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The Nigeria Directorate of Employment {NDE} offers qualified Nigerians great employment and skill acquisition opportunities.

The agency is aimed at making sure Nigerians are qualified for whatever job they do. They also help to link unemployed Nigerians with employment opportunities.

You could be one of the beneficiaries of the engagements of the Nigeria Directorate of Employment if you take the chance. This post has been drawn out to guide you, through all you should know about the NDE recruitment.

But before we go on with article proper, let us understand the NDE better.


The Nigeria Directorate on Employment was established in 1986, but it began its functions in January 1987. This agency was set up during the leadership of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, when he appointed Stephen Chukwuma to head a committee which will come out with a solution to the high rate of unemployment.

The committee found out that the major cause of the high rate of unemployment that ravaged the country then, was that the informal sector of the national economy had operators and employees, who were low skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. And this group constitutes 90% of the national workforce.

The Chukwuma Committee however proposed that by putting skill acquisition and training on the front burner of employment creation, the problem of unemployment will be taken out, if not totally defeated. So the NDE was formed to champion this course..


To be able to take the opportunities offered by NDE, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must have a minimum of 3 credits in their WASC/SSCE, of which Mathematics and English Language must be included.
  • Applicants with higher qualifications like B. Sc and HND in any discipline and from a recognized institution can also apply.
  • Applicants can have OND and NCE certificates from a recognized institution.
  • It is an added advantage to be skilled in computer packages like Word, Excel, Power Point etc.
  • Applicants must be individuals who have geographical mobility within and outside Nigeria.
  • Applicants should be good at writing
  • Candidates must be ready to undertake self-tutorship.


You can register with NDE either as an employer or as an employee. You can also do so either online or offline.

How to Register Online:

The registration with NDE is done via www.jobsforall.ng 

You can log on to site to fill your information.

Through this means, the NDE perform their function of data management employed and unemployed Nigerians. Unfortunately, that site is currently down. You cannot access it however. But you still another option:

How to Register Offline:

This is another option you have in order to register with the National Directorate of Employment.

All you need to do is simple!

  • Log on to the NDE website at www.nde.gov.ng
  • Click the menu button and select the “How can we help you button”
  • Go down and “Book an Appointment” with them.
  • Then pay them a visit on the appointed day.

NDE Head Office: Plot 1529 Nouakchott Street, Wuse District, Zone 1, Abuja.

You can also contact the NDE via their contact page at https://nde.gov.ng/contact/ or visit the NDE secretariat in your State.


The Nigerian Directorate of Employment is set to perform the following duties:

  • They design and implement programmes to tackle mass unemployment.
  • The NDE also articulate policies directed towards developing work programmes with labour intensive potentials.
  • NDE is also set to create a data bank of unemployed Nigerians and employment vacancies, so as to serve as a link between these unemployed persons and the job.
  • They will also implement other policies that may created by the agency from time to time


The NDE runs different programmes for the unemployed. You can take chance of any of the following programmes by taking that steps stated above.


What is NDE all about?

The Nigeria Directorate of Employment is a federal government agency established to take decisive measure in battling mass unemployment in Nigeria. Therefore, they operate all around the country.

Who introduced the organization?

The NDE was established in 1986, but started operation in 1987 during the regime of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. The committee that formed the NDE was headed by Mr. Stephen Chukwuma.

What is the main function of the National Directorate of Employment?

The functions of the Nigeria Directorate of Employment are:

  • The NDE initiate programmes through which jobs will be created.
  • They develop policies to manage labour potentials
  • They groom entrepreneurs
  • The NDE also support database management in a special information and coordination centre.


If you have followed this article from the beginning till this point, I am sure you have got all you should know about the NDE recruitment. Nonetheless, if you are confused at any point or you have some questions or request, do not hesitate to pour it all out. We are ready to attend to them.

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