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Your entire life can be ruined if you make the wrong decision of career. The problem may not only come from failing at the long-run, but you can either never forgive yourself or you will never feel fulfilled or happy.

Therefore, choosing the right career is as important as deciding to live a happy and fulfilling life. That is why we have brought you in this post a guide of how to choose a career in Nigeria.

Sometimes as Nigerians, we fail to lay our hands on resources that will truly guide us through the process. This is because those resources are prepared from a different perspective, perhaps by someone from another country and it fails to efficiently resolve our problems.

In contrast to the above, I am a Nigerian and we know ourselves better hence we know how best we can handle our problems. Go on to read the guide I have for you here.


Here is the list of steps you have to take if you must go the right direction on your career path:

  1. Carryout a self-assessment
  2. Define exactly the things you want out of your career
  3. List out the different jobs you could explore
  4. Perform a research on the job you want and your possible employers
  5. Gain more knowledge if the need be and update your CV
  6. Look for your dream jobs and apply for them
  7. Never stop learning as you will need it for continuous growth

Now, let us take it a step at a time so that we can understand it better.


The first step to choosing a great career path in Nigeria is a prior understanding of you. You need time to go inside yourself, ask yourself certain questions and be fair enough to give yourself the right answers.

You must know the type of work environment you want, the skills you posses, what you will derive joy doing for the rest of your life and so many other questions. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself in this first step of self-assessment are:

  • What are my key values? (You may value independence or working with others, being financially stable and others).
  • What are my soft skills? (good self esteem, confidence, time management, communication and so on)
  • What technical skills do I have? (Say, Writing, Data analysis, Graphic Designing, photography and so on)
  • What type of person am I? (your personality say quiet, aggressive, loyal and so on)
  • What are my interests?


When you have assess yourself, the next step you have to take is set your life goals, define what you want out of your career. Doing this will enable you get a clear picture of what you want and it will keep you motivated as you work towards them.

You have to understand if you want to be an employee or an employer (entrepreneur). You may also need to ask some of these questions:

  • What is my dream job like?
  • Do you have a certain amount you desire as salary?
  • Will the job cover for vacations, holidays and healthcare?
  • Is the career flexible enough to allow me time for myself and my family?
  • Do I need a consistent job or should I work as a freelancer?

Once you have defined the exact things you want out your career, you can go ahead and list out the jobs you can do.


Following a clear understanding of yourself and what you want out of your life career, the next step to take is list out the various jobs that fell under the category of your choice. You will write-down the career types that interest you, against the next step which is researching.

As a guide, you may need to follow this procedure to get to the right career:

  • Find out what you love doing; your talent.
  • Identify the different industries you would want to explore, say fashion, business, education and so on.
  • Evaluate your strength and weaknesses
  • Consider your career goals and the values you want to create in yourself and in the society


Getting a deeper insight into the profession you desire is the next step. So you must take advantage of every tool to find out about the jobs considering the following:

  • Description of the career or job
  • The requirements you need to get in
  • Are there opportunities to grow with that job?
  • How much does it pay?
  • What does the day-to-day activity of the career entail?

I am certain that following your heart and from the result of the previous steps, you will be able to identify the right career.


When you have successfully gotten a perfect job to explore, of course a wise thing to do is to get yourself trained and prepared and ready to take opportunities. If you do not have the required education and experience, go get them.

You will need to invest in learning and building yourself. You may say that you will get trained when you arrive at the job or as you go along with the career. But on the other hand, no one would want to employ someone who would not offer values and you wouldn’t want to get into what you are not very knowledgeable about.


When you have taken the prior steps diligently, I will assume you are ripe to get into the market. However, find and apply the jobs you have prepared for or start the business you so desired.

If you are looking for jobs, there are many online job platforms in Nigeria you could explore to give you the desired job. Such platforms are Jobberman, Indeed, Ng Careers, Careerwatch and so many others.

When you have found the right job, do well to apply for the job with at all the requirements and following the instructions as stated.


When you have eventually landed on the right career, you must keep learning in order to remain in fashion. As new day comes, so do new things wake and if you care less about learning every day, a time will come when all you had know will not be needed any longer.

Grow taking into consideration the goals you set and making sure you reach your interest. Take cognizance of all you challenges, failures and successes which you will meet along your career path; they will be of help some day.


There are certain factors that tend to play the antagonist role in your journey to actualize your dream. You must identify them and avoid them.

  • Do not choose a profession because of the prestige the society has attached to them.
  • Never get into a career you do not have passion for or the required skills to pull through.
  • Your parents are very important, but you should not choose a study because your parent want you to.
  • Choosing a career out of frustration is dead end you must avoid
  • Do not go for a career because your friends are there and perhaps, you think it is paying well.
  • That you have studied ‘Course A’ in the university does not mean you must practice what Course A has taught you. You may be skilled in ‘Course B’ and that is what we advice you give your time; learn and grow and you will excel.


You must be careful what you take as your career. But I will not be afraid that you will make the wrong decisions anyway, believing that you have got all about how to choose a career in Nigeria presented in this article.

Do you have questions, suggestion or input? Please feel free to drop it in the comment box. How about if you help others discover themselves? Now, share this post in order to achieve that aim.

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