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Getting a job in Nigeria would go a long way to help you pay your bills and overcome the external pressure from people around you. So if you have been wondering how to get a job in Nigeria without connection or experience, then you have the met the right source.

The deal here is that you will learn all you need to know about how to find the right job and the mistakes you must avoid when on job hunt. With the knowledge of all these, you will know how best to position yourself for your dream job. Now read along to learn all I have for you in this great article.



First of all, there is high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and this was acknowledged by a report by Vanguard in 2018, which stated that there are 20.9 million unemployed Nigerians.

Such statistic is enough to sip fear into undergraduates and those already in the labour market, yet to locate their star. “Is there really hope?” you may ask. But what you should really ask is,

  • What skills do I have?
  • Which industry can I best fit in?
  • Under what conditions can I work best? and so on.

A better understanding of yourself would help you make the decision of an enjoyable and peaceful career.


There have been reports from those in the industries that the major problem or cause of high unemployment rate in Nigeria is not the unavailability of jobs, but there are only unemployable graduates roaming the offices for jobs. So the first step you must take to get a job in Nigeria is to ascertain the skills you have.

Well, if you do not have any skill (soft skills or technical skills) you would want to get yourself equipped first because no company or organization is looking for a liability; businesses want individuals who can solve problems and grow the company’s profit through the skills they have.


When you have understood your skills, improved on them by taking courses and acquiring professional certificates, then you are set to set your career path clearly. Set your career goals and define what you want out of whatever job you want to do.

Some people like to take remote jobs while other would prefer the fulltime job. A bunch of people today wants to start their own company and employ other. That’s great! Whatever direction you choose you take, you are free but make sure your direction is in line with your ability and capacity.

Well, if you are not sure about your decision, you may want to learn about how to choose a career in Nigeria.


Now, if you have taken the steps above, the next step you would want to take is to prepare your curriculum vitae (CV). Your CV is what speaks for you in your absence; it defines who you are, the skills you have and what you have to offer to the organization.

Therefore, you must make your CV look professional enough and designed in such a manner that it is simple yet comprehensive. You should include the following qualities in your CV:

  • Personal qualities
  • Skills (soft and/or technical)
  • Language


Every job would not require one CV; every recruiter looks out for certain qualities in job seekers and you must understand what each need and make sure you present those skills clearly in your CV (do not lie; only present what you really have).


I will assume you are ready to get on your dream job having acquired the required skills and updated your CV and resume. So go ahead and apply for jobs following the stated guidelines.

Most times, job seekers do not know where to find new jobs to place their applications. What I will advise you to do at this point is to subscribe to our newsletter so that you will get alerted whenever a new job is posted. An alternative to this is to register and subscribe to job boards like Jobberman, Indeed, NGCareers and so on.

On these boards, you will be able to build your portfolio and CV and remain visible to employers, who are also on the board.


Whenever you are applying for a job, make you apply early following the guidelines stated and making sure you apply through the application method defined.


The best thing in life is being hopeful. Such is when you have applied for a job and waiting to be called for interview. Sometimes it does not come and you only have to carry on; but when it does come, what you must do is prepare for the interview.

Performing well in a job interview will give you the edge to win the job. So, you would not want to flunk it. Below are some few things you should do:

  • Research about the organization and know some ins and outs of the company
  • Dress properly and wear nice perfume.
  • Be early t the interview venue and be patient with time
  • Comport yourself during the interview session and be confident; do not be over confident as that may be foolish of you.
  • Be honest; say no when you do not know and yes when you know
  • Make good eye contact during the interview and do not forget to leave your face lit with a gentle smile.

Interviews create impressions about your abilities, so you must take the opportunity carefully as not fail.


This is one fact that is underrated; not so many people talk about the importance or effect of social media in securing a job in Nigeria, whereas it is an important tool you must take care of.

Many recruiters today tend to go through the social media handles of job seekers in order to understand who they really are; perhaps your CV is not enough.

If you make nonsensical posts that do not speak well of you or about the company in the future, you will be dropped. So pay attention to the quality of posts you make.

Again, connection is important in getting a job. There is hardly any job one can get in Nigeria and even beyond that there wouldn’t be an atom of connection. So if you do not have the physical connections, build yourself the right connections with the social media.

Take to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on and connect to the people in the industry you wish to get into. Optimize your profile and make sure it appears professional enough as to attract employers. Make good use of the social media.


If you must get your dream job in Nigeria without connections and experience, you must avoid these mistakes:

  • Choosing the wrong career path
  • Grammatical and typo errors in your CV and Resume
  • Being unprofessional with your CV
  • Not knowing common interview questions and answers
  • Making late job application
  • Not following up their application
  • Poor networking and connection building
  • Focusing so much on what you will gain than what you have to offer.


Getting a job is not an easy thing to achieve, but when you take smart steps entrenched in doggedness, you will get it. I am most certain that at this point you have not only learnt how to get a job in Nigeria, but you have also know what mistakes you must avoid as a job seeker.

Well, go ahead and leave your questions and suggestions in comment box. Again, subscribe to our newsletter to get job alerts. Share this to your friends if t was really helpful to you.

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