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Have you been nurturing the idea of going to Canada to study but you are not very sure of which of the Colleges in Canada are cheap, and can best fit your financial budget?

It is a good idea anyway to think about going to Canada for studies because Canada is a beautiful country with loving people and overwhelming cultures.

Canada also records some of the best Universities and Colleges in the world. And when you compare the cost of education and living in Canada with that of America and UK, you will be marveled how cheaper it is to study in Canada than in those other countries.

Definitely, you will choose Canada over those other countries, considering the fact that you are cost conscious and you will receive same quality of education after all.



Algonquin College is one of the cheapest colleges you can find in Canada. It is a public college of arts and technology, located at Ottawa, Canada. Algonquin College was founded in 1967 as an English College. Today, it offers both undergraduate degrees and diplomas in different disciplines.

International students can budget $12, 000 yearly for their tuition fee and for books. The tuition fee in Algonquin College is about $4, 527 per term. To learn more about this college, visit their website: http://algonquincollege.com/


If you are wondering another cheap college in Canada, which you can get into and acquire some certificates, the Bow Valley College could be a choice to consider. This college gives access to a lot of student services and school support.

Bow Valley College is one of the most popular colleges and their students pay a tuition fee ranging between $6,000 and $11, 234.

The tuition fee covers other materials aside textbooks. You can find out more about Bow Valley College on their website: https://bowvalleycollege.ca/


The Camosun College has its campus in Greater Victoria and it has about 1, 100 international and about 19, 000 students enrolled both in full time and part-time programmes.

Camosun College as one of the most affordable colleges in Canada, offers different graduate and post-graduate programmes.

The tuition fee at this school is $7000 on the average. Learn more about the school on their website: http://camosun.ca/


This is one of the largest colleges in Canada, and it also has some of its campuses in London. It is a college of Applied Arts and Technology that accepts up to 43, 000 students annually on online, fulltime and part-time studies.

Fanshewa College takes about 1000 international students from over 60 countries per year. Therefore, the tuition fee for international students ranges between $13, 623 and $14, 223. To find out more about the Fanshewa College, visit their website at https://fanshawec.ca/


The Dominican University College is an excellent cheap college in Canada. It is a Catholic institution which her international students pay a tuition fee of $12,494, while Canadian citizens pay $4,364 as their own tuition fee.

The college offers undergraduate, masters and PhD programmes. To find out more about this school, go to the school website at http://dominicanu.ca/ 


Georgian College is the prime option for international students whose official language is English Language; you are demanded to produce a proof of language proficiency hwoever.

Depending on your choice of programme, you can study at any of the seven campuses of Georgian College in Canada.

This college is also depicted to be one of the cheapest colleges in Canada, with a tuition fee of $13, 845 to $32,431 for international students.

In order to find out more about the Georgian College, do visit their website at https://georgiancollege.ca/


Lampton College has a record year of 47 years, in the provision of quality education to both domestic and international students in Canada. It is moreover an affordable college you can also look towards.

The programmes offered at Lampton College are in: Information Technology, Health Science, Business Sciences and so many others.

The tuition fee at Lampton College is as low as $7000 for international students. To gather more weight about this college, visit their website at https://lamptoncollege.ca/


St. Lawrence College is a college of applied arts and science known to serve world-class education to her students. The College has three well-equipped campuses across the country.

The school serves both fulltime and part-time programmes to thousands of students under the tutorship. In St. Lawrence College, there are 89 academic courses and about 829 staff. The tuition fee for international students ranges between $15, 300 to $15,700.

Learn more about St. Lawrence College on their website at https://stlawrencecollege.ca/ 


Well, if you already made your choice of University from the list of most affordable universities in Canada, I must ask you: why do you want to study in Canada?

The truth is that there are many convincing reasons to go to Canada for study, as an international student. Find some of these reasons below:

  • Canadian universities and colleges are very affordable compared to other countries in the West.
  • The cost of living in Canada is cheap. Of course you must eat; you have to take care of yourself, but you do not have to spend through your nose before you can get those basics.
  • Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world today. For many years, there has been no threat of peace or disaster in the country. It is therefore a cool place to be calm and study.
  • Canadian government makes proper provisions for her immigrants.
  • From being an international student, you can become a Canadian resident because of the flexibility involved.
  • The system of education in Canada allows you the time work some hours everyday.


What are the most affordable or cheapest Universities in Canada?

Some of the cheapest Universities in Canada are:

  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg

Are there free colleges in Canada?

The truth is that there is no free College or University in Canada. You can only study for free if you are on full scholarship.

Is it cheaper to go to college in Canada?

Yes, it is cheaper to study in Canada than in USA and United Kingdom.

Is education free in Canada?

The Canadian educational system varies with provinces and each province has autonomy over their education system. Meanwhile elementary education and secondary school education is free of charge in Public schools.


Now you can go on and with journey of traveling to Canada as an international student, having known the cheapest colleges in Canada. Moreover, if you have any question or suggestion to make, do well to pen it down in the comment section.

Keep in touch with us so that we can keep you updated with the latest information about scholarships and study opportunities. Again, give this post a lift by sharing it, if it was helpful to you. Do have a nice time.