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The United States of America is dream destination of many international students. The quality of education in the country is second to none. The country’s economy is also flourishing and more people would love to study and work there.

Although the United State of America has some the best universities in the world, the cost of study and living in the country is pretty high. As such, only the few rich people and those who can lay their hands on scholarship are able to study in America.

All hope isn’t lost if you do not belong to any of the categories above stated. In this post, you will get to know the tuition free universities in U.S.A. At the end, we have also provided reliable answers to some questions you may be asking about the topic under review.



Berea College was founded in 1855. It is a private liberal arts college located in Berea, Kentucky USA. Berea College is the first school in the southern part of USA to be racially mixed.

It is however one the post-secondary institutions that offers free tuition studies for students. Students of this school can get a free tuition study worth US $25,000.

The University Website: www.berea.edu


Alice Lloyd College is another school located in Kentucky, but in this case, the school is located at Pippa Passes. This school was founded in 1923 by Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan.

Added to the free tuition, the students of Alice Lloyd College also receive laptops to use during their class periods. The school offers a wide range of subjects of which some include:

  • Family Studies
  • Humanities
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Management etc.

The University Website: www.alc.edu


Webb is a top notch engineering school which gives tuition free to all her students. Webb Institute is ranked by Princeton Review as one of the Best Value College in the United States.

Students of Webb Institute also engage themselves in a paid internship, from which they source money for other necessities. They are provided accommodation in the Institute’s mansion.

The Univrsity Website: www.webb.edu


The College of Ozarks is located in Missouri and it is a conservative Christian college that discourages student debt cheerfully.

Nonetheless, the students work 15 hours per day in order to offset their tuition fee, thus the school was nicknamed “Hardwork U”. From this angle, you will understand that the College of Ozarks encourages application from financially needy students.

The School Website: www.cofo.edu


Obviously, the Curtis Institute of Music is Music College for all who wants to major in that area. This school is located in Philadelphia and it offers courses for performance diploma, bachelors and master’s degrees in music opera.

Conservatively, the school only admits 160 new students every year and the Curtis Institute offers a full-tuition scholarship college to all her students.

The School Website: www.curtis.edu


City University of New York is a public university located in the city of New York. It is however the largest urban university in the United States.

CUNY, as it is abbreviated was founded in 1961 has 24 campuses which includes 11 senior colleges, 7 community colleges, one undergraduate honors college and 7 post-graduate institutions.

This school offers a free tuition scholarship to her students who join the school’s Teacher Academy and every student is eligible to enroll. Upon graduation, the students are offered a full-time teaching position in the school.

The School Website: www.cuny.edu


This is a private owned undergraduate engineering college that is located in Needham, Massachusetts. When the school came new, they offered a full tuition free education, but now, the tuition fee has been cut by half (students now pay 50% of the tuition fee).

In the United States, Franklin W. Olin College is still one of the schools that offer the largest merit scholarship grant to all admitted students.

The School Website: www.olin.edu


The United States service academies are also recorded as one of the tuition free universities in the United States. The US service academies are five in number:

  • U.S Military Academy
  • U.S Naval Academy
  • U.S Air Force Academy
  • U.S Coast Board Academy
  • U.S Merchant Maritime Academy

The students of these academies as placed on free tuition and they also receive monthly stipends. Entrance into any of these academies most times requires that applicants get congregational nomination from their state and also pass physical tests and meet other requirements.


The University of Washington and the Washington State University both offer need-based programmes that take care of full-tuition expenses for eligible students. Thus, this University makes it to this list as one of the tuition free Universities in USA.

These scholarship programmes are available to students who met the State Need Grant or the Pell Grant requirements. Other scholarships can also be awarded students who really need help to cover their tuition fees.

The University Website: www.washington.edu


The Deep Spring College is a private owned liberal arts junior college located in California. It is however an accredited two-year college that offers full scholarship which is valued to be up to $50,000.

The college is one of the smallest universities in the United States, as it takes only 30 students at a time. The students of this school also work and study: they are employed in the school’s farm, in order to fund their accommodation and board along expenses.

The School Website: www.deepsrings.edu


Are there free Universities in the United States?

Yes, there are some universities in the United States that offer tuition free scholarship to their students. These schools as already listed are:

  • Berea College
  • Alice Lloyd College
  • Webb Institute
  • College of Ozarks
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • City University of New York
  • U.S Academies
  • State Washington University

What are the States in the USA that have tuition-free Colleges?

Some of the U.S States that offer free tuition fee to students are?

  • Tennessee
  • Rhode Island
  • Maryland
  • California
  • Oregon

Which are the cheapest universities in U.S for international Students?

The cheapest universities in the United States for international students are:

  • The City University of New York
  • Brigham Young University
  • California State University
  • Minot State University
  • South Texas College
  • Alcorn State University
  • Lehman College


We have come to a point I should believe you have got the knowledge of the tuition free universities in the United States. Perhaps you know of another school in the States that has not been captured in this report, do put it down in the comment section.

If you also have some other questions to ask, do not hesitate to pen them down too. Hit the share button to get it across to more eyes, if this post was helpful.

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