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By a long shot, the NNPC / Total scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship programme in the country. Each year, thousands of students benefit from the awarded grant, and the numbers keep on increasing year by year.

I would assume that you are reading this because you’ d like to be among the next shortlisted candidate? Well if you are, hopefully, this is going to be your year of breakthrough. Also, we have included everything you need to know which would further improve your chances of securing the scholarship.

For starters, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria (TUCN) made a joint venture to help Nigerian students with a grant to support student’s education. This is awarded based on academic terms, conditions and other achievements.

Total is a major multinational oil and gas company in the world, they have teamed up with NNPC to award a fixed fee yearly to cater for students basic education needs. The result of this has been immense, which has provided a convenient ecosystem for Nigerian students to thrive.

NNPC Scholarship Application 2020-2021: Everything You Need To Know

  • NNPC-Total National Merit Scholarship Requirement
  • Applicant(s) must be students of a registered university in Nigeria
  • Applicant(s) must at least be in 100 or 200 level to be eligible
  • Provide proof of SSCE or Equivalent Certificate
  • Provide proof of Admission letter & Matriculation Number from the university
  • Provide proof of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) score.
  • Important Scholarship credentials;
  • Applicant must have more the 200 in JAMB to apply
    Applicant should not have less than 2.50 CGPA
    Current or Former beneficiaries are not allowed to apply or partake in the scholarship

How To Apply For The NNPC-Total National Undergraduate Scholarship

First of you need to sign up: For sign up, visit the portal at https://scholarships.totalcsredu.com. Register with your active email. After signing up, a confirmation email will be sent, follow the link to activate your account.

After signing up, follow the process to apply.

Personal Details; Here the student is required to;
Enter his/her full name,
Date of birth,
Home address
Recent passports

Contact Information; A dedicated space indicate where you should insert your
Current contact details
E-mail address

Origin; You are required to;
Enter your state of origin and local Government.
Also, upload a proof of your origin of local government

Choose your university – If it’s not listed, unfortunately your university is not a recognized by the programme
Select course and year of study
You may be required to upload a copy of JAMB or University Admission letter

Result Information;

Write your JAMB score or CPGA into the provided space
Other necessary information may be required


Finally, the last stage is the review stage, which allows the applicant to verify he/she has entered all the necessary information. If you find any mistakes in the information you have provided, you can simply re-edit it before you submit for the final application.

NNPC-TOTAL Scholarship Application Form

The NNPC-Total scholarship form is free. Don’t get ripped by internet cafe attendants. The most important thing is you enter the NNPC-Total portal and then follow the step we’ve written below.

Ensure the all the information you include should be the most accurate. Remember after filling all the spaces and submitting the application you can’t undo it. Therefore, we recommend students to review the application and make corrections before they finally submit.

Scholarship Benefit

Successful candidates are awarded a grant of N150,000 yearly. The funding should go on through out your years in the university. Provided you maintain the minimum 2.50 CGPA, anything below that will see your yearly royalties cut short.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions and answers)

NNPC-TOTAL Scholarship Past Questions

Are there current NNPC past questions? Well, to be very sincere the official site has announced that there are no past questions or at least they are freely distributed to individuals. Some sources online give examples or copies of examination PDF but we doubt the credibility of their source. Having said that, You should proceed with caution and at your own risk.

According to students that sat for the examination, the standard is compared to JAMB standard or slightly above. It’s not rocket science, if you read well and with a bit of luck, it’s a walk in the park. Have faith in God and in your ability!

When is the NNPC scholarship deadline?

Well the 2020 NNPC deadline is yet to be announced. But when it does, we will sure update you on the latest developments. Bookmark our page and never miss a new information.

How is the NNPC Shortlist of Successful Candidates Announced?

First the list of successful candidates is announced through their official website. Also, messages are dispatched to to your email. and mobile number. Follow the link to confirm your status. The list is also sent to the participant university, so you could confirm from the appropriate authority that are in charge of scholarship.

Official NNPC/Total portal & Official Website

The official portal of the scholarship is https://scholarships.totalcsredu.com/log-in/. If you are not register, follow the instructions to sign up. A mail will be sent to you, click on the mail to confirm your registration.


Finally, Applying for the NNPC Total scholarship shouldn’t be hard after reading through the whole article. If aren’t clear on any of the steps or you have questions you’d want to ask, use the comment section below.

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