You are definitely on the right page if you are seeking a trustworthy answer to the question of what the JAMB cut-off mark of UNIBEN is. We have clearly given you here all you would want to know about this topic and have also gone as far as giving you all the departmental cut-off marks of the school.

Towards the end, we have taken some time to answer those questions you might have about admission in the University of Benin. We expect that when you have gone through this post, you will have knowledge enough to push you through the entire process of gaining admission in UNIBEN.


The JAMB cut-off mark of University of Benin is 180. You might be surprised because you are expecting the figure to be like 200 and above. Well, it is not.

What you should know is that the JAMB cut-off mark of every university in Nigeria, of which UNIBEN is among, is 180. That means if you score from 180 and above, you will eligible to buy the post UTME form of your dream school and thus stand a chance to gain admission.

If on the other hand you made lower than 180, definitely, you will have to settle for other tertiary institutions like Polytechnic or Colleges of Education via JAMB change of institution; you can also wait till the following year when you will try harder to make higher mark.

UNIBEN Departmental Cut-off Marks

DepartmentCut-off Mark
Insurance 200
Marketing 200
Business Admin 220
Banking & Finance210
Computer Science210
Industrial Chemistry 200
Industrial Mathematics200
Industrial Physics200
Mathematics and Economics200
Pure & Applied Maths200
Social Work200
Eco. & Statistics210
Geography & Regional Planning200
Sociology & Anthropology200
Political Science205
Public Administration200
Computer Science200
Environmental Education200
Geography Education200
Health Education200
Home Economics Education200
Industrial Technical Education200
Mathematics Education200
Physical Education 200
Physics Education200
Political Science 200
Social Studies200
Early Childhood Education200
Chemical Engineering215
Civil Engineering210
Computer Engineering 210
Electrical and Electronic Engineering210
Mechanical Engineering215
Petroleum Engineering220
Production Engineering200
Structural Engineering200
Estate Management200
Quantity Surveying200
Surveying and Geo-informatics200
Plant Biology and Biotechnology200
Animal and Environmental Biology200
Science Laboratory Technology200
Doctor of Optometry210
Medicine and Surgery220
Actuarial Science200
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 200
Agricultural Economics200
Animal Science200
Crop Science200
Soil Science200
Forestry & Wildlife200
Linguistics and Edo Language200
English & Literature200
Fine and Applied Arts200
International Studies205
Religious Studies200
Foreign Languages200
Mass Communication210
Thearter Arts 200
Anatomy 200
Medical Biochemistry 200
Nursing Sciences215
Physiology 200
Medical Laboratory Science 220
Dental Surgery 220
Medical Laboratory Science
Dental Surgery220

N/B: The above list of UNIBEN departmental cut-off mark does not have official backings.

We trust you do not treat it as the actual cut-off marks but a guide or maybe an estimated target. The school has not recently published their cut-off marks and that is why it is so.


University of Benin is a Federal government owned university and a public research university. Thus, it is one of the 42 federal universities Nigeria has.

Located in the capital city of Edo State Nigeria, University of Benin was established in 1970. Currently, the school has students numbersing about 75, 000. It has two campuses: Ugbowo campus and the Ekehuan campus.

University of Benin is a top university and greatly sort-after by many students. It has produced a good number of notable Nigerians, of which some are: Emmanual Uduagham (The former governor of Delta State), James Ibori (the former governor of Delta State), Babatunde Fashola (the former governor of Lagos State), Mitchelle Elegbe (GM/CEO of Interswitch), Bright Okpocha (the comedian known as Basket Mouth) and so many others.

The great news is that you will join this list of notable alumni in no distant time; you will only need to play your card well by working hard.


University of Benin has 12 faculties which are:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Arts
  3. College of Medicine
  4. Education
  5. Law
  6. Life Sciences
  7. Engineering
  8. Environmental Sciences
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Physical Sciences
  11. Social Sciences
  12. Management Sciences

Under the College of Medicine are schools like:

  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Basic Medical Sciences


How is UNIBEN aggregate calculated?

UNIBEN aggregate is calculated by finding the average of your JAMB and post UTME scores. Add your JAMB score to your UNIBEN Post UTME score. Divide the sum by two and there you have your aggregate.

Is UNIBEN accepting 180 in JAMB?

Yes, students who made 180 in JAMB can go ahead to purchase the post UTME form of UNIBEN since their JAMB cut-off mark is 180.

What is UNIBEN cut-off mark for Nursing?

The reference cut-off mark of Nursing in the University of Benin is 215 while the cut-off mark of Medicine in the same UNIBEN is 220 and above.

Does UNIBEN write post UTME?

Yes, the University of Benin, UNIBEN organizes post UTME for all students who chose the university as first choice of institution during their JAMB registration.

Therefore, if you did not choose the university as your first choice of institution, you have the opportunity of the JAMB change of course/institution form to do that.

How can I get admission into UNIBEN?

The University of Benin offers admission by merit; therefore there is no magic or trick as to how you can get admission into the school. We can only advice that:

  • Apply for JAMB and choose it as your first choice of institution
  • Prepare for JAMB and score not less than 200. In case you are not sure how to score high in JAMB, this guide on how to pass JAMB can be of great help.
  • Buy the post UTME form, write and score high too
  • Make sure you have all the needed documents and ensure you meet the admission requirements of the university.
  • Pray and be optimistic; you will be admitted.


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