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The oil and gas industry is one of the most revered industries in the world. It offers a list of lucrative and high paying job opportunities hence many wants to get into it.

Aside from the high pay that comes with jobs in this industry, workers also enjoy some privileges and receive mouthwatering allowances.

Nigeria as an oil producing country presents the perfect opportunity for individuals who wants to be oil workers.

In this post, we have brought you the lucrative oil and gas jobs in Nigeria which are invariably the most demanded jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Now let us go ahead and learn these jobs, and get to know how you can best position yourself for them.


Below we discuss the best oil and gas companies in Nigeria with possible recruitment opportunities for graduates.


Abbreviated as OIMs, the Offshore Installation Managers see to the management of all the offshore activities on the platform and ensure that production is performed following the rules and regulations.

These personnel are also trained to manage and handle emergencies related to the health and well-being of workers on board. They make sure the equipment are repaired when due to avoid accidents or breakdown.


The Drilling Consultant is the person who is charged with the duty of supervising the daily operations of the rig. They also provide advice and consultation on several drilling issues.

These personnel work with the onshore supervisors to convey orders to on-site personnel in order to optimise rig production.

This role involves high technical skills and the ability to lead. As such, it is a revered position and a lucrative one indeed.


Reservoir Engineers use the geological data obtained by the geo-scienctists to determine the distribution of oil and gas in their reserves and then develop simulation to predict the flow of the oil in the rocks.

With this, they develop the best and economically viable method to extract the oil or gas.

On the other hand, the drilling engineers plan, develop and oversee the drilling operations of oil and gas wells.

They are seen at every scene of drilling, beginning from the designing to testing stage, till completion and abandonment.

These professionals remain one for the most sought-for in the oil and gas industry because it is an integral part of oil and gas exploration.

Following this assertion, the reservoir and drilling engineering are highly paying careers in the oil and gas field.


Before any activity is performed in a new field, well-trained and experienced geologists and geophysicists carry out seismic surveys and analyse data not only to locate new deposits but to also examine the properties of a prospective reservoir or field and assess the geological risks associated with it

They also design geological models with which they plan the exploration Wells. This daunting work which needs high skills positions geologists as one of the most lucrative careers in the oil and gas industry.


Marine engineers who install and maintain marine engineering systems on the platform also earn so much as oil and gas workers.

The primary job of these engineers is to plan, design, and construct offshore rigs, pipelines and equipment. It is also the duty of the Marine Engineers to repair and conduct environmental, operational, or performance tests on marine machinery and equipment which could include remotely operated vehicles and drill ships.


Because the Oil and Gas industry is a technology-driven one, accounting job is the only non-technical job to break into the top jobs in Nigeria.

These professionals are highly needed in the industry however.

The Tax accountants charged with the duty of balancing the books and ensuring that the company remains in constant profit.

The role of the an tax accountant is critical because the oil and gas companies are the common targets of government and ministries in terms of taxes, tariffs, royalties and deduction and if the accounting is not properly done, the company would be drowned in debt.


In the oil and gas industry many lifting and driving operations are carried out. Workers who will operate cranes and drivers who will drive trucks are however are of high demand. These drivers distribute generator oil all over the country.

The risk involved with these jobs is high and as such, workers in this cadre are well paid.

These jobs in oil and gas industry ranks among the top in jobs that does not require high academic qualifications.


It is usually a huge problem to secure a lucrative oil and gas job in Nigeria when you do not have at least 5 years of working experience.

But in the end, people with no experience get job in revered oil companies; how did they do that?

Well, following the below listed steps can be a head-start in getting jobs in and oil and gas industry with no experience:

  • An oil company would employ someone who is fit and medically sound. So the first thing you must ensure is that you are fit and healthy to be an oil worker.
  • Go to training schools and acquire skills. The basic and the most important step to getting a high paying job in an oil company are acquiring the required skills.

There are skills that are most needed in the industry, and good enough, you can attend some schools in Nigeria where you can be trained and certified in those skills. Such schools are:

  1. Deslo Energy
  2. Lonadek Oil and Gas Consultants 
  3. Oil and Gas Academy
  4. Oil Train
  • When you have gotten the required skills, you need to do some online research about companies you wish to work. Find out the available companies and make concerted efforts to get there.
  • If you cannot attend the oil and gas schools or academies, you can consider joining the seismic crew or you can go for the driving and distribution jobs.
  • Apply the right way. What you do not know is that most of these big oil firms do no recruit by themselves. They hire HR contractors to do that.

So you may be wasting your time when you submit applications via their website or mail (except when you’re directed to do so).

Do some research online and find out those contractors that recruit for the company you want to get in, and work closely with them.

It will not be easy, but I guess you want to live out your dreams and plans.


Which oil company pays highest in Nigeria?

The reality you must know is that every oil company pays their workers according to their salary plan which the employers must agreed to.

Generally, oil companies are known to pay their workers very well and the highest paying oil companies in Nigeria are (in no hierarchical order):

  • Chevron
  • NLNG
  • Shell
  • Mobil Petroleum
  • Total Petroleum
  • NNPC
  • Schlumberger

Is oil and gas a good career?

Well this is relative to what you consider as a good career. The fact is that every work comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Oil and gas work can be considered a good career owing to the fact that it offers a lot of good. Nonetheless, oil and gas workers are faced with a lot of health risks and prone to dangerous accidents more than others.

Can an Architect work in an oil company?

There is a rare saying that any discipline can work in an oil company. But how about an architect?

Well, there is no direct job of an architect in the oil and gas industry. An architect however can be involved in building supervision or work as an in-house architect for an oil company (not every oil company has such though).

What are the highest paying oil and gas jobs in Nigeria?

  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Geoscientists
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Pipeline and Piping Engineers
  • Subsea Engineer


You do not have to sit and wish; you must make deliberate efforts to get to the point you want.

So with this list of lucrative oil and gas jobs in Nigeria, you will now know better how to direct your efforts and know which skills you must acquire.

Do not hesitate dropping your questions, inputs and suggestions in the comment box if you have any. We will be glad to attend to it.

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I have nothing more to say but to wish you success in your job hunt endeavor.

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