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What resides on the lips of many unemployed Nigerians today is that there are no jobs in Nigeria. That is true anyway, but it is to an extent.

There are jobs, but the available jobs are for those who have placed themselves in the right position as to get the jobs.

You could mention having connections as one of those ways to get a job, but there are many other things to consider. One of them is qualification.

Are you really qualified for the job you are applying? Maybe you should to take your qualification beyond having that paper called Certificate; then will you give yourself a sincere answer.

Nevertheless, as “there are no jobs” in Nigeria, I have brought in this article as list of hot jobs in Nigeria which you can lay your hands on. Perhaps this is that opportunity you have been waiting for. Now let us get on with business.


The banking job has overtime been one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria. The banking work is a prestigious one that not only confers atoms of dignity in persons, but also instills in them, self discipline.

Bankers are also known to be well paid; at least we can perceive from their looks and properties.

To join the moving train of the finance industry in Nigeria, here is a list of some banks you could select from and turn your skill into a fortune:

Guarantee Trust Bank

As one of the strongest banks in Nigeria, GTBank offers you an opportunity to work with them on different levels. You could work as a personal banker, cyber security analyst.

If you are a graduate looking for an internship position, GTBank gives you that chance to explore your skills and develop you career in banking and management generally.

The Orange bank is known to be friendly with customers and their staff too and I think you want to enjoy a good working times.

GTBank job is just a click away from you. Find out how you can apply for the different positions here.

Access Bank

Access Bank is a multinational commercial bank owned by the Access Bank Group. This bank was founded in 1989.

Its acquisition of Diamond Bank in 2012 has not only given them the ground to explore different markets, they have also become one of the greatest players in the banking and finance industry.

You could work with Access Bank in different positions, but one at a time. There are jobs for Data Scientists and personal banking positions.

Graduates could also get hold of Access Bank job through the Graduate Trainee programme of the bank.

You could tap into this great opportunity of working with Access Bank by finding out more about the job. Click here to get started.

Union Bank

Union Bank Nigeria (UBN) is another big player in the Nigerian banking industry. This bank has its origination from the year 1917 and it currently has an asset value of over US$ 4.1 billion.

The UBN also serves different hot jobs to qualified Nigerians. You can work as a personal banker, behavioral analyst and Team Lead Retail Portfolio management.

For graduates looking for opportunities to develop their career in banking, the Union Bank graduate trainee programme can be a good opportunity to tap into.

The application for any of these positions is merely a click away from you. Find out more about the Union Bank recruitment here and enjoy your time with them.

UBA Bank

The United Bank of Africa, UBA is a pan-African bank that operates in 20 African countries. UBA also has branches in London, Paris and New York City. This bank is known to have started as British and French Bank Limited (BFB) in 1949.

UBA offers different career opportunities to qualified candidates. These opportunities could be either on the UBA Entry level recruitment or through the UBA graduate Trainee programme. One could also join the bank as Human Resource Business partner.

To find out more about the UBA recruitment and take these great job opportunities offered by UBA, simply follow here.

First Bank

The First Bank of today started as Bank of British West Africa in 1894. In 1979, it got its name as First Bank.

First Bank is currently the biggest commercial bank in Nigeria with a total asset value of NGN4, 514, 789, 000, 000. It is owned by the FBN Holdings PLC.

You could start and build you career with this leading banking and finance firm in Nigeria through different job opportunities they offer. The First Bank graduate trainee programme is designed to give graduates a step to begin their career.

Interested persons could also work as personal bankers or serve in other vital roles in the bank.

To find out more about First Bank recruitment and learn how you can apply for the various opportunities, kindly follow here.

Zenith Bank

If you want to key into the banking and finance industry of Nigeria, the Zenith Bank offers you great opportunities to start.

Zenith Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. It is listed in Nigeria Stock Exchange and also in the London Stock Exchange.

Graduates interested to join Zenith Bank can do so through the Zenith Bank’s Graduate Recruitment exercises. You will be employed to serve in various positions, depending on your qualification and skills.

If you must make use of this opportunity and get hold of one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria, you will need to find out more about the Zenith Bank recruitment here.

Central Bank

It is a dream-come-through for many aspiring bankers to work with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Unlike any commercial bank, you will be exposed to various working environment, accompanied by good pay.

The CBN is the overall bank in Nigeria that oversees and checks the activities of all the commercial banks and other financial institutions in the country.

You can join them in this course of ensuring the financial stability in Nigeria by applying for the CBN recruitment.

To find out more about this hot CBN job, kindly follow this place.


The Nigerian government is an employer of millions of Nigerians. You could join this huge labour force of the giant of Africa if you decide to take proper actions.

The federal government employs this host of workers through different agencies, ministries and parastatals. Therefore, the federal government jobs lie in the following:

Fire Service

The Nigerian Fire Service is one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria today. The service recruits interested candidates into different cadre of jobs following qualifications and other necessary requirements.

The Nigerian Fire Service enlists servicemen who are ready to save live and properties in circumstances of fire disaster. This means you must be really interested n the job.

Find out more about how you can apply for this job and the requirements you need by Clicking here. 

Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC)

The Federal Road Safety Commission is a federal government regulatory body that ensures that road users keep to road and driving principles and standard. The job the Commission has become one highly sought for in Nigeria.

Recruitment into various cadres is done based on qualification. If you either a graduate or a non-graduate, you can apply and work as a Road Safety officer.

Kindly follow here to learn all you know about the FRSC recruitment. It is a chance you would not want to miss.

Nigerian Police

The Nigerian Police Force is the security body that ensures the security of lives and properties within the circles of the country, Nigeria.

Although this profession is not revered by many, it is also highly sought by many.

Contrary to general view about the Nigerian Police, it is job that will offer you opportunity to correct many wrongs as you fight to uphold uprightness in Nigeria. It is the opportunity you have to make Nigeria work.

To join this great institution, kindly follow here to learn more about the Nigerian Police recruitment.

Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp

Civil Defence is a Nigerian paramilitary agency. It is however a federal government body that oversees the provision of measures to tackle security issues in Nigeria.

They provide some other security services in Nigeria and for some companies. To take this federal government job opportunity, click here to find out more about NSCDC recruitment

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

NNPC is a federal government body that offers lucrative jobs. As much as the jobs are enticing, the NNPC jobs are also demanding. Most of the works involves high risks, thus they are well paid, relatively.

The NNPC job is known to be one of the highest paying federal government jobs in Nigeria. If you must get hold of this hot job in Nigeria, find out more about the NNPC recruitment following here.

The list of the hot federal government jobs continues to include the following:

  • Nigerian Custom Service
  • Nigerian Immigration Service
  • Federal Civil Service Commission
  • NDDC
  • Nigerian Army
  • Nigerian Navy
  • Nigerian Air Force

Follow this link and Find out More about All the Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria and learn how you can apply for each of them.

You will be marveled at the opportunities that await you.


Aside the banking and federal government jobs in Nigeria, there are also other latest and hot jobs in Nigeria that you may want to take opportunity of. Make your choice from this list, while you are guided by your qualification interest.

Lagos State TESCOM Recruitment

Among the latest hot jobs in Nigeria is the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM). The Commission is set to employ up to 1000 persons into the Lagos State school system.

If you can teach and you have the necessary qualifications and requirements, then this is a job you would not want to pass you by.

To learn more about the job requirements, the how you can apply and all you should know about the job, kindly follow here.


There is one thing that has kept people away from getting the right jobs. They could be qualified for the jobs and also have the necessary requirements. But what happens at last is heartbreaking: they do not get information early enough.

That should not be your own case. However, if you must apply for any job and stand a chance to be shortlisted for interview or aptitude test, you must apply in time.

There are many hot jobs that arise in Nigeria on daily basis and if you are not aware, they will pass you by. So, to make sure you take full advantage of the latest hot jobs in Nigeria, you must subscribe in order to be alerted on the arrival of new jobs and other recruitment updates.

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What are the Federal Government Agencies that Recruit?

Different Nigerian Federal Government when the need be. These agencies include nut not limited to the following:

What are the highest paid forces in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Armed Forces which includes:

  1. The Nigerian Navy
  2. Nigerian Army and
  3. The Nigerian Air Force

Are the highest paid force in Nigeria.


If you have really followed from the beginning to this point, I must beat my chest in believe that you have got all you should know about the hottest jobs in Nigeria.

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