The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is (NSCDC) a Nigerian paramilitary agency charged with the duty of providing measures to tackle threats, attack and any form of disaster on the nation or her citizens. If your aspiration is to join this body and put the Nigerian security at the forefront, then go on.

In this post you will learn how to apply for the NSCDC job, the requirements, rank structure and salaries.  Without further ado;


Your eligibility to participate in the Nigeria Civil Defence recruitment is valid if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a Nigerian by birth and proved by a birth certificate from a recognized hospital and the National Population Commission. Or a valid age declaration.
  2. You must have the necessary academic qualifications for the position you are applying.
  3. You must present all the certificates showing your qualifications during the recruitment process; it will not be accepted when the process is over.
  4. You must be physically and mentally fit; this should be proved by a medical report from a government hospital.
  5. You must be of good character and must not have been convicted for a crime by a court of law. You must not be a member of a secret cult or be a drug addict.
  6. You must not be financially embarrassed.
  7. The accepted age of applicants is between the ages of 18 to 30 years.
  8. As a male applicant, your height should not be less than 1.65 metres and 1.60 metres for female applicants.

Note the following points before you bin you application:

  • Do make sure you have all the certificates and documents before beginning your application.
  • You should create an email with the name you are applying with.


The application for Civil Defence job is done online. Follow these steps below to apply:

  1. Enter the NSCDC recruitment portal viz
  2. Select from the list of vacancies which of the positions you want to occupy. You must meet the minimum requirement for any position you chose.
  3. Now fill the application form and upload the needed documents.
  4. Submit after application.

You are advised to always check your email for any update. It will be a primary means of communicating to applicants.


With the rank of the Nigeria Civil Defence before, you will be able to understand what your rank in the system will be.


  1. Corps Assistant III, level 3
  2. Corps Assistant II, level 4
  3. Corps Assistant I, level 5


  1. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre, level 6
  2. Inspectorate Cadre, level 7
  3. SIC, level 8
  4. PIC, level 9
  5. Assistant Chief Inspectorate Cadre, level 10
  6. Deputy Chief Inspectorate Cadre, level 11
  7. Chief Inspectorate Cadre, level 12


  1. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II, level 8
  2. Assistant Superintendent Cadre I, level 9
  3. Deputy Superintendent Cadre, level 10
  4. Superintendent Cadre, level 11
  5. Chief Superintendent Cadre, level 12
  6. Assistant Commander, level 13
  7. Deputy Commander, level 14
  8. Chief Commander, level 15
  9. Assistant Commander General, level 16
  10. Deputy Commander General, level 17
  11. Commander General, level 18

The entry level for graduates into the Civil Defence Corps is level 8 ie the Superintendent Cadre rank. While HND holders enter in Grade level 7 ie the Inspectorate Cadre.


The NSCDC officers are paid according to their rank and Grade Level. Below is the scale of the Nigeria Civil Defence officers per year:

  • Assistant Cadre receives between NGN296, 506 to NGN374, 259.
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre is paid between NGN357, 385 – NGN411, 454.
  • Inspectorate Cadre receives between NGN483, 014 to NGN567, 065
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II receives between NGN858, 956 to NGN986,991
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I receives between NGN939, 310 to NGN1, 056, 416
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II receives between NGN1, 012, 562 to NGN1,143, 539
  • Superintendent Cadre II are paid between NGN1, 094, 027 to NGN1,252, 038
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre II receives between NGN1,158, 172 to NGN1,325, 234
  • Assistant Commander receives between NGN1,225,584 to NGN1,405,449
  • Deputy Commander receives NGN1,619,447 to NGN1,825,589
  • Chief Commander receives between NGN1,759,921 to NGN1,966,281
  • Assistant Commandant General receives between NGN2,272,288 to NGN2,464,560

DISCLAIMER: While they list may be close to reality, it remains unconfirmed. So it may not be the exact amount they are paid as salary!


How many months is the training?

The duration of civil defence training is not certain, but a source that can be trusted says it is between 5 to 6 months.

How much is the form?

The application form for civil defence is filled online via and it is TOTALLY FREE.

When will the Recruitment Start?

The recruitment of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence for 2019 started on August 10 and ended in September 7, 2019. To stay updated with when next the application opens again, do subscribe to our newsletter. Do not miss anything!

When is the Aptitude test happening?

The recruitment in 2019 is over. The next date is yet to be announced and to stay updated, subscribe to our newsletter and you will not be left behind.

What is the official website ?

The official website of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is But recruitment is done through the civil defence, fire service and prison service common recruitment portal which is

What is the highest rank ?

The highest rank in the Nigeria Civil Defence is the Commander General (CG). The entry level for degree holders is the level 8 which is the Assistant Superintendent Cadre rank or the SIC rank; HND holders enter at Inspectorate Cadre rank.

What is the meaning NSCDC?

NSCDC means Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

When was it established?

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was founded in the year 2003.

Who is the Commandant General Commandant of the Corp?

The current Commandant General of the corps is Mr. Abdullahi Muhammadu.