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The Nigeria civil service is one of the highest employers of labour in Nigeria, employing thousands of Nigerians.

You could be one of those civil servants earning thousands of naira monthly and getting their bills paid quite easily.

In this scintillating article, you will learn everything you need to know about Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment.


The Federal Civil Service Commission is charged with the sole duty of appointing and training civil servants, and exercising disciplinary control over them.

Therefore the aim of the commission is to build an empire of dedicated and patriotic civil servants as labour force which will guarantee the development of the country.

As a civil servant, your primary duty is to contribute your quota in making sure the commission achieves its aim. These aims are to carry out government policies and to keep the machinery of the government running.


Summarized below are the duties the Civil Service perform. Of course, your work will be tailored towards these:

  • To provide guidelines on the appointments, promotion and discipline of civil servants.
  • The hearing of matters on appointment and promotions.
  • To verify the promotion to offices for senior posts, including the interview for promotions and conduction of exams.
  • They review and approve recommendations on disciplinary matters of senior officers.
  • The representation of the civil service commission in the meetings of senior employees committee of Ministries.


To be selected into the Civil Service, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a Nigerian citizen by birth and up to 18 years on application date.
  2. You must have not been convicted for a crime.
  3. You must not have worked as a government official and you were either dismissed or asked to resign before your due retirement time.


Candidates who have interest in applying for the Federal Civil Service job can make their application via the online recruitment portal or by the visiting the State Civil Service in their geopolitical zone to obtain the application form.

Online Application

  1. Enter the www.fedcivilservie.gov.ng
  2. While on the page, click on the menu button
  3. Click the Vacancy tab to move to the application portal (http://vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng)
  4. Sign up for an account to begin the application process.

You can login anytime to manage your account and upload some necessary documents.

Offline Application

The offline application for Federal Civil service jobs is done by collecting the application form from the Chairman of the State Civil Service Commission within your Geo-political Zone.

You can find below the list of the States where you can obtain the application form according to geopolitical zones:

  • North-East (Yola, Adamawa State)
  • North-Central and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mabushi (Abuja)
  • North-West (Kaduna, Kaduna State)
  • South-East (Owerri, Imo State)
  • South-West(Ibadan, Oyo State)
  • South-South (Port Harcourt, River State)

You could be skeptical about going by the offline method because of extra cost it will impose you.

I should let you know that the online application is absolutely FREE. You can go by any method; it is all about convenience. Again, no application is also treated preferentially.

I should also bring it to you at this point that you must submit your application, either online or offline latest 6 weeks from the commencement of the application process.

If you are submitting your application offline, you have to submit it in a sealed envelope while you clearly specify the Ministry and post applied for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different grade levels in the civil service?

The grade level structure of the Federal Civil Service are Grade Level (GL) 1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5, GL6, GL7, GL8, GL9, GL10 GL12, GL13, GL14, GL15, GL16 and GL17.

How much is an entry level salary?

The entry level for graduates is level 8. The salary of Federal civil servants vary with ministries and parastatals. It could range between N100, 000 to N150, 000. It could also be lesser.

When will federal civil service commission recruitment begin?

Well, for now the Federal Civil Service is not recruiting. That is why the link above may be dead; but as soon as the recruitment starts, it comes alive. The recruitment arises with vacancies, so to stay updated with any information about the recruitment, sign up for our newsletter so that you will not miss out any bit.

What is the highest level in the Nigeria civil service? 

The highest level of any civil servant in Nigeria is the level of the permanent secretary.

Who is the Head of service of Nigeria?

Dr. Mrs. Folashade Yemi-Esanis the Acting Head of the Civil Service.


It is great you made it to this point. I believe you have learnt all you should know about the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment.

Do not hesitate to put your questions through if you have any. Also, share this post with your friends, so that they will be informed as well.

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