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Adding extra skills to your employability kit has become the way to go today, owing to the fact that there are few jobs only for the qualified and certified. Therefore enrolling for an online course is important.

Unfortunately our progress gets retarded because of the inability to afford the cost of taking an online course.

Not to worry, in this post, you will learn the places where you can get free online courses with printable certificates. Read along to know these platforms.

You can virtually enroll for any skill you want, be it digital marketing, data analysis, content marketing, programming, web development, graphics designing, catering, personnel management, public speaking and so on.

You get courses on these skills for free on these platforms, and afterwards print your certificate.



Cousera is a popular platform where you can do online courses from around the world. The company partners with different universities and organizations from around the world, hence a wide range courses and skills are taught over the platform.

Although not all the courses on Cousera are free (you will pay for Premium courses), you can get worthy courses and skills for free. These courses are usually in-depth and you have the option to get a certificate at the end of your programme.

Start learning for free on Coursera.


Khan Academy is another platform for getting free online courses. They also partner with many post-secondary schools and deliver quality and in-depth courses across the plethora of courses available on the platform. You can also print your certificate at the end of your programme.

Khan Academy has a well organized interface. Thus, it is very easy for a newbie to use the platform with ease. While on this platform, you will always see the need to get back to your studies even when the spirit is dying; you would not want to miss the interesting views.

Learn from Khan Academy.


Udemy is a popular platform where you can enroll for a bunch of helpful courses. The platform is home of many talented professionals in different industries, which includes professors from reputable institutions.

On Udemy you can be allowed to build your own courses from different lessons. Like Coursera, not all courses on the Udemy platform are free. But you can get the free ones and afterwards pay and print your certificate at the completion of your programme.

Just like it is on the other platforms listed above, some courses are free but you will need to pay to get your certificate.

Learn from the professionals on Udemy now


On the list of places where you can take online courses for free is the edX. This site is an impressive one that pulls different courses from various institutions of learning around the world and presents them to the interested students.

On edX, a wide range of courses and skills are taught and they are usually in-depth. Of course, at the end of your programme, you will be entitles to print your certificate.

Learn on edX now.


ALISON (Advanced Learning Interactive System Online) unlike other platforms streamlines the education they give to business, technology, math, science, lifestyle, humanities and health. They also deliver language courses and they are all for free.

At the end of your programme at ALISON, you can get your certificate printed, although certificates are not offered on all courses.

Learn from ALISON Now.


iTunes U is only available to students using Apple devices. Users of Apple devices have access to the iTunes U educational features. On this platform, you will be able to have access to different educational course from leading universities of the world.

If it is your dream to study at MIT, Yale, Oxford and so on, this Apple platform will land you there. The interesting thing is that these courses are accessed for free.

Get along with iTunes U now.


Academic Earth is a website platform launched in 2009. This platform offers a wide range of free online video courses and academic lectures. This has been possible through their partnership with world’s universities like UC Barkley, University of Michigan, University of Oxford, Stanford, Yale and so many others.

Students who enroll for courses or programmes on this platform also have the option of paying and then printing their certificates at the end of their programmes.

Learn from the ocean of knowledge available on Academic Earth Now. 


For coding enthusiasts, this is a perfect platform for you. This website is specifically dedicated to teaching coding, which will be in various programming languages.

On Codeacademy platform, there is a section called the practice window, where you can put all you have learnt into practice and therefore understand your progress. This means that you can practice coding as you learn.

Courses on Codeacademy are well arranged and planned such that students can easily follow and learn quickly.

Get on board with Codeacademy now.


UoPeople as it is known with, University of the People is proclaimed as the first tuition-free online university in the world. It is dedicated to the advancement and democratization of tertiary education.

They offer associate and bachelors degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. That means, you can get your print your certificate after a successful completion of the online programme.

Learn with UoPeople Now.


Another trusted platform where you can do free online courses and get your certificate printed is Saylor Academy.

This academy pulls professors and professionals who create course blueprints, locate, vet and organize open education resources (OER) materials in easily usable forms.

Every course comes with an examination at the end of which students take them. Students who passes the free course will therefore be allowed to download their certificates.

Learn from Saylor Academy today


Here you have gone through the list of platforms where you can get free online courses with printable certificates at the end of your training. What will you do now? I would hope you will make the proper advancement.

Meanwhile, if you have questions, suggestion or input, please do not fail to get it across to us via the comment section. Do not also fail to share this post if it was helpful to you; we will appreciate your kind gesture.

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