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Scholarships go a long way to alleviate the financial burden and pressure on students. This makes the students more focused on their studies, while they also time to be creative and innovative.

So, if you are from Ekiti State and wondering about the Ekiti State Scholarship, you have to come to the right page. In this post, you will learn all you should know about this scholarship: the different categories of the scholarship, how to apply, and all you need to apply with.

I urge you, therefore, to read along carefully to grab all we have for you here.


  1. The application form for each of these categories of the scholarship is obtained via the scholarship website FREE OF CHARGE!
  2. When you obtain the form, ensure you fill the necessary information in the designated field with your handwriting, and the official stamp of your school pasted on it.
  3. Your application form must also contain your current CGPA, authenticated by your HOD. Your registry should also confirm if you are a full-time or part-time student.
  4. Every application form must be duly signed and stamped by the Local Government Area Chairman of the applicant.
  5. Every applicant must ensure they submit the filled application form within the stipulated period as stated in the scholarship advert.
  6. Click Here to Obtain the  Form.


Senior Secondary School

  • You must be a secondary school student in the State.
  • Applicants must excel in the JSS3 examination and the competitive scholarship award examination, which will be coordinated by the Scholarship panel, Evaluation, and Standard of the Ministry.

Physically Challenged Scholarship Award

  • Applicants must be bonafide students of a tertiary institution.
  • Applicants are given an automatic scholarship.


  • Only students in their second year in the NCE programme can apply, and they must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or an equivalent of Upper Credit, in their previous year of study.


  • Applicants must have a minimum of 3.50 CGPA or its equivalent and classified as Upper Credit, in their previous examination.


  • Interested applicants must be in their second year and above in the University, and must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 in their previous year of study.


  • Interested applicants both in Nigeria and overseas are eligible for this award
  • Applicants under this category must have a minimum of Second Class Upper in their first degree or Upper Credit in their HND.
  • Ph.D. applicants who have less than a second class upper in their first degree and a distinction in their Master’s but with a strong recommendation from their Master’s university, are eligible to apply.

The Value of the Scholarship

The value of the scholarship award varies the different categories of the scholarship:

  • Senior Secondary School Scholarship N40, 000
  • Technical Education Scholarship N40, 000
  • NCE Scholarship N40, 000
  • Physically Challenged Scholarship N60, 000
  • Undergraduate Scholarship N60, 000
  • HND Scholarship N60, 000
  • Masters Scholarship N250, 000
  • Masters Scholarship Overseas N750, 000
  • Ph.D. Scholarship (Nigeria) N750, 000
  • Ph.D. Scholarship (Overseas) N1. 50 million

Screenings and Verification

To avoid impersonation and ensure proper verification, applicants must undergo screening. Therefore, you will need to present the following documents during the screening exercise:

  • Your current school payment receipt
  • Official ID cards from your institution
  • A letter of identification from your Head of Department (HOD).
  • An authenticated CGPA from the registrar of your institution
  • Original copies of your credentials
  • Authenticated certificate from your Local Government and Traditional Ruler
  • Tax payments and Development levy receipts from your parents.


The Ekiti State had a robust and great scholarship scheme for her students. Unfortunately, since 2013, the scheme has not been carried on.

As at the time of publishing this article, the scholarship programme of Ekiti State was not active. What will you do in this case?

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You may not want to tie yourself entirely to this scholarship and so you would want to explore different alternatives.

However, you can apply for other scholarships open for students from Ekiti State like those by the Federal Government or those by multinational oil companies and international bodies.

Federal Government Scholarship

For student that want to benefit from the Federal award grant to students, use the link below to apply.

Visit the Scholarship Page

Scholarships by Oil and Gas Companies

You also have the opportunity to apply for any of these scholarships by the oil and gas companies.

State Scholarships;

Kebbi State Undergraduate Scholarship

Kano State Scholarship Application


To support the growth and access to quality education in the State and to also alleviate the financial burden on students and parents. The Ekiti State government initiated the scheme.

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in various levels of education, from senior secondary to Ph.D. Therefore, it opens the door for different cadres of students from the State to apply.

The scope of the grant would involve the following:

  1. Senior Secondary School Award
  2. Technical College Award
  3. NCE
  4. HND
  5. Undergraduate
  6. Master’s S
  7. Ph.D.

Other scholarships awarded by the State are Law School, Aviation School Scholarship, and so on.


If you have read starting from the beginning up till this point, I am sure you have gotten all you need to know about the Ekiti State Government Scholarship.

Do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment box below if you have some; we will be glad to give you an answer to the best of our knowledge.