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Perhaps it is time you are set to go for the compulsory one year service (NYSC) to your dear country Nigeria, but you are not very sure of some process. Do not bother because you are covered.

In this article we shall go through what you should know about the NYSC portal: how you can sign up, login and also check you mobilization status.

We shall also answer some questions you might have about the NYSC programme. Just stick here and read carefully.


Before we delve properly into our primary business for making this post, let us first understand the programme called NYSC. Should you really go for NYSC?

The Idea Behind NYSC

After the civil war in 1970, distrust and hatred settled in the minds of many Nigerians. The scar caused by the war was not healing quickly.

Understanding the need for trust among Nigerians for the development of the country, the National Youth Service Corp was instituted by the Nigerian military government.

The NYSC was created in 1973, when Gen Yakubu Gowon (Rtd) was the Nigerian Head of States. This was done to create an avenue for the reconstruction, reconciliation and psychological rebuilding of Nigeria as a nation.

That is to say, the NYSC came as a result of the need to promote national unity and progress for all. This is from the understanding that when people relate with each other, they come to understand themselves better and as such, come to live more peacefully.


In order to enroll for the compulsory one year service, you must apply through the NYSC portal within the application period. But first, you must be mobilized for the service.

After clearing with your school, your name will be uploaded to the NYSC for mobilization after which you can proceed to register for the programme.


To check if you are have been mobilized by the NYSC prior to you registration, follow this steps:

  • Log on to the NYSC Senate List portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateList.aspx 
  • Choose from the list your own institution
  • Type in your Matriculation Number (Registration Number) and your surname in their specific boxes.
  • Choose your date of birth
  • Now tap the “Search” button to view your mobilization status.

You must have cleared with your school before your name will be uploaded on the mobilization list.


If your name appears on the NYSC mobilization list, the next step to take is to apply. But before you can make your application, you must have the following requirements:

  • You are required to have a functional email and an active phone number.
  • Candidates who graduated in Nigeria must use the Matriculation Number for registration.
  • Your name must appear on the mobilization list before you can access the NYSC registration portal.
  • Candidates who graduated outside must be from an accredited school. If you are not sure about that, you are advised to visit the Federal Ministry of Education for clarification and verification.


Below is a list of the documents you will upload in making your NYSC application:

  • Your O’ Level certificate
  • First Degree or HND certificate (If you already obtained it). Second degree like M. Sc or PhD is not necessary.
  • The Transcript of your degree or HND
  • The graduates of Medicine, Nursing Science, Laboratory Science. Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and all other medical fields must possess and however upload their current professional license. You are ineligible if you have an expired license.
  • Working-Class graduates are required to obtain and upload their original admission letter and a letter of approval from their employers.
  • Foreign graduates are simply required to print their call-up letter and report at the orientation camp on due date. Other things will be sorted at the camp.


  • You will be demobilized or decamped if it found that you have fake documents
  • Attestation letter or testimonial is not accepted in place of degree certificate or HND certificate.
  • If you graduated from a non-English speaking country, it is your duty to translate the certificates and transcripts into English before uploading them.


The registration process is usually done at a local cyber café. If you have a thumb print reading device which you can use at home, then you can register from the comfort of your home since the registration is done over the internet.

To sign up for NYSC, visit any cyber café or simply log on to: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2


Maybe you did not complete your registration in one session or you need to print your call-up letter and you are wondering how you can login to your NYSC portal.

To login to your NYSC portal, you need simply to follow this link: https://portal.nysc.or.ng/nysc3 


The NYSC Call-Up Letter is the document you are required to print before heading to the camp; it will serve as a proof that you have been really called for national youth service.

The NYSC call-up letter contains:

  1. The person’s name
  2. Call-up number
  3. The institution you graduated from
  4. Your state of origin, you gender
  5. The state you are deployed to
  6. The course you studied and
  7. The address of your orientation camp


It has become a constitutional responsibility of every Nigerian graduate to serve the country in a period of one year. The eligibility for serving in the NYSC include:

  • You must be a graduate below the age of 30 year on your graduation year. Such people will be given NYSC Exemption Certificate which is equal to the NYSC Discharge Certificate.
  • Graduates who have served in the military or paramilitary for a period of one year or more can also be given the Exemption Certificate.
  • Part-Time (CEP) graduates are not allowed to serve. They are therefore given the Exclusion Certificate which is less in quality than the Exemption Certificate.
  • Those with physically disabilities can apply for Certificate of Exemption.

NOTE: If you graduated at an age less than 30 years and you omitted the NYSC, you are eligible to serve no matter the age you decide to change your mind.


What are the implications of not going for NYSC?

The implication of not serving in the NYSC is that you will not be eligible for employment in governmental establishments and in some private establishments.

The NYSC Discharge Certificate or Exemption Certificate is usually a primary requirement.

When does NYSC commence mobilization?

The NYSC mobilizes three batches of Prospective Corps Members (PCM) every year. These batches are usually, A, B and C.

The Batch A usually moves between February and March while B moves between May and July. The last, Batch C moves between August and November.

So the NYSC begins mobilization registration begins like four (4) weeks or less before the date due to for camping.

How much does NYSC pay serving Corp members?

Currently, the NYSC members are paid what they call “Allowee” on a monthly basis. They receive an amount of NGN33,000 per month.

This is outside some other allowances you may be getting from your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). But this is not usually the case.

How can I change where I was posted for NYSC?

You are cannot change where you were posted for service. If you must change, it is based on some considerations like if you have:

  • A family to take care of (Like you are married)
  • A serious health issue that requires regular attention
  • A job already in a different location.
  • Security threats in the State or location

You can simply file for change of state if you have the above issues, probably after your comaping.

What is NYSC senate list?

The NYSC Senate list is merely a list of approved tertiary institutions whose students are eligible for NYSC mobilization.


It has been a good ride from the start  I believe. You definitely have learned about the NYSC Portal and how you can login and check your mobilization status.

Meanwhile, if you are confused at any point or you have questions to ask, do not hesitate to ask. If you also have contributions to make, the floor is yours.

Do keep in touch with us, as we update on this website with the latest Nigerian jobs and recruitment information; I don’t think you want to miss out any job alert.

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