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If you have had the dream of doing your PhD in Canada on scholarship, then now is time to actualize your dreams. In this post, you will learn about the PhD scholarships in Canada for internationals students.

We have given you here also, some tips on how you can successfully apply for scholarships in Canada. So I urge you to read along to get all we have for you here.


It is not a surprise that you are looking forward to pursuing your PhD, owing to that fact that you love wisdom. It is also great that you want to achieve this dream in one of the best destinations for education in the world, Canada.

That’s beautifully thought I would commend. Not to say more, let us now get to know the different doctorate degree scholarships in Canada; the best fit for your budget.


Google recognizes that nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community is a top priority. However, Google PhD Fellowship by Google, recognizes outstanding graduate students who are doing exceptional and innovative research in areas related to computer science and its likes.

Google PhD Fellowship is available to PhD candidates who seek to influence the future of technology. Therefore, promising candidates regardless of the background, is asked to apply.

The Google PhD Fellowship is offered in Canada, Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, East Asia, India and United States

The application for the scholarship is organized according to different locations. You are required to apply through the link of your own location. If you are in Africa and wish to take the scholarship in Africa, apply using the link designated for Africa. Do the same if you are filling from a different location.

Visit Scholarship Page


If you seek a research support in one of the U.S or Canadian universities or institution, then the Parker B. Francis Fellowship is an ideal opportunity for you.

This scholarship is offered only to clinical and basic scientists, who are embarking on careers in clinical, laboratory or translational science, related to Pulmonary, Critical Care or Sleep.

The PBF Fellowship provides three years funding with a total budget of $225, 000. Therefore, this scholarship is worth $75,000 per year.

Who is Eligible?

  • The applicants eligible are scientist holding relevant doctoral degree like M.D, PhD, DVM, Dr. P.H and so on.
  • An applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of US or Canada; they can also have a permanent residency application on file at the time of application with the US or the Canadian Immigration Services.
  • Candidates with more than seven years since their doctoral degree was completed are required to get the continuing training approval from the Scientific Director of the PBF Fellowship.
  • The PBF Fellowship is awarded to candidates who want to study in clinical schools or universities in United States or Canada. Unfortunately, these are the only places where this scholarship is allowed.

Visit the Application Page


Ontario Graduate Scholarship known as OGS has been awarded since 1975. The programme is designed to encourage excellence in graduate studies at publicly-assisted universities in Ontario, Canada.

OGS is a merit-based scholarship for either Masters or Doctorate degree programmes. Annually, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) allocates a number of the Ontario Graduate scholarships to different universities in the region, for both domestic and international students.

Eligible candidates must have demonstrated in their previous degrees, an A-level of performance. Without so much and towering academic achievement, the OGS may be a far-fetched dream

Visit the Application Page


The Ontario Trillium scholarship are for candidates who wants to pursue their PhD program. This scholarship is worth $40,000 a year, to cover tuition, living stipend and fees.

This scholarship scheme is also awarded by the Canadian government. To learn more about this PhD scholarship concerning the eligibility criteria and how to apply,

Visit the Scholarship Page


Vanier Scholarship is a fully-funded PhD scholarship sponsored by the Canadian government. One of the major aims of this scholarship programme is to attract highly intellectual doctoral students to Canada.

These human resources contribute to the overall growth of the Canadian universities and the country as a whole. Therefore, interested candidates around the world, who exude excellence in their academics are invited to apply.

To learn more about the eligibility of the Vanier Scholarship in Canada, kindly visit the scholarship page.

To apply for Vanier Scholarship, kindly click here.


The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship is open to all students from all countries of the world. The scholarship can also be awarded to students in any faculty but except MBA students.

The annual funding of this scholarship is $2.1 million. To be eligible for the University of Manitoba scholarship, you must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0, although some departments in the university require higher points that 3.0. Eligible students must also be ready to be full-time students.

Application for the scholarship programmes in this school is accepted around the year.

Download the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship application form.


Not all who apply for apply for scholarships is awarded the scholarship. One can easily say that he is not just lucky or maybe the required number of awardees have been taken.

Well, that could be true. But sometimes it goes beyond those. Some candidates do not apply right. With these tips stated below, I am sure you will be better guided when making your application for scholarships in Canada:

Read the application guidelines thoroughly and make sure you are ready to meet all the criteria.

  • Apply or submit your application early enough.
  • Be honest and do no try to fudge or hype some facts about you.
  • Be thorough enough as to meet all the demands stated in the requirements.
  • Do not be loose when making your application. In order words, be careful while applying for scholarships.


Having come up till this point in this post, I will believe you have gotten some of the PhD scholarships available in Canada. Most of these scholarships can be taken by international students.

As a run through, the PhD scholarships in Canada are:

  1. Google PhD Fellowship
  2. Parker B. Francis Fellowship
  3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  4. Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  5. Vanier Scholarship
  6. University of Manitoba Graduate Scholarship

Leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so that you will remain up to date with new scholarships opportunities.

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