Are you wondering what the JAMB cut-off mark of FUTMinna is?

If your answer is Yes, then this post is for you. Here, we have discussed all you would want to know about the different cut-off marks for departments in the university.

We have also taken some time to answer some questions you might have concerning the topic. To build that consciousness and sensation in you, we have also given you a little history about the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

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You know, at some point you in your life, you need to set concrete targets. But when you look around and find nothing as a guide, it can be humiliating thus discouraging to carry on.

The role of these cut-off marks is to help you know what is obtainable and the minimum mark a candidate must have in order to be admitted by a school or into a particular department

Bringing it to you will also spur you to action and then push you to readjust your efforts and targets. Read along carefully as we delve into it now.


Except for universities in educationally less privileged States, the JAMB has one cut-off mark across the universities in Nigeria. Therefore, the official JAMB cut-off mark of FUTMinna is 180.

Nonetheless, you can see from the table below that the cut-off marks for different departments in the school vary. With this, you should know that your chance of being admitted into the school is determined by the departmental cut-off mark and not necessarily the school’s JAMB cut-off mark.

FUTMinna Departmental Cut-off Marks

DepartmentCut-off Mark
Food Science & Technology180
Water Resources, Aquaculture & Fisheries Technology180
Computer Engineering200
Electrical/Electronic Engineering190
Mechatronics Engineering190
Telecommunication Engineering180
Agric. Bioresources Engineering180
Chemical Engineering190
Civil Engineering190
Mechanical Engineering190
Material and Metallurgical Engineering180
Estate Management & Valuation180
Quantity Surveying
Surveying & Geoinformatics
Urban & Regional Planning180
Computer Science200
Cyber Security Science200
Education Technology180
Industrial and Technology Education180
Science Education 180

N/B: The above list of FUTMinna departmental cut-off mark does not have official backings. We trust you do not treat it as the actual cut-off marks but a guide or maybe an estimated target. The school has not recently published their cut-off marks and that is why it is so.


The Federal University of Technology, Minna is a federal research university which specializes on technological education. This university was established in 1983, just around the years when other technological universities like FUTO (1980) and FUTA (1982) were established.

The main campus of FUTMinna is called Gidan Kwano. It is located on 10,650 hectares of land along the Minna-Kataeregi-Bida Road, Niger State Nigeria.

The Federal University of Technology, Minna popularly known as FUTMinna in the short form is actually one of the top technological universities in Nigeria. Today, there are about 13,000 students enrolled in the school.


There are 10 different schools otherwise known as faculties in FUTMinna. These faculties include:

  1. School of Life Sciences
  2. School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
  3. School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology
  4. School of Infrastructure, Process and Engineering Technology
  5. School of Entrepreneurship and Management Technology
  6. School of Environmental Technology
  7. School of Information and Communication Technology
  8. School of Technology Education
  9. School of Physical Sciences
  10. School of Post Graduate Studies

The Federal University of Technology, Minna is affiliated to the Federal College of Technical Education, Akoka Lagos State. The university also has numerous centres of research and development.


How can I calculate my FUTMinna aggregate?

You can calculate your FUTMinna aggregate by finding the average of your JAMB and post UTME score.

Add your JAMB score to your post UTME score. Divide the product by 2. Your resulting figure is your aggregate.

How can I get admitted into FUTMinna?

Sincerely speaking, there is not short cut to gaining admission into FUTMinna. All you must do is:

  • During your JAMB application, make sure you choose FUTMinna as your first choice of institution.
  • Study well and pass your JAMB with a high score (200 and above). If you are afraid of failing, a guide on how to pass JAMB can be of help
  • Pass you post UTME also with good score
  • Meet the admission requirements and make sure you provide the necessary documents as stated by the university.
  • Pray and remain optimistic that you will be admitted.

How many is FUTMinna post UTME questions?

FUTMinna post UTME questions are usually 100. This may not be the case every year, as it is subject to change.


We have come to a point in this article I will believe you have not only learnt all you would want to know about FUTMinna JAMB cut-off mark, but also the departmental cut-off marks of the school too.

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