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Most times you want to apply for scholarships but that want abruptly dies because you do not know exactly how best you go about it. Not getting to know about certain scholarship opportunities also barricade individuals from winning any scholarship.

Well, it is human not know some things but it is foolish not to find out. It is however wise of you to look out for how to apply for scholarships in Nigeria; it is the right step you have taken by coming here.

Nigerian scholarships and international scholarships available for Nigerians require that applicants take cognizance of some practices that will place them above boards and scale them properly in order to win them.

In this post, you shall learn how you can best apply for scholarships in Nigeria.

Without Further ado;


Maybe these tips here will help you secure the best scholarship for your studies. So treat them as important, although they remain our suggestions:


One of the best practices in applying for scholarships in Nigeria is early application. Applying early will not only give you time to go through your application over and over to ensure there is no error, it will also grant you more opportunity to be chosen.

You must get to know in time about scholarships. We suggest you sign up to our newsletter or bookmark this page, so that we can never lose track of new arrivals.


What you must ensure when making your scholarship application is being careful. If you apply carelessly, your application can be discarded carelessly.

You must be keen with the information you put there on the application form. Ensure that there are no mistakes.


No stone should be left unturned when you are applying for scholarships. You must understand that every bit of information required of you is necessary. So do not overlook anything.


I do not think you want put out lies out there believing it is to deceive the person or company offering the scholarship? The best practice you can imbibe when applying for scholarship is being honest. Do not lie about anything because they will confirm whatever you claim to have.

If you were to be considered, your ill practice is already a good reason to earn you outright disqualification.


You could take advantage of the following scholarship positions open for Nigerian students to apply. The value of these scholarship ranges from N100, 000 – N300,000 annually. It is definitely a good amount to offset your school fees and accommodation fee with.

NLNG Scholarship Programmes

NLNG grants eligible Nigerians four different scholarship programmes: Post primary, undergraduate, post graduate and Internally Displaced Persons’ scholarships. These are initiated to give back to their host communities and Nigerians generally.

To learn more and apply for NLNG scholarship, simply click here.

Seplat Scholarship

Seplat is a key oil and gas company in Nigeria. As one of their social responsibility, they offer Nigerian students scholarship that is worth N150, 000 annually, throughout their years of study.

To learn more about this scholarship and also apply, simply follow click here.

PTDF Scholarship

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund is a federal government agency, poised to building competent human capacity in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. To achieve this, they offer post graduate scholarships to qualified Nigerians to go study abroad.

Learn more and apply for this scholarship opportunity by clicking here.

Common Wealth Scholarships

The Common Wealth Scholarships is a scholarship offered to post graduate students of Common Wealth nations.

This scholarship is offered by the commission in the United Kingdom, and Nigeria belongs to the Common Wealth Nations.

Click here to learn more and apply for the Common Wealth post graduate scholarship.

NNPC/Chevron Scholarship

Chevron is one of the most popular and successful oil and gas companies in Nigeria. As one of their social responsibility programmes, the company offers eligible Nigerians in different recognized Nigerian tertiary institutions undergraduate scholarships.

To learn more and apply for Chevron scholarship, simply click here.

NNPC/Total Scholarship

The NNPC/Total scholarship is open to Nigerian undergraduate students and it is one of the best scholarships any Nigerian student can secure. It is also available to student studying many courses in recognized Nigerian universities. To learn more and apply for this scholarship, simply click here.


What CGPA do you need to get a scholarship?

Talking about the GPA to get a scholarship, you must know the truth that different scholarships have different requirements.

But most times, the GPA required cannot be less than 3.5 on a 5.0 scale. The higher the CGPA, the better chance you have to get a scholarship.

How do you I win scholarships?

In order to win any scholarship, the thing you must adhere to are all the requirements stated for eligibility of applicants: Provide all the documents required of you and keep to the instructions.

You will also win scholarships if you have excellent academic record and you also perform well in the scholarship test. You must also apply on time because the earlier the better.

When should I start applying for scholarships?

The best time to start applying for scholarships is when the scholarships kick off. Do not wait till late hours before you begin your applications. You may make mistakes that you will not be able to correct due to want of time, unlike when you apply early.

What is the best website to apply for scholarship?

Well, we may not have special suggestions to make as to websites you can apply. You can always check any of the following:

How can I get information about new scholarship alerts?

If you want to get free alerts and information on new or open scholarships, only keep in touch with us by either bookmarking this page or you can subscribe to our newsletter.

We shall send you emails on the arrival of every new and open scholarship that you will like to take opportunity of.

What are the easiest scholarships to get?

What if I told you that there is nothing good that comes easy? If you must get any scholarship, you will have to put good effort to secure it. Nevertheless, we suggest you can easily get the following scholarships:

  • NNPC/Total Scholarship
  • Seplat Scholarship.
  • NLNG Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • PTDF Scholarship


This article I believe has served as a clue to how you can apply for scholarships in Nigeria. Do not hesitate to ask your questions if you still have more unanswered questions lingering on your mind.

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