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If you do not get the required JAMB score for the course you are applying for, your dream to get into the university may come through the following year, because you will have to re-sit the exam. I doubt you would love to do that.

It is a good strife from your end anyway, to be looking for the ways through which you can pass the exam. Good enough, I have brought you what you seek in this article. I have clearly outlined 9 solid steps you have to take on how to pass JAMB.

I am very sure that you will score very well in JAMB if you follow these steps diligently. So now, let us go down and drink from the spring of knowledge.


The first thing you must do if you really want to pass JAMB is to remove all sorts of distractions. See, you want to get into the University which is an important step in your life. I do not expect you allow anything to come between you and your future.

Therefore, you must eliminate everything that will distract you. It could be your mobile phone, movies, the internet, social media and so on. If it means giving your girlfriend or boyfriend a break, please do.

The point here is that you should not have friends or you should not do any other things but read. But you should know how best you give your time to those things that would distract you.


The second on the list of how to pass JAMB is setting concrete goals and targets. Yes, you must make your goals certain and clear. This will involve you to understand the department you want to apply for and the required JAMB score you need to get there and also keep track of JAMB cut-off marks of different universities. So ask yourself, “What JAMB score do I want to get?”

With these goals and target before you, you will know how much effort you need to put in and you will work assiduously towards it. You also involve in your targets, the topics you must cover within a certain period you have set for yourself.


JAMB provides syllabus annually for students. JAMB did not just wake up and started doing it, nor are they doing it for just the sake of it. The Board sits down to prepare this thing according to what they will ask you in examination.

Since they have prepared it for you, I do not think you want to be dumb not to look at it. go through the JAMB Syllabus carefully and understand the entire curriculum you need to cover.

This is like saying, “Read with reference.” Reading the JAMB syllabus will give you the scope of what the examination questions will be like. It will boost your confidence and morale which you definitely need to pass the exam. Make sure you study the syllabus for your own year or a one closest to your year of exam.


This point applies when to all guides about how to pass exams, including how to pass WAEC. Therefore, if you must pass JAMB with great score, you must look at the questions of the previous years.

Of course, they may not ask you the same questions but they will surely ask you questions that are alike. When writing your JAMB exam, you are most like to see questions you have come across before and you will be glad to answer them

Studying past questions will open your mind to how questions are asked; the perspective questions from which different topics could come. So, study JAMB past questions of both recent and past years.


The era of Paper and Pencil Test is gone; this is the era of higher technology, the Computer Based Test. However, a great step towards passing JAMB is getting yourself acquainted with computer and the CBT software.

When you practice the computer and the CBT software, you will not only get used with it and handle it better, but you will also be virtually placing yourself in the examination hall. This will help boost your confidence and your time management skills. There are now android apps that mimic the CBT software. You can simply go to Google Play and download one for yourself and learn quickly.


You cannot achieve anything if you are not confident and you are full of anxiety. My dear, you must be relaxed and packed with confidence if you must pass JAMB with high score.

You can only boost your confidence by reading and following the instructions stated earlier (above). Read with syllabus, practice the computer and the CBT software and study past questions.

If you are anxious and lack confidence, chances are that you will not remember anything you have read, you cannot articulate your thinking to answering questions correctly; you will be shaking and before you know it, you are out of time.

Therefore, study and believe in yourself; be confident dear friend!


You do not have all the time to waste over the JAMB questions; you are only allotted 3 hrs to answer 180 UTME questions. This means that if you must answer all the 180 questions, you must not spend more than 1 minute on one question.

How is this possible since you will need to think and calculate on some questions? Well, there is nothing more to say but you should be time conscious. Where a wrist watch and make sure you manage your time cautiously. You can learn time management by practicing with the CBT software; it is good step on how to pass JAMB.


One thing you must avoid if you really want to pass your JAMB is implicating yourself. My dear friends, you must mind your own business while in the examination hall. Face your computer and answer your questions.

If you do otherwise, you may be charged of examination malpractice and your paper cancelled. This will flaw all the efforts you’ve deposited into the journey so far. If you must ask questions, call the attention of the invigilator and ask him/her.


I do not know what your faith is, but whichever one it is, supporting your effort with prayer and faith will help you pass your JAMB. Read as though everything ends in reading and pray as though it all ends in prayer. If you do not believe in God, well you can skip this point.


If you are in search of how to pass JAMB without reading, the answer you will get will surely lead you to a dead-end (which I am sure you would not like). If you get into the University by examination malpractice, you can barely survive the academic environment you’ll face.

You must put your best effort in making sure you achieve your dreams. As an achiever you are, you must avoid distractions, set your goals clearly, study past questions and practice the CBT software, be confident in yourself, learn time management, mind your business and pray as you work. These steps are how you can pass your JAMB UTME.

Meanwhile, if you still have questions to ask regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to put them through in the comment box. If you know any other thing you must do to pass JAMB, we will appreciate if you drop it too in the comment.

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