Has it been your dream to be a banker and to work with noble institutions like the Central Bank of Nigeria? You are not alone in that dream. There are many people who has same dream as you.

Be it as it may, you are lucky to have come across this article because you will learn here, everything you need to know about the CBN recruitment, and many things you did not know about banking, especially as it relates with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Just stick on while I take around the ocean of knowledge.


Well, having just the dream to be a banker is not enough to make you a good banker. Even if you become one without having the qualities required of a banker, I am sorry, you will be a bad one which would not last long in the system.

To work with CBN, you must have these qualities:

  • Resilience must be an active part of you as a banker.
  • To be a good banker, you must be smart, intelligent and a quick learner
  • You must also be an innate problem solver, in order to make a good banker.
  • Good bankers are good leaders who take responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skill is required of any banker.
  • The banking profession requires individuals who have organized personality.
  • Honesty is an inseparable attributes of bankers
  • To work effectively as a banker, you must be co-operative with your colleagues.

Having the above listed qualities will glide you smoothly on your banking job with the Central Bank of Nigeria. So if you are lacking in any of these skills, it is either you look outside banking or you find a way to improve on them.


Now that you have known the qualities required of bankers, we shall go now go ahead with the duties performed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This list of functions performed by CBN will help align your psychology to what the CBN job is like, and what you should expect to be doing with the institution:

  • It the duty of the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensure stability in monetary and price terms.
  • The CBN ensure that the Nigeria financial system is sound
  • It is the CBN that acts as banker to the Federal Government, and provide it with financial advice.
  • It is only the CBN that issue legal tender currency in Nigeria.
  • The last function of the CBN is to maintain external reserves, to safeguard the national currency from devaluation.

In summary, the CBN oversees the control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies in Nigeria. They also check the activities of other Banks and financial institutions in Nigeria.


The CBN job is a competitive job. This therefore implies that applicants who must get the job will meet the set requirements and probably have extra qualifications which will grant them a better chance.

Below are the requirements for the CBN recruitments:

  • Applicants should be between the ages of 22 and 30 years.
  • Interested candidates must possess Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) from a recognized tertiary institution.
  • Applicants should have a second class upper division for Bachelor’s degree or upper credit for HND certificate.
  • Candidates are required to have completed the compulsory NYSC, and have Discharge Certificate or have the NYSC exemption certificate.
  • You must be a Nigerian who has provable good character.
  • Applicants must be computer literate, having knowledge of basic computer applications.
  • It is also required of applicants to be mentally sound.


Having known all that is require of interested applicants, the next step we shall take is learn how you can apply for the CBN recruitment.

Simply follow these steps to apply for CBN recruitment:

  1. Visit the CBN official website at www.cbn.gov.ng
  2. On the menu tab, click “Career”
  3. Now navigate to the job advert link and click on it.
  4. Create your job application profile with your email and desired password.
  5. Go ahead to verify your email to enter the application page.
  6. On the online application form, fill your details a correctly as they appear on your supporting documents.
  7. Upload the needed documents and submit.


The CBN recruitment process does not just end with you submitting your application; it goes further.

  • Candidates who met the CBN job requirements, from their own judgment will be invited for a written test.
  • All those you scaled through the test will be invited to the CBN head office for an open day, where they will be given more insight into what the CBN does.
  • These candidates will not be taken through a psychometric test and essay writing session, before a panel interview.
  • There will be a final interview with the Head of Human Resources, after which successful candidates will be determined.

NOTE: At the time of publishing this article, the CBN recruitment has not started. We advise you disregard any information carrying that recruitment is on.

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When will CBN recruitment start?

There is no official date yet when the CBN recruitment will begin, but the CBN recruit any time the need arises. But to stay updated and not miss any bit, do subscribe to this website or bookmark it.

Does the CBN take Industrial Training Students?

No, the CBN does not take IT students.

What core disciplines are required in the CBN recruitment?

The core disciplines considered for the CBN job recruitment are:

  • Accountancy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Law

Does the CBN recruit NYSC members?

Yes the CBN recruits NYSC members if the need be. Graduates from the above disciplines are considered first.

Who is the CBN governor?

The current CBN governor is Godwin Emefiele, a professional economist.


Very good, you are here with me till this point. I want to believe you have gotten all you should know about the CBN recruitment.

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