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The West African Senior Secondary Certificate is an internationally recognized certificate that grants West African secondary school student passage into tertiary institutions.

Therefore, it is overly important that you pass the WAEC exam, if you must get any good job or further your education.

Sometimes, students tend to wonder how they can pass the WAEC examination owing to the fact that a lot of failure is recorded annually in the examination. But not to scare you, there are proven ways and things you can do to pass WAEC examination in flying colours.

That is why in this post, I have clearly explained how to pass WAEC, stating the most important steps you must take.

These steps are proven steps that have helped many people; I doubt the story will be different in your own case. So now, let us go ahead learn these steps.


To achieve any type of success in life including passing your exams, you must be led by strong determination and self-trust. Passing your WAEC examination is a great success and you have to undertake it with strong determination.

Many people had been struck by failure, perhaps in their WAEC examination, and that has made their level of self confidence to fall drastically.

I can understand how it feels to fail but you cannot keep living in the past. Pick yourself up and forge ahead, as this will give you the morale and spirit to carry on with every other step below.


When you are faced with something important as the WAEC examination, it is best you give it your time, avoiding the invading distractions that will come to steal your success.

These distractions could come in different forms. It could be your mobile phone, movies, the internet, social media and so on. Even if it means giving your girlfriend or boyfriend a break, please do.

The point here is not that you should not have friends or you should not do any other things but read. But you should know how best you give your time to those things that would distract you and keep you away from achieving the success you desire.


how to pass waec

Some students wonder the best time to start preparing for the examination. Some people have suggested it is best you start preparing 6 months to the examination;

some says it is best 1 year before; some are even of the view that immediately you step your foot into secondary school as a JSS1 student, the big task awaiting you is the WAEC examination.

Well, the truth is that there is no given time to when you can start preparing for the WAEC examination. I would rather suggest that the best time to start preparing for WAEC examination is now.

Like, start reading now and stop waiting till tomorrow.

The earlier you start reading and getting yourself ready for the exam, the better your result would be (this is not a guarantee anyway; it is just intuitive).


A great step towards passing your WAEC examination and many other examinations is creating a reading timetable. This falls under managing your time properly and not allowing some subjects suffer neglect.

Design your timetable in such a way to allot more time to those subjects which appear more difficult to you. This does not mean you should not give your time to other subjects; do not allow anyone suffer negligence.

Make sure you discipline yourself in order to read according to what you have set for yourself on the timetable. It would be difficult after all, but who has ever achieved success by lying on bed of roses?


This is an important point you must not neglect. Many students fail their WAEC examinations because they read outside the scope that the board has provided through their syllabus. Therefore if you must know what to expect in the examination, study the with the syllabus.

Still on the point of reading the important things, you must read the WAEC recommended textbooks. Many students fail because they prepare with the wrong textbooks. One idea can be presented in different forms by different writers. So if you read the idea of a writer in contrast to the one which has been recognized and stated in the marking scheme, then you will fail.

So, prepare with the given textbooks. These recommended textbook are usually stated in the WAEC syllabus. Find out these books and get them.


Studying with past questions has proven to be a generally recognised step to take when you really want to pass an examination. If you do not study past questions, you will not know how questions are asked and from what perspective you are required to give the answers.

There are huge chances that past exam questions would be repeated. When you meet such questions that are repeated, you can only grin in happiness because you know the right answers to give.

WAEC past questions are not difficult to get; almost every book store in the market has them. Most of them are usually a compilation of 10 years back, as such, offering you a plethora of questions to go through. The answers are usually stated behind the text, which allows you the opportunity to study right.


If you are learning how to pass JAMB, one of the most important things to do is to practice the JAMB CBT software and understand how to interact with the interface. Such scenario is presented when you are asked seat for the WAEC mock examination.

A mock exam is the examination you take as a preparation for a main examination. It can be handled by your school or by the ministry of edu 8innyoir State.

Why is it important? You may ask. It is important because it gives you an idea about how the real exam will be. Many students fail examination because of fear and anxiety and not because they are not intelligent.

The WAEC Mock examination will help eliminate that fear and anxiety you have in you; it will help you gather more confidence around yourself because it shows you how the examination environment would look like. So please, do not shy away from it. Seat for it and give it attention as though you are writing the real WAEC examination.


Sorry to disappoint you if you have been thinking that one of the ways to pass any test is by indulging in examination malpractice. Now, let us forget the stand point that malpractice in examination will destroy your intellectual ability and focus on the implication it can lure you into.

When you are caught involving in examination malpractice, that paper would be cancelled if the right steps are taken by the exam invigilator. You know what that means? It means you have failed.

So my dear, the best way to pass your WAEC examination is to clear your head of all those distractions and read your books. While you read, jot things down, make short notes by summarizing what you have read; using diagrams to illustrate what you have read is a good way to remember.


It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. However I would state that if you really desire to pass your WAEC examination, you must be determined and follow these steps stated above on how to pass WAEC examination. Success is sweet when it has come from your sweat.

Nonetheless, if you have questions to ask, please feel free to drop it in the comment and if you have suggestions to make, as to other healthy practices towards passing exams, do not also hesitate to drop it in the comment box.

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