Can a visitor work in Canada?

A visitor who does not have the Canadian work permit is not permitted to work in Canada.


Now you do not have to hope on the Canada visa lottery in order to migrate to Canada or ask further questions about it; I should reiterate that it does not exist. You have better options than that.

If you still have further enquires or questions about the Canada visa lottery and how you can migrate to Canada, do well to put down your questions; we will answer you. If this post was helpful, do give us a hand and share it in your social circle.