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You must have learnt that one of the best places you can study as an international student is in Canada. As that might stand as a fact currently, you are a bit unsure of which of those schools in Canada and probably the courses that will best fit your financial strength or budget.

So if you have been wondering the cheapest courses in which you will do your master’s degree in Canada and the schools where you will do it, this article will proffer a solution. You will get to know the cheap master’s degree in Canada.


Some of the schools in Canada where you can have a cheap master’s degree would involve the following schools. The tuition fee paid in those schools is relatively cheaper than in other schools.

University Of Northern British Columbia

This school is located at Prince George, British Columbia and it is one of the cheapest colleges for master’s students to enroll. The tuition fee for Master’s students is $3,297.

Master’s degree graduates can come out with the following certificates afterwards: M.Sc, MBA, M.Ed, M.Eng, M.ScN and MSW. They also offer graduates and doctorate certificates.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of the schools in Canada where you can do cheap master’s degree. This school is located at St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Master’s students of this school pay a tuition fee of $3222. They offer different master’s programme and also Doctorate degrees in both persons and online.

The fields in which these programmes are done include Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Professional Programmes and Interdisciplinary Programmes.

Simon Fraser University, Canada

At Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia you can do cheap masters degree in Canada. The tuition fee is $3743 for master’s degree students.

Simon Fraser University offers a variety of graduate programmes in Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Communication, Business, Arts & Technology, Environment, Health Sciences and Education.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is locates at Calgary in Alberta, Canada and it happens to appear on our list of where to do cheap master’s degree in Canada.

In the University of Calgary, the tuition fee for Master’s students is $3,693 and they offer both Master’s and Doctorate programmes across a variety of different courses. Their studies are both course-based and research-based.

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan offers over 80 Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The school specializes in research and medical fields.

The university is located at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The tuition fee for master’s students in the school is $4,358. Relative to the area of their study, you will understand it is really a cheap school to do Master’s degree in Canada.

University of Prince Edward Island

Another school in Canada where you can do a cheap Master’s degree programme is the University of Prince Edward Island. The school is located at the Prince Edward Island, Canada.

This school ranks high among the research universities in Canada and the tuition fee per year is $7,176.

Carleton University

Carleton University located in Ottawa is ranked the 19th school in Canada by the US news and world report best global university ranking.

This prestigious university offers Master’s programmes in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and so on. The tuition fee in the school is $7,397 per annum.


In answer to your quest for the cheap master’s degree in Canada, you must first understand that there are certain courses that are cheaper to study in Canada, than others. Although tuition fees may be close, but the expenses across faculties differ.

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • MBA, MS Management, MS Finance
  • Media and Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agricultural Science and Forestry
  • Degrees in Education
  • Languages like French, Spanish, French, German and so on.

Also included in this list are Natural Science courses like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.


If you must apply for Master’s degree in Canada, you must take certain steps as outlined below:

  • Research various universities and the available programmes in time.
  • You have to inquire directly from the University of your interest your eligibility to apply. You could go through the schools website or go directly to the Admission Officer of the school.
  • Write down the programmes and the universities where you are eligible to apply for a programme.
  • Submit your applications to the school before the application deadline. Most top schools accept applications between December and February.

NOTE: If you have the interest to secure scholarship, you must send in your application between September and October of the year prior to the starting year. You could apply earlier if you can.


Which master’s degree is most in demand in Canada?

Every master’s degree holder is sought in his own market. But on the general scale, the most popular jobs seek master’s degree holders in the following fields:

Oil and Drilling Supervisor

  • Mining and Forestry Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Engineering Manager
  • Statistician Actuaries
  • Public Administration Director

What are the toughest programmes to get into in Canada?

Some of the toughest programmes to get into in Canadian universities are:

  • Mechanical Engineering, McGill University
  • Software Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Engineering Science, University of Toronto

How much does Master’s degree cost in Canada?

The costs of Master’s degree in Canada vary with field of study. To acquire MBA in Canada can cost between $30, 570 to $49,798 on the average.


Having come up till this point, I am assured you have got all you must know about cheap master’s degree in Canada. Meanwhile, if you still have any question bordering you about this discuss or related to this, do not hesitate to put it in the comment section.

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