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Are you about to write JAMB and are trying to decide what university to apply while filling your JAMB application?

Or did you just conclude JAMB UTME and are trying to see if you made the JAMB cut-off mark for University of Jos, Plateau State?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this article is specially for you.

Here, we have taken care to outline the departments in UNIJOS and their corresponding JAMB cut-off marks. All to enable you make the right choices.

We have also taken time to study some questions frequently asked by students and have tried in this article to provide answers to those questions. We hope you find them useful.

So read with absolute attention as you find out which department has what cut-off mark, especially that which is your choice.


DepartmentCut-off Mark
Accountancy / Accounting200 and above
Actuarial Science190 and above
Adult Education180 and above
Agriculture180 and above
Anatomy200 and above
Arabic Studies180 and above
Archaeology200 and above
Architecture200 and above
Banking and Finance200 and above
Biochemistry200 and above
Botany190 and above
Building180 and above
Business Administration200 and above
Chemistry180 and above
Christian Religious Studies180 and above
Civil Engineering220 and above
Computer Science200 and above
Criminology And Security Studies180 and above
Dentistry And Dental Surgery220 and above
Dentistry and Dental Technology200 and above
Early Childhood Education180 and above
Economics180 and above
Education and Biology180 and above
Education and Chemistry180 and above
Education and Economics180 and above
Education and English Language180 and above
Education and French180 and above
Education and Geography180 and above
Physics190 and above
Education and History180 and above
Education and Integrated Science180 and above
Education and Mathematics180 and above
Education and Physics180 and above
Education and Religious Studies180 and above
Education and Social Studies180 and above
Educational Administration180 and above
Electrical/Electronic Engineering220 and above
English Language200 and above
Estate Management190 and above
French180 and above
Geography and Planning180 and above
Geology and minning200 and above
Guidance and Counseling180 and above
History and International Studies190 and ablve
Industrial Chemistry200 and above
Insurance200 and above
Islamic Studies180 and above
Law220 and above
Library and Information Science180 and above
Linguistics200 and above
Literature in English200 and above
Marketing180 and above
Mass Communication200 and above
Mathematics180 and above
Mechanical Engineering220 and ab2
Medical Laboratory Science220 and above
Medicine and Surgery250 and above
Microbiology200 and above
Mining Engineering220 and above
Music180 and above
Nursing / Nursing Science220 and above
Pharmacy220 and above
Physical and Health Education180 and above
Physics180 and above
Political Science200 and above
Psychology200 and above
Pure/Applied Chemistry200 and above
Religious Studies180 and above
Sociology180 and above
Special Education180 and above
Statistics180 and above
Technical Education180 and above
Theatre And Film Studies180 and above
Urban and Regional Planning180 and above
Veterinary Medicine230 and above
Zoology200 and above
Fine and Applied Arts180 and above

The official cut-off mark for the University of Jos (UNIJOS), like some other universities, is 180. This means that if you score up to 180 in JAMB, you’re eligible to apply to certain departments in UNIJOS.

However, some other departments have varying JAMB cut-off marks and you will need to know the one that applies to your choice department.

N/B: Please note that these scores stated in the table above aren’t confirmed because the University has not published the official list of cut-off marks.

However we advice you treat it as a mere guide and not the actual fact. We shall keep you updated when the official list is published. Do well to keep in touch with us.


How is UNIJOS Cut-off Mark Calculated?

A candidate’s JAMB score and their post-utme score in UNIJOS usually contribute 50% each to the final cut-off mark.

This means that the JAMB score, which is usually scored over 400 will be divided by 8. Then the post utme score, which is usually over 100 will by divided by 2. Then the two will be added.

E.g. If Mr. John had 280 in JAMB and 72 in post utme, his screening score would be calculated as;

(280/8) + (72/2)

= 35 + 36

= 71%


We have tried our best to outline the JAMB cut-off mark of UNIJOS and their departmental cut-off marks too. We’ve also tried to answer some questions we think might be coming up in your minds after reading the article.

Do ensure to leave your questions and reactions in the comment section below if in any way your question wasn’t captured.

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