If you are sparked to know about the NECO registration, then this article is crafted for you. We have in a form you will best understand it, stated all you need to know about the topic: how to register, registration requirements and how much you NECO registration is.

In this article also are carefully answered questions on the FAQs on NECO and the exam. I urge you therefore to stick with me and read carefully in order to grab all you will need to.

Before one is admitted into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, he or she must have passed the Senior School Certificate Examination. In Nigeria, we actually have more than one examination body that takes care of the SSCE. They are NECO, WAEC and NABTEB.

If you want to study in Nigeria, taking the SSCE from any of the above listed examination bodies is OK. But if you want to study abroad, taking WAEC is ideal.

With all these said, let us now focus on the topic at hand.


The acronym NECO means National Examination Council. NECO came from the promulgation of the Abdusalami Abubakar led administration in 1999.

When it came, many people doubted the capacity of the body to organize an examination whose certificate would command both national and international respect and acceptability.

As many welcomed it as a worthy government parastatal, some also questioned its legal stance.

When NECO was instituted in 1999, it took over the responsibility of the former National Board for Educational Measurement (NBEM); a body that was established in 1992 by the Gen. Ibrahim Babangida administration.

NECO was also mandated to handle the Senior School Certificate Examination, as it was the sole responsibility of WAEC to handle SSCE.

Ever since then, NECO has continued to grow into a giant we can currently recognize it as. I am sure you would want to join this group of committed fellows, to ensure quality SSCE in Nigeria.


You are inquisitive to know how to register for NECO but have you really given a thought to what NECO exam really is?

Yes, by intuition, prior knowledge and from the description above you may have gotten some idea of what NECO examination is. But that notwithstanding, we shall drop something for you as reference.

NECO examination is the examination taken by senior secondary school students in their last stage of their senior school education. This examination is called the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). A candidate is said to have passed the SSCE when he or she has obtained credit in at least 5 subjects with English and Mathematics included.


Most times, candidates do not register NECO on their own, but rather, through their schools or examination centres.

The NECO registration is done over the body’s website, www.mynecoexams.com. Before your details will be taken for registration, you will be required to pay a NECO registration fee of N9, 850. You may be asked to pay higher, depending on your school.

Data capturing will be done by your school or examination centre and a photo card made for the purpose of recognition (to limit impersonation).


To register for NECO, you will have to meet the below listed requirements:

  • You must be a final year senior secondary school students
  • When you pay a non refundable fee of nine thousand, eight hundred and fifty naira (N9,850), a form will be given to you where you suppose to fill in your details correctly.
  • Your full name (surname, first name and middle name)
  • Your place (where you are from)
  • Your phone number and your e-mail (You are advised to have your own)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your residential address and so on.

NOTE: You must have a recent passport and your finger print must be accurately captured. This helps in reducing fraud and double registration in NECO exams. 


Yes, if you must inquire about NECO registration, I am certain it is important you also learn how you can pass the NECO examination in one sitting.

Well, we have developed a model which you can take to pass examinations like WAEC and NECO. I am sure that will help you. Following this model, will help you pass NECO examination.


Is NECO registration form 2020 out?

No, as of the time when this article was written, NECO registration form is not yet on sale. But most schools collect money to keep it pending until when NECO form is released, although, some schools wait till when the form is on sale before they begin to collect the registration fee.

When will NECO 2020/2021 registration commence?

Many people have asked this question so as not to pay late or not to register late which may attract a fine but since the form is not yet on sale, there will be no registration. From my research, NECO registration will commence around April or may.

When will NECO 2020/2021 registration end?

The date for the closure of NECO registration is not yet out. However, NECO registration form sale will stop 3 weeks after candidates start their registration.

Where can one get a NECO registration form 2020/2021?

On normal basis, NECO registration form has always been gotten through government accredited schools even though some people get theirs from any NECO office.

But to be on a safe side, since the exam is not private, you should get your form from a government approved school. It can be a government or a private school. The form is in form of a scratch card.

How much is NECO registration form 2020?

The NECO registration form fee is nine thousand, eight hundred and fifty naira (#9,850). But since it is an internal NECO exam, one has to register under a secondary school. Therefore, the aforementioned fee might increase depending on the school you registered.

How are you going to know the right school to register for NECO?

Lots of people have asked this question, “which school is good to register for NEC?” Well, you just have to consider some things when you want to register for NECO in any school.

  • First of all, is the school accredited by the government to write external exams?
  • Secondly, do students pass their NECO in the school? This question is what you should ask to any ex student of the school.
  • Thirdly, does the school have any bad record at all?

Since you are an external candidate, you should find the school around you and your fee might get higher.

How many subjects can one register for NECO?

NECO accepts the minimum of eight subjects and maximum of nine subjects. And of course you know that English and Mathematics are compulsory for any domain like science, art or business.


With all of these said, I am most certain that all you need to know about NECO registration have been taught and most of the questions you had wished to ask have been answered. If you are in any way confused and wish to ask questions, you can always drop them in the comment box.

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