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Wanting to join the Nigerian Police Force is a sign that the security of lives and properties of Nigerians is of utmost importance.

However, if your goal is to just get a job and cash out then this job is not for you.

The Force requires candidates who have solid integrity against bribery and corruption. Serving in the Nigerian Police Force is serving the country.

So if you do not have flare or love for what they are designated to do, then this job is a perfect fit for you.


Now delving into the recruitment proper having absorbed the prior knowledge you should have, what are the requirements you must meet in order to be taken into the system?

Here below is the list of important things you need;

  • Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria who possess National Identity Number (NIN)
  • You must have a minimum of ‘O’ level result: SSCE, NECO or NABTEB of which you must have a minimum of 5 credits (including Mathematics and English Language).
  • Accepted age range for applicants is 18 to 25 years.
  • Your height as a male applicant must not be less than 1.67 metres and 1.64 metres for female applicants.
  • Female applicants must not be pregnant at the time of registration.
  • You must be mentally and physically fit, proved by a government recognized hospital.

Documents proving the above requirements should be readily available as scanned copies.

They could include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • LGA identification certificate
  • First School Leaving Certificate
  • SSCE or NECO or NABTEB certificate
  • ND/NCE certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree/HND statement of results.

It is also required of applicants that they print completed online application forms and that of the guarantor. These documents and forms will be submitted at the screening/examination centre.


Having met the above requirements and getting the necessary documents ready, the next step to take is go ahead with the application proper.

Follow the steps which I have laid out for you to apply;

  • Visit www.policerecruitment.ng
  • Create an account with your email address by clicking “Join Now” button.
  • Now fill the application form with valid information and upload the necessary documents.
  • Click “Submit” for your entry to be registered.

In case you could not finish your application process in one session, you can always go back to you profile. To login to the portal to complete your application.

  • Enter the Police recruitment website: www.policerecruitment.ng
  • Navigate down to the base of the page and locate the “Registered User?” section
  • Enter your registration email address and your password
  • Click on “Login” to move to your profile. It is that simple!


It is certainly self-entertaining to stand on a point and see yourself in a higher position tomorrow.

Here are the ranks in the Nigerian Police Force arranged from highest to the lowest.

  1. Inspector General
  2. Deputy Inspector-General
  3. Assistant Inspector-General
  4. Commissioner
  5. Deputy Commissioner
  6. Assistant Commissioner
  7. Chief Superintendent
  8. Deputy Superintendent
  9. Assistant Superintendent
  10. Inspector
  11. Sergeant Major
  12. Sergeant
  13. Corporal
  14. Constable

From the above, you can see that the highest rank in the Police Force is the Inspector-General of Police; the lowest rank however is the Constable.


Recruit (N9, 019)

Constable, GL 3 (N43, 293)

Constable, GL 10 (N51, 113)

Corporal, GL 4 (N44715)

Corporal, GL 4 (1) (N44,715.53)

Corporal, GL4 (10) (N51,113.59)

Sergeant, GL 6 (1) (N48,540.88)

Sergeant, GL 5 (10) (N55,973.84)

Sergeant Major, GL 6 (1) (N55,144.81)

Sergeant Major, GL 6 (10) (N62,204.88)

Cadet INSPECTOR, GL 7 (1) (N73,231.51)

Cadet Inspector, GL 7 (10) (N87,135.70)

Assistant Superintendent, GL 8 (1) (N127,604.68)

Assistant Superintendent , GL 8 (10) (N144,152.07)

Assistant Superintendent, GL 9 (1) (N136,616.06)

Assistant Superintendent, GL 9 (10) (N156,318.39)

Deputy Superintendent, GL 10 (1) (N148,733.29)

Deputy Superintendent, GL 10 (10) (N170,399.69)

Superintendent, GL 11 (1) (N161,478.29)

Superintendent, GL 11 (10) (N187,616)

Chief Superintendent, GL 12 (1) (N172,089.06)

Chief Superintendent, GL 12 (08) (N199,723.96)

Assistant Commissioner, GL 13 (1) (N183,185.73)

Assistant Commissioner, GL 13 (10) (N212,938.96)

Deputy Commissioner, GL 14 (1) (N242,715.65)

Deputy Commissioner, GL 14 (07) (N278,852.79)

Commissioner of Police, GL 15 (1) (N266,777.79)

Commissioner for Police, GL 15 (06) (N302,970.47)

Assistant Inspector General of POLICE (N499,751.87)

Deputy Inspector General of Police (N546,572.73 )

Inspector General of Police (N711,498)

Note: The above listed salaries of Nigerian Police officers are not confirmed. Take the information with a pinch of salt.


Nigerian Police has staff of up of to 371,800. Recently, the court just approved their recruitment of more officers to make them up to 650,000.

It was formed in 1930, but its origination can be traced to as far back as 1820, during the colonial rule.

Among the three governmental agencies that oversee the activities of the police force are:

  • The Police Service Commission
  • The Nigerian Police Council
  • The Ministry of Interior.

These bodies work hand in hand to make sure they deliver quality policing in the country.

The force is structured into three, viz:

  1. The Command (Authority) Structure
  2. The Administration Structure
  3. Organisation Structure

There are also seven (7) departments:

  1. The department of Finance and Administration
  2. The department of Operations
  3. The department of Logistics and Supply
  4. The department of Criminal Investigation
  5. The department of Training and Development
  6. The department of Research and Planning and,
  7. The department of Information Technology

These structures and departments are designed to meet the constitutional responsibilities of the Nigerian Police Force.


When will recruitment start?

The recruitment is currently ongoing. You can visit www.policerecruitment.ng. You can also subscribe for our newsletter to stay updated with any information about the recruitment.

How do I contact the Nigeria Police?

You can contact the Nigerian Police on the emergency number 112 OR 199. You can make the call from anywhere in Nigeria regardless of location.

Who is the current IGP of the Nigerian Police?

The pioneer Inspector General of the Nigerian Police is Louis Edet. But the current Inspector General of Police is Mohammed Adamu.

What does the crest stand for?

The N flag is designed with three colours: blues, yellow and green.

The blue colour stands for love and unity.

Yellow colour stands for discipline and resourcefulness.

Green colour represents energy and life.

The elephant represents steadfastness and reliability.

The eagle always represent strength.


At this point, it is believed that you have learnt much about the Nigeria Police recruitment.

You can always come here for recruitment update. We are poised and determined to give you reliable information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you do not miss any bit. Good luck!!