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Have you been wondering how you can get in line with one non-governmental organization and play some roles in making sure the society is right?

As much as you have the chance to volunteer, you also have the opportunity to be employed by an NGO and work as employed person, while you also foster the goal of the organization.

In this article, we shall go through the latest NGO jobs in Nigeria and how you can apply. You will also learn what really and NGO is and how they get funded.


Non-governmental organizations offer series of remarkable opportunities. Volunteers however, usually have greater chances of securing opportunities more than those who do not volunteer.

You could take any of these latest NGO jobs in Nigeria listed below, and get yourself to volunteer for some social responsibilities:

Experienced Admin Officer at a Faith-Based NGO

Interested applicants are called to submit their applications for the position of an Admin Officer at one faith-based NGO called Bethel Mendel Int’ll, Ikeja, Lagos.

Applicants are required to have a minimum qualification of B.Sc or HND. Applicants must show proper computer literacy and have great communication skills. The montly salary is slated to be between N50, 000 to N75, 000.

To learn more and apply for this NGO job in Nigeria, kindly click here to go the job application page.

Child Advocacy Manager

Cece Yara Foundation is calling on interested candidates to send in their application for the position of a Child Advocacy manager in Abuja.

The Cece Yara Foundation is an NGO initiated to promote child protection and to prevent sexual abuse in Nigeria.

The organization focuses on preserving the joyfulness of an innocent childhood, by annihilating abuse and ensuring the right of the child is up help in accordance with the provisions of the Nigerian constitution.

The job requires that the applicants be have the qualifications necessary to perform certain duties like proper communication skills, health and safety management; to ensure that the team’s practices are performed at the best standards and so on.

To learn more and therefore apply for this job, click here.

Technical Officer, Programmes

An NGO, Survive Fistula Healthcare Foundation is asking qualified Nigerians to send in applications for the position of a Technical Officer. This person will be responsible for project designing and work plan.

Interested candidates must have 3 years of experience in medical and healthcare area. They must also have BA, B.Sc or HND.

If you are interested in this position, kindly send your CV to this mail: sfhfjobs@outlook.com

Procurement Analyst at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has called on qualified candidates to pour in their applications for the position of Procurement Analyst in the organization.

This position at the UNDP is another latest NGO jobs that Nigerian can get hold of. The location of the job is Maiduguri, Borno State. Applicants are required to have Master’s degree in Business Management,Public Administration, Economics, Finance and so on.

Applicants must also be fluent in both English and Hausa languages. If you must learn more and apply for this job, simply click here.

Jobs at the Society for Family Health (SFH)

The society for family health is one of the leading NGOs that are focused on public health. They implement programmes Reproductive Health/Family Planning, HIV & AIDS prevention and treatment.

There are numerous jobs at the Society for Family Health (SFH) includes:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Research Officer
  • Country’s Digital Specialist
  • Business Data And Research Analyst

Find out more about this job and however apply for it, by clicking here.

Enumerator at Mercy Corps Nigeria

With the belief that the world will be a better place, the Mercy Corp was formed to cater for people in hardship, disaster and so on. Mercy Corp also partner with other organizations in about 40 countries in order to implement bold solutions.

The position for an Enumerator at Mercy Corps is a fulltime job that is open for candidates with BA, B.Sc or HND to apply. The job location is Borno State Nigeria.

Learn more and apply for this NGO job by clicking here.


You could be wondering how NGOs get funded. But it may surprise you to know that NGOs has so many channels of growing financially. The different ways NGO get money for the projects are:

  • Some NGOs pay regular dues to support their mission.
  • NGOs also get grants from philanthropic individuals.
  • Local and foreign agencies also sponsor Non-governmental organizations
  • Private donations from concerned individuals also support the projects of non-governmental organizations.
  • Some NGOs go into business, from which they plough back their gains from the business in pursuit of their NGO goals.



NGO is an abbreviation of Non-Governmental Organization. It is an organization formed without the orientation of making gains.

They are set up by individuals who want to fill a particular loop in the society, and as such develop the people and the society at large.

An NGO can be formed to operate on local or international scale, depending on the goal of the organization. After all, what you must understand about an NGO is that they are not affiliated to the government and they are not gain-oriented; they also have specific purposes or goals.

How can I join NGO in Nigeria?

There are different NGOs in Nigeria. You could search for one whose mission suites your goals. Searching online will go a long way to helping find an NGO to join in Nigeria.

What are the duties?

The work non-governmental organizations perform cuts across environmental and social advocacy and human rights works. They also promote social and political change in the society.

Do volunteers get paid?

An NGO is not first directed towards gains but inasmuch, there volunteers can get paid depending on the size of the organization and the roles of the volunteers in the organizations. But most times, volunteers are provided with allowances.

How do owners make money?

NGOs do not have owners; they have founders. However, these founders are not permitted to form a business in the name of an NGO because an NGO is a non-profit organization.

Nevertheless, NGO founders and volunteers have access to greater opportunities of employment, grants and scholarships than others.


Having followed this article till this point, I am definitely assured that you have gotten all you should know about the latest NGO jobs in Nigeria.

Inasmuch as that could be true, please do not hesitate to ask you questions: we will answer you the best we can. Do not miss any job alert! Simply subscribe to our newsletter or you can bookmark this page either.

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