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Serving as an INEC ad hoc officer will actually give you the chance to express patriotism as a Nigerian, to allow the arrow head of democracy pierce above the gross mismanagement that is prevalent in the Nigeria of today.

Electoral misconducts have been known in the Nigeria electoral processes, but you could be that individual who can spark a light of positive change in the system, and really allow power to the electorates.

This article has been specially crafted to reveal all you should know about the recruitment, and guide you on making your application.


The INEC has the following functions and the Ad Hoc staff recruited during the election period add to the work force to achieve these aims.

  • They register political parties following the provisions made by the Constitution and the Act of the National Assembly.
  • To monitor the organization and operation of political parties and their finances.
  • Register qualified candidates when they want to aspire for different positions.
  • Set rules and regulations guiding electoral and electioneering procedures in Nigeria.
  • Prepare voters by registering them and by conducting voter education.
  • Monitor every electioneering processes.


These guidelines below are what INEC should uphold no matter the external pressure:


Shall perform its functions free from external influence.


Open and transparent in all its activities, even when relating with stakeholders.


As an independent body charged with a delicate duty, it shall maintain truthfulness and honesty in all its dealings at all times.


Ensure that they do not show in their works a support any political party or candidates.


There must be created, a level playing ground for all in the field of politics.


Provide quality electoral process in the practice of international best practices.


Ensure fairness and justice in dealing with all stakeholders.

Team work

There must a be created, an atmosphere where the spirit of teamwork will be bread.


  • Presiding Officer
  • Assistant Presiding Officer
  • Local Government area Collation officer
  • Supervisory Presiding officer
  • State constituency returning officer
  • Senatorial or National and State constituency returning officer


  • Interested applicants must be Nigerians who are mentally fit and are ready to uphold the dignity of right actions.
  • You must possess a minimum of O’ Level certificate as an applicant.
  • Applicant should have a valid means of identification.


In the preparation to apply for the ad hoc job, it is wise you have these things listed below before you set out to submit your application:

  • First, you must have an active email address
  • Your mobile phone number must also be active
  • You should have a personal bank account
  • Your recent passport, taken on a white background of not more than 50KB in size.
  • The contact details such as email address or phone number of your referee, must be ready before application
  • A valid mean of identity such as Voter’s Card, Student ID and so on.
  • Your NYSC Call Up Number will be needed.


Having met the above listed requirements, the next step is to learn how you can apply. Anyway, the application process actually involves simple steps, which are laid down below:

  • Interested candidates should first log on to the INEC ad hoc recruitment portal which is https://pres.inecnigeria.org/
  • Click on the “Register” button; follow the instructions to create your account
  • Open your mail for the verification link sent to your mail. Click the verification link to continue; and remember to change your password
  • Now, fill the application form with valid information
  • Upload your passport photograph which should not be more than 50KB in size.
  • Enter the details of your referees and check the attestation letter box.
  • Crosscheck the information you have provided, and if they are all good, simply submit.
  • Lastly, print your acknowledgement slip and that is all.


  • Again, you are advised to make your application once, and before you submit your application make sure you have confirmed that all information entered is correct. You will not be able to make further changes when you have submitted.
  • You will be deployed according to the state of residence you entered during your application.


When will the recruitment start?

The INEC ad hoc recruitment is currently not ongoing. Nonetheless, we are hopeful that the application will start again before the 2023 general elections.

What is the application deadline?

INEC is not currently recruiting ad hoc officers. Meanwhile the deadline for the job application is not specified.

What should I do when I did not get the confirmation link in my mail?

It is possible you received in the mail in your SPAM. So do check your spam messages, but if it persists, kindly click “Resend Message” or you contact them via email at electionstaff@inec.gov.ng 

What is a plain background, as required of my passport photograph?

A plain background is a background without image but just one solid colour. It could all be white, blue, red or any other colour that is not multi.


If you have been with me up till this point, I believe you have gotten all you need to know about the INEC ad hoc recruitment. Meanwhile, waste no time asking your questions if you have any. The comment section is just below.

We will also appreciate your view on this article you have read: how can we improve? Finally, share this with your friends and always come here if you want to get unadulterated recruitment updates.