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It is the dream of many African students to study abroad, especially in the USA. Many actually reach that dream, but some do not get close to it.

Sometimes it is not due to fault of theirs, but caused by unseen and uncontrollable life circumstances. In some cases however, many architect their own failure.

When you have gone through this article, you will be opened to the knowledge of different scholarships in the USA for African students and other international students.

Some questions answered at the end will not only guide you, but open you up to new ideas you did not know.


Fullbright Foreign Student Programme in USA

The Fullbright Foreign Scholarship is one of the scholarships in the US that is open to African students. It is however a full scholarship for Master’s and PhD programmes. This scholarship is awarded by the USA Government.

The scholarship is an annual scholarship that its deadline varies between Februarys to October. Find out more about the scholarship by clicking this link: http://foreign.fullbrightonline.org/about/foreign-fullbright 

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

MasterCard Foundation scholars programme offers Africans interesting opportunities to study in many Universities in the USA. This full scholarship is also open to African student who want to study in countries different from the US.

This is an opportunity you could take in order to drift your academic lever higher. It is available for both undergraduate and higher degrees. To find out more about the MasterCard Foundation scholarship, do click this link: https://mastercardfdn.org/all/scholars/ 

ICSP Scholarship at University of Oregon, USA

This is an international scholarship open to Africans who wants to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United States. Those eligible are only those who demonstrate serious financial needs.

The scholarship is sponsored by the International Cultural Service Programme (ICSP) and the University of Oregon administers it.

To begin your journey towards this full scholarship, you must apply and be offered admission into the host university.

So to apply, click this link: http://admissions.uoregon.edu/international/index.html

MMMF Scholarship for Women from Developing Countries

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund gives grants to women from developing countries to pursue their education and also improve their leadership abilities and to generally improve the lives of women and children.

The value of the MMMF grant is approximately $12,000 for every selected woman. The required level for this scholarship is Master’s degree and study locations are USA or Canada.

So only those who are eligible for this programme are women from developing countries, who are enrolled on a fulltime Master’s study in any USA or Canada university. Visit the Scholarship’s official page to learn more and apply: http://www.mmmf-grants.org/home/uscanada-program 

Clark Global Scholarship Program

The Clark Global Scholarship program is another scholarship opportunity for African international students. This scholarship sponsors eligible candidates through their undergraduate studies at the Clark University.

Interested candidate have to apply for the Global Scholars program, and if they are accepted, they will stand to receive $12,000 to $25,000 every year, for fours (throughout their study year). You may also win extra $5000 if your financial needs exceed what is already offered you.

Learn more and apply for this scholarship opportunity by visiting the official page at http://www.clark.edu/scholarships-first-year-international-students#global 

AAUW International Fellowship

If you are an African seeking a scholarship opportunity to continue your studies in America, the American Association of University of Women (AAUW) could be an option to look up to.

This scholarship targets women who are not US citizens or permanent residents of the States. Women who show prior commitment to the advancement of women and the girl-child, through civic, community or professional work will be given more opportunity.

This award is given to those who wants to do Master’s degree or PhD, or those who want to carry out research.

Learn more about this scholarship by visiting the official page at https://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/international-fellowships/if-application/ 

Imomoh Scholarship

The Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE offers scholarships through the Imomoh Scholarship programmes to Africans who wants to pursue their master’s degree programme n Petroleum Engineering.

This scholarship s worth between $2000 to $5000 and it is based on educational purpose like tuition fee, books, accommodation and others.

To learn more and apply for this scholarship opportunity, simply visit their website at http://www.spe.org/scholarships/imomoh.php

The MSFS Scholarship for African Students

Masters for Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) offers full scholarship for students from the sub-saharan Africa. This scholarship is for candidates who want to pursue their Master’s degree in International Relations, International Trade, International Finance, Statistics and Analytical tools and History.

It serves a two year programme at the Georgetown University, USA. Learn more and apply for this scholarship at http://msfs.georgetown.edu/msfs-continues-Africa-scholarship 


Can I get scholarships to study in USA?

Yes as an African, you can get full scholarships to study in different Universities in the USA. Simply make your choice of scholarship from the list of Scholarship in the USA for Africans above.

Is studying in the USA expensive?

Well, to study in USA is a bit more expensive than studying in Canada. But you can still get cheap Universities in the USA. While studying in the USA, you can take out few hours to work for some dollars, to help you cut down the expenses.

What exam is required for study in USA?

As an African student seeking to study in the US on scholarship, you will be allowed when you have passed some tests like GMAT, GRE and SAT or language tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Can I study in the USA after 12th?

There is a possibility of studying in the USA when you have passed the 12th exam. But you must meet the admission requirement in order to be admitted into top USA universities.

What will I gain if I win any full scholarship to study in USA as an African?

You stand to gain the following if you win a full scholarship in the USA as an African:

  • Student visa
  • Your trip will expenses will be taken c are of
  • It will cover your books and study materials
  • Free tuition fee
  • You feeding
  • Accommodation fee
  • Stipend to help you take care of yourself.


We shall conclude at this point believing you have grabbed the knowledge of some of the scholarships in the United States available for Africans. Maybe you have some other questions that need answer, do not hesitate to put it down in the comment section; we will be glad to answer you.

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