Mistakes are bound to happen, but when they come, you do not have to kill yourself over them because there are ways out. If you made mistakes when you made the choice of your course of study during your JAMB application, or you just decided to change your course due to some irregularities, then this article will be of great help.

Here, you will learn all about the JAMB change of course form: how you change your course, institution, the price of the form and about some other necessary data corrections you may need to make.


The processes involved in changing your choice of course on JAMB are very simple. Although it is not free, yet it is what you can do within just in a couple of minutes or hours depending on the situation.

  • Log on to JAMB portal at https://www.jamb.orn.ng/efacility/
  • Now log in to your JAMB profile with your email and password entering them in the required fields.
  • You will be taken to the landing page where you will see all the available services.
  • Click on the “Correction of Data” which you can see from the side bar or the Home page.
  • On the list of possible data correction list, select the “Course/Institution” option.
  • On clicking the option, a transaction ID is created for this operation. Pay attention to the transaction ID displayed in bold red font. It may be needed for further reference to the transaction later; although it will be forwarded to your registration email.
  • If you wish to pay with your ATM card, you can click the “Continue” button. If you cannot pay with your card, then you can go to the bank or the ATM with your transaction ID.
  • If you clicked the “Continue,” you will be taken to the Interswitch payment page where you will enter your card details. Click on the Pay button when you are done.
  • On “My Payment Section” tab, the status of your payment will be displayed and an SMS and email containing your unique transaction ID will be sent you.
  • At the completion of the payment, you will be required to enter your Year of Exam and Your JAMB Registration Number.
  • When you have entered the information correctly, new options for preferred course and institution will now appear, based on the availability of courses in the preferred institution.
  • Complete your application by clicking the submit
  • JAMB will review your application and make the necessary correction as requested.


As I stated earlier, it will cost you a token to change your initial choice of course or institution.

The cost of JAMB Change of course form as at 2019 was N2500. This amount you can pay with your ATM during application. You can also pay at the nearest ATM or at any bank using the unique transaction ID that will be generated in the process of the application.


In a case where a candidate wants to change his/her JAMB choice of course or institution, JAMB allows such candidates a grace of two times. After that, the candidate cannot be allowed to make further changes on his/her JAMB Change Of Course Form.

The numbers of time you can make changes on other JAMB Data are stated below:

  • Name Correction: You can only make correction once
  • Gender Correction: Correction can only be done once
  • Passport Photograph: Correction can only done once
  • Profile Creation: Correction can only be done once
  • State/LGA Correction: You can only make corrections once
  • UTME Subject Correction: You can effect change once
  • Change of Course/Institution: You can change your JAMB choice of course and institution twice, after which you will be locked out of the service.


There are various reasons why JAMB candidates apply for change of course or institution. So if you are wondering what could lead one to change his initial choice, then this list might give you a hint to a proper answer:

  • Candidates could have incurred mistakes during JAMB registration
  • A low JAMB score can make one change his course or institution
  • When applicants realize they do not have complete or required O’ Level result, they may want to settle for another option.

Other reasons which would include, parent’s decision, demography, external influence, finance, tribal differences and so many other things outside my thought.


Can I do JAMB change of course after Post UTME?

Yes you can do your JAMB change of course and institution after your post UTME. In case you did not score well, you can quickly change your institution or course and get prepared for another round.

How long does it take for change of course/institution to reflect?

When you submit your application for JAMB change of course or institution, the board will review it first to make sure it is possible. This usually takes as long as 24 hours or even a couple of days to be done.

Can I change my course twice?

The maximum limit at which you allowed to change your JAMB choice of course is twice. After two trials, you will not be allowed to change your course again.

Can JAMB give two admissions?

You can be admitted by more than one school, depending on the number of post UTME you took in the schools you applied. But you can only accept one at a time. However, JAMB will not allow you be accepted into two schools at a time.

Can I do JAMB change of course after admission?

Unfortunately, after admission you cannot proceed to change your JAMB course or institutions because the portal for that must have closed. The best time to apply for change of course is when you realized you made a mistake or at most two weeks after the JAMB result is out.


Now I can beat my chest and be glad that you have learnt all you may need to know presently about the JAMB change of course and institution. Go ahead to leave your questions in the comment section if you have.

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