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What you must do as a university aspirant is to carry out proper research about your dream institutions.

One of such information you must be on the look-out for is the cut-off mark of the university.

So, have you been wondering what the JAMB cut-off mark of KSUSTA is? How about the departmental cut-off marks of the University?

If these questions meet your goals, then I will assure you that you are on the right page.

Thus, I urge you to read with your interest sintered on every word displayed on this page, so that you will not miss any detail.

Let’s go!

What is the JAMB Cut-Off Mark of KSUSTA?

The approved UTME cut-off mark of KSUSTA is 160. To you, this means that if you score from 160 and above in JAMB, then you are eligible to apply for the University’s post-UTME, and stand a chance of gaining admission.

Moreso, that you made up to the cut-off mark does not mean that you are guaranteed admission. You will need to meet other admission requirements, as stated by the University before you will be admitted.

If on the other hand, you were unable to score up to this JAMB cut-off mark, all hope for admission IS NOT lost.

You can apply for the JAMB change of course/institution and change to a polytechnic or a college of education.

Maybe you would not want to make changes in your choice of institution, it is still a good idea to wait for the next year when you will go over the register JAMB again.

By that time, you must have grounded yourself so well by studying, learning the tricks and secrets JAMB. Of course, if you do these, you will score higher and be opportune to gain admission.

KSUSTA Departmental Cut-Off Marks

DepartmentCut-Off Marks
Architecture190 and above
Building Technology160 and above
Quantity Surveying160 and above
Urban and Regional Planning160 and above
Civil Engineering200 and above
Electrical and Electronics Engineering200 and above
Mechanical Engineering200 and above
Chemistry160 and above
Computer Science180 and above
Biology160 and above
Microbiology160 and above
Biochemistry180 and above
Mathematics160 and above
Physics160 and above
Statistics160 and above
Botany160 and above
Zoology160 and above
Library and Information Science160 and above
Technical Education160 and above
Science Education160 and above
Agricultural Science160 and above
Fisheries160 and above
Forestry160 and above

NOTE: KSUSTA management has not released the official list ofbl their departmental cut-off marks. We shall update our list immediately that is done.

Meanwhile, you can refer to the above list as a preparatory guide. 

About the University

Kebbi State University of Science and Technology is one out of the 40 state-owned universities in Nigeria.

It was established by the Kebbi State government in the year 2006.

Ever since its establishment, this university has continued to grow with more students admitted every year and more courses sprouting across faculties.

The University has facilities that aid academic and extracurricular activities. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines of academics.

Faculties and Departments

Listed below are the approved faculties in KSUSTA with their respective approved courses listed under each.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

  • Architecture
  • Building Technology
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Science

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Botany
  • Zoology

Faculty of Education

  • Library and Information Science
  • Technical Education
  • Science Education

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Science
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KSUSTA accept the second choice candidates?

Yes, this school is among the State universities that accept candidates who chose them as their second choice of institution in the JAMB registration.

What are the admission requirements of KSUSTA?

  • You must have scored above the JAMB Cut-Off Mark for the school and your department of choice, as stated above.
  • Your O’ Level certificate must have at least 5 credits, and English Language, Mathematics, and 3 other subjects relevant in your field of study would be included.
  • You will present every certificate to prove your claims, during the registration. These documents would include but not limited to JAMB result slip, birth certificate or age declaration, State or LGA certificate of origin.

Is KSUSTA competitive?

It would be wrong to say that the University is not competitive.

But when compared with top universities in Nigeria, we can say it is not.

Nonetheless, you will need to put in so much effort to pass JAMB and score high in the University’s post UTME to gain admission.


Having come this far, I would believe you have grabbed all you would want to know about the JAMB cut-off mark of Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero.

But if in any way you are confused at any point, and so you have questions to help you understand better, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment box.

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