One of the things you will be given at the JAMB registration centre is the JAMB eBrochure. Others include the eSyllabus and the texts for the Use of English examination.

You may have heard little or nothing about the JAMB brochure. PDF download of this brochure could also pose little challenge. But not withstanding, in this post that problem will be solved. Read on to get your problem solved.


In simple words, the JAMB brochure is a compilation of information regarding JAMB application. It includes faculties and departments in various universities and institutions in Nigeria, it also contain guidelines to making your JAMB registration.

The brochure however is important for every UTME candidate because it gives a trusted guide through your application process. It is however indispensable to every candidate (candidates who are interested in information anyway).


The JAMB eBrochure is categorised according to universities, Monotechnics and Polytechnics, College of education and Innovation and Enterprise Institutions. This brochure is free and is accessible online.

You can download the general JAMB eBrochure or you download them according to faculties and categories of institutions.

To download the general JAMB Brochure, simply click here.


There are many universities in Nigeria: some are public while some are private owned. Which ever category any university belongs, there are courses listed in the JAMB brochure which are open to receive applications.

In order that you may know the available courses at different universities in Nigeria, the free eBrochure was made. You can download the brochure for universities according to the faculty of your choice.

To download the brochure according to the faculty of your choice, simply tap the link bearing the name of the faculty you want.

JAMB brochure for Engineering faculty

JAMB brochure for Faculty of Science

JAMB brochure for Arts and Humanities

JAMB brochure for Faculty of Education

JAMB brochure for Medical, Pharmacy and Health Sciences

JAMB brochure for Faculty of Agriculture

JAMB brochure of Administration

JAMB brochure for Faculty of Law


A Monotechnic is an institution, where courses are studied under one technical subject. Unlike the Polytechnics where different technical subjects are studied, there are no too many Monotechnics in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, whether you want to send in your JAMB application for a monotechnic or Polytechnic, you should first know the different approved schools under this category, and also know the courses that are open for applications.

Download JAMB brochure Monotechnic and Polytechnic


At colleges of education, only curriculum under Education is taken. Although there would be different courses across various disciplines, the entire studies will be directed towards education.

Different Colleges of Education in Nigeria offers different courses, with every school having their own requirements. You can only know about these courses and requirements if you flip through the JAMB brochure for colleges of Education.

Download JAMB brochure PDF for College of Education


At the Innovation and Enterprise institutions, students learn different professional skills. The skill could be in any industry of choice; they could range from computer programming, innovative agriculture, filming and acting, Banking operations, performing and media arts, computer hardware engineering etc.

There are different IEIs in Nigeria that offers programs under this category. From this JAMB, you should be able to understand the courses listed under different schools of Innovation and Enterprise.

Download JAMB brochure for Innovation and Enterprise institutions

NOTE: These brochures listed above are portable document formats (PDF). Therefore if you are either downloading them into your mobile device or your computer, you will need a PDF reader to access it.


When you have downloaded the JAMB brochure PDF, you are advised to go through it, so that you can properly understand what is and what is not obtainable.

Go ahead to leave your questions and input if you have any. Do well do keep in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter or bookmarking this page; we shall keep you updated with information regarding scholarships and other information that will help you through your University education.