Are you wondering what the JAMB cut-off marks of University of Ibadan (UI) are? You know, it can be pretty confusing at some points when you do not even know the JAMB score to target and how much effort you need to pour in.

Very well, in this post you will learn all you would want to know about the minimum score you must have in order to secure admission into University of Ibadan. We also discussed here, some facts you should know about UI as an aspirant and potential student of UI.

Some of those questions that could be troubling you concerning admission in UI have also been trashed in the FAQs section. I urge you therefore to read along as we unwrap all we have for you in this post.


The official JAMB cut-off mark across universities in Nigeria is 180. However, the JAMB cut-off mark for University of Ibadan is 180.

Nonetheless, the cut-off mark varies with departments as some are higher than the others. The value of the UI departmental cut-off mark is determined by the number of applicants and the perceived value of the course.

Candidates who are offered provisional admission at the University of Ibadan are students who chose the university as their first choice of institution during their JAMB registration. These students are required however required to get a minimum score called the cut-off mark.

University of Ibadan Departmental Cut-off Marks

DepartmentsMerit Cut-offsELDS Cut-off
Yoruba 51.5-
Theatre Arts 61.8760.0
Russian 55.0-
Religious Studies 52.87-
Physiotherapy 70.568.75
Physiology 65.064.5
Music 57.0-
Medicine and Surgery 78.8778.37
Medical Laboratory Science 70.1269.12
Linguistics 64.2561.62
Islamic Studies 57.12-
Human Nutrition 61.8760.62
History 56.12-
French 60.058.87
Environmental Health Science 60.25-
English Language 65.564.37
Education and Communication & Language Arts 61.7561.62
Education and Arabic Language54.0-
Economics 63.061.0
Early Childhood Education51.25-
Dentistry 73.1271.37
Communication and Language Arts 66.064.12
Classical Studies
Biochemistry 63.6261.87
Arabic Language 58.12-

Animal Science 54.75-
Agriculture 51.7551.62
Agricultural Economics 55.2553.12
Adult Education 51.3751.12
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development52.62-
Education and Biology 57.0-
Education and Economics 51.12-
Education and French52.25-
Education and Islamic Studies 54.625-
Education Mathematics 53.25-
Education and Physics 54.87-
Education and Religious Studies54.37-
Education and Yoruba
Education and Chemistry 53.12-
Education and English 63.8762.75
Education and Geography 59.12-
Education and History 52.37-
Education and Political Science 56.0-
Educational Management 52.0-
Guidance & Counselling 56.3754.25
Health Education 51.6250.0
Human Kinetics 51.12-
Library, Archival and Information science 57.053.62
Special Education51.5-
Law 70.1268.87
Pharmacy 72.6271.37
Ecotourism and Aquaculture 52.62-
Forest Products 50.0-
Social and Environmental Forestry 50.0-
Wildlife and Ecoutourism Management 54.6251.87
Anthropology 50.37-
Archaeology 52.0-
Botany 50.37-
Chemistry 58.1256.62
Industrial Chemistry 62.25-
Computer Science 64.063.62
Geography 51.0-
Mathematics 52.87-
Microbiology 60.3759.12
Physics 51.75-
Statistics 50.62-
Zoology 50.75-
Agricultural and Environmental Engineering 51.75-
Civil Engineering 62.25-
Electrical Engineering 68.2565.62
Food Technology 50.12-
Mechanical Engineering 68.6268.0
Petroleum Engineering 61.8760.75
Industrial Production Engineering57.5-
Wood Products Engineering 51.75-
Geography 52.75-
Political Science 64.1262.25
Psychology 60.558.5
Sociology 60.8760.0
Veterinary Medicine 57.1256.12

ELDS means Educationally Less Developed States.

NB: Please be informed that this UI cut-off mark for different departments is the one for 2019/2020 session. An official cut-off mark has not been published for 2020/2021 session.

While you use this one as a reference, we promise to keep you updated when the new one is published. Please we advice you subscribe to our newsletter so that you will not be cut out of the right information flow.


The University of Ibadan is a premier Nigerian university that was established in 1948 as University College, Ibadan. Its academic programmes and awards were supervised by the University of London. Unibadan or UI is however the first degree awarding institution in Nigeria.

Not until 1963, the University of Ibadan was still under the supervision of University of London; only then did it become autonomous and started awarding degree that is not affiliated to the foreign university.

In 2020, the University of Ibadan ranks somewhere from 501 to 600 in the world, according to Times Higher Education. But according to U.S News World, University of Ibadan ranks 733 in the world. In Nigeria, UI ranks among the top 10 best universities in Nigeria.

Faculties in University of Ibadan

There are a total number of 13 faculties in the University of Ibadan. These faculties include:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Arts
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Education
  • Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Social Sciences
  • Renewable Natural Resources
  • Economics
  • Technology
  • College of Medicine

University of Ibadan is great university that has produced so many remarkable individuals who have made and still making impact in the world. There are many notable alumni from the school; you will join that league very soon.


What is the cut-off mark for University of Ibadan in 2020?

The JAMB cut-off mark across universities in Nigerian including the University of Ibadan is 180. Nevertheless, the official cut-off marks of UI for 2020/2021 has not been published yet. You can use the one stated above as reference while you get yourself ready.

How can I calculate the UNN cut-off mark?

To calculate UI cut-off mark, divide your JAMB score by 8 and your post UTME score by two (2).

Add the two products of the division and there you have your UI aggregate. With this mark, you will be able to know where you fall in.

How does UI offer admission?

University of Ibadan offers admission based on merit. They also offer supplementary admission but definitely not in competitive courses.

Owing to the good quality of education and the reputation of the university, UI is very competitive. As such, you must score high in JAMB and your Post UTME in order to stand a chance of gaining admission in the university.

How can I get admitted into UNN?

Sincerely speaking, there is not short cut to gaining admission into UI. All you must do is:

  • Study well and pass your JAMB with a high score (200 and above). If you are afraid of failing, a guide on how to pass JAMB can be of help.
  • Pass you post UTME also with good score
  • Meet the admission requirements and make sure you provide the necessary documents
  • Pray and remain optimistic that you will be admitted.


If you have come this far, I am most certain you have got all you would want to know about the UI JAMB cut-off mark.

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