Are you still wondering what the JAMB cut-off of FUTA is? In this succinct post, you will learn all you would want to know about the topic.

You know, it is pretty difficult manage at times when you need a focus or target, and you look around to find nothing. Such scenario can play in when you search for the cut-off marks of FUTA and you can barely find a trusted information.

Despite your previous experiences, I promise to give you not just the JAMB cut-off of mark of FUTA but also give you the details of all departmental cut-off marks of this university of technology.


The official JAMB cut-off mark of the Federal University of Technology, Akure is 180. This is the same with every university in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, every department in the university do not accept students with certain aggregate (a product of their JAMB score). This invariably means that some departments have cut-off marks higher than 180.

FUTA Departmental Cut-off Marks

DepartmentCut-off Mark
Agric. Economics 47.5
Animal Production Health55.37
Agricultural Resource Extension 47.5
Crop, Soil and Pest Management47.5
Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Management47.5
Fishery and Aquacultural Technology47.5
Food Science Technology58.12
Forestry and Wood Technology47.5
Agricultural GE55.12
Computer Engineering69.62
Civil Engineering71.87
Electrical and Electronics Engineering74.37
Information Communication Technology49.75
Industrial and Production Engineering47.5
Mechanical Engineering73.75
Material and Metallurgical Engineering54.87
Mining Engineering54.75
Applied Geophysics47.5
Applied Geology47.5
Marine Science and Technology47.5
Remote Sensing and Geosciences47.5
Estate Management47.5
Industrial Designs53.25
Quantity Surveying57
Surveying and Geo-informatics64.25
Urban and Regional Planning52.87
Computer Science 69
Information Technology63.75
Information System63.75
Cyber Security Science63.75
Software Engineering63.75
Biological Sciences47.5
Biomedical Technology


The Federal University of Technology Akure is one of the foremost universities of technology in Nigeria. It was established in 1981 alongside other universities like Federal University of Technology, Owerri, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and so on.

The idea behind the establishment of this school and other technology school is to produce Nigerian graduates with practical and theoretical knowledge about technology, to aid the technological development of the country.


FUTA is located in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State. The Federal University of Technology, Akure has 8 undergraduate faculties with a post graduate faculty.

The eight undergraduate faculties of FUTA are:

  1. School of Science (SOS)
  2. School of Earth and Mineral Sciences (SEMS)
  3. School of Environmental Technology (SET)
  4. School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET)
  5. School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology (SAAT)
  6. School of Management Technology (SMAT)
  7. School of Health and Health Technology (SHHT)
  8. School of Computing (SOC)

FUTA is ranked top among the universities of technology in Nigeria. That defines that they follow a path of educational quality supported with cutting edge services in technology and science. It will not be a wring decision if you have chosen to apply for admission in the university.


Students who are admitted by FUTA through the UTME mode are students who have applied it as their first choice of institution. It is not advisable you choose any federal university as a second choice of institution during your JAMB registration.

After JAMB examination, students who made from 180 and above are allowed to purchase the school’s post UTME form. After successful screening through the post UTME, students who made up to the required cut-off mark for their department of choice will be admitted on merit.

Supplementary form is sold afterwards for students who did not make it in the merit admission list. With the Supplementary form, candidates can make changes in their choice of course. This means that they will go for courses which their cut-off marks are up to the aggregate they have.


Is FUTA cut-off mark for 2020/2021 session out?

No. The official cut-off mark for FUTA for 2020 is not yet out. The last updated list of cut-off marks is for 2018/2019 session. We shall keep you updated when it comes out; do make sure you subscribe to our newsletter in order to remain within our reach.

How can I calculate FUTA aggregate score?

To calculate FUTA aggregate score:

  1. Divide your JAMB score by 4
  2. Then multiply your post UTME score by 4
  3. Add the two products
  4. Now divide the sum by 2 and there you have your FUTA aggregate score.

How can I get admission in FUTA?

To secure admission in FUTA, you must have all the requirements and the necessary documents needed for registration. We would suggest the following:

  • Write the JAMB UTME and pass with at least 200 mark. Perhaps you are not sure how to pass JAMB, this guide can help you through the process.
  • Buy the post UTME form and sit for the exam. Do well to score high also in the exam.
  • Meet the requirements and have all th necessary documents needed for your registration.
  • Pray and be optimistic you will be admitted. Doubting your abilities and potentialities is already a road to huge failure.

Does FUTA do post UTME or screening?

The Federal University of Technology, Akure does post UTME. In all, the post UTME can also be termed screening.


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