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Sometimes when we hear the word “Tax” we think it is a means of extortion instituted by the government. But come to think of it, paying tax is actually our civic responsibility.

It is by this means, including other methods that the government generates the income with which it carries out the duties assigned to it.

However in Nigeria, the agency charged with the duty of tax collection and internal revenue mobilization is the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

They make sure all the citizens and companies who are eligible to pay tax pay them and at when due. They also give account of all they have collected to the government.

The Federal Inland Revenue Services, needs capable human resources in order to deliver on these daunting duties of theirs.

It is on this premise that they open their recruitment portal for eligible and interested candidates to apply for several positions, relative to qualifications.

In this well articulated post, you will learn all you need to know about the FIRS recruitment: the job requirements, how you can apply, about the screening and other necessary information about the exercise


Before you get yourself into whatever job, you should understand what the job entails. With that, you will be able to know if the job will suite you capabilities or meet your expectations.

So here is the summary of what your duties will be as FIRS worker:

  • To ensure that tax laws, tax regulations and information circulars are uniformly applied to all tax payers.
  • Supervise officers whose responsibility is to assess small companies and individual businesses, partnerships, estates and Trust.
  • Raise additional assessment as you examine tax returns.
  • Conduct inquiries into the affairs of small companies.
  • Follow up cases resulting in disputes through the appeal procedures.
  • We can now go ahead to the job application requirements having understood what your responsibilities are as a FIRS worker.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that FIRS is recruiting is “Who is eligible and what are the requirements for the application?

  1. You should possess a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Accounting, Economics, Banking and Finance, Law, Geology, Statistics or from any other course in the quantitative discipline.
  2. Candidates with Higher National Diploma in any of the above listed disciplines are also eligible to apply
  3. Applicants must be computer literates and conversant with computer applications like Microsoft Office packages, Web applications and other application relevant in the field.
  4. Applicants must have strong management and leadership skills
  5. You must have the team spirit and the capability to delegate and to be delegated; you must be a good team player.
  6. You must have commendable social traits that your interpersonal relationships and communication skills are not lagging.
  7. You must be able to critically analyze issues and matters.
  8. It is demanded of every applicant that they must know the Nigerian Tax Laws and their applications. You must be able to understand as well, the regulatory framework in which the Federal Inland Revenue Service works.
  9. Applicants must also understand the various businesses and industries in which every taxpayer operates.
  10. You must be an individual who has the ability to work as a regulator, having the courage to ensure that people comply with the laws instituted by the government.

If you have all these requirements, then you are good to go, but another question strikes:


Interesting enough, I have also got you covered here. The application process for the FIRS job is very simple. You can apply from the comfort o your home because it is done online.

  • First, enter the FIRS website via www.firs.gov.ng and click on the “Career” tab
  • Read the information regarding every position available and proceed to “Apply”
  • Create your online application account with your active email address and desired password.
  • Verify your email through the link you will receive in your mail and proceed with the application.
  • Fill all the job application form with valid information about you having chosen the position which matches the qualifications you have.
  • Double check the information you have provided and if they are correct as they appear on your certificates then proceed to submit.

It will take some days or weeks to get a reply from FIRS recruitment body regarding your screening/interview. So you are advised to always check your mail regularly for updates on the shortlist.


When will recruitment start?

The FIRS recruitment has closed for 2019; they are not currently recruiting. But you can let the responsibility of letting you know when the recruitment starts lie on us. Subscribe to this website and we will keep you posted.

How do I get my TIN number?

TIN, means Taxpayer Identification Number, can be obtained from any FIRS office closest to you with the following documents:

  • A utility bill which could be electricity bill or water supply bill
  • Your Company’s seal
  • The Memorandum and Article of Association
  • An application letter bearing the company’s letterhead
  • A well completed TIN application form

TIN application is however FREE!

How can I obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate TCC?

You can obtain your Tax Clearance Certificate via the FIRS website when you have cleared your tax: https://tcc.firs.gov.ng/. You can also obtain your TCC from the FIRS office where you file your returns (where you pay your tax).

What are the uses of Tax Clearance Certificate?

The TCC serves as evidence that you are a taxpayer. Tax Clearance Certificate is also important because with it, you will be able to secure government contracts, grants and you will also be granted operation license.

Who is the FIRS chairman?

The current chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service is the Mr. Muhammad M. Nami, a well trained a tax accounting and management professional.


Well, your responsibility will depend on what you are employed as, which is relative to your qualifications and disciplines.

Basically, the responsibility of the Federal Inland Revenue Service is to assess, collect and account for tax collected and other revenues generated for the federal government.

So whatever your duty will be in the FIRS, it must be centered on achieving the mission of the agency. The States’ and Local Governments’ Internal revenue Boards perform the same functions at their various levels.


FIRS Recruitment is one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria. It is important you do your best to follow the article to the latter as it will increase your chances of getting the job. For more related content check out the box below.