You are definitely on the right track if you are seeking admission into UNILAG. Do you know UNILAG is one of the best federal universities in Nigeria and it also ranks well among the list of universities in the world?

Let me not wow you further. In this post, you will learn all you would want to know about the JAMB Cut-off mark of different departments in University of Lagos , UNILAG. So if that is what you seek, you are on the right page.

You will also learn the answers to some questions you might be asking about the admission process in UNILAG. So my dear friend, read along carefully as we delve into this stream of information.


The official JAMB cut-off mark for all Nigerian universities including UNILAG is 180.

This means that UNILAG aspirants who made up to 180 in JAMB can purchase the University’s Post UTME form when it comes out. And you must understand that it is not yet a guarantee that you will be admitted since you scored 180 or more.

Different departments in the University has their own cut-off mark and it tends to play better role in the decision of which students to admit. Now let’s find out these departmental cut-off marks.


DepartmentMerit Cut-off Mark
English Language 64.65
History & Strategic Studies64.375
Linguistic Igbo/Yoruba56.25
Chinese 64.9
Philosophy 62.775
Christian Religious Studies60.25
Islamic Studies 59.625
Actuarial Science 66.75
Business Admin67.675
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management 64.975
Adult Education 58.2
Education Economics 64.5
Education Business62.9
Education Islamic Religion Studies60.075
Education Igbo
Education English 64.3
Education Early Childhood 62.375
Education Yoruba 52.225
Education French 55.475
Education History 58.975
Education Christian Religion Studies59.7
Education Geography55.825
Educational Administration60.825
Educational Foundations60.775
Health Education55.475
Human Kinetics56.375
Education Biology 58.6
Education Chemistry56.3
Education Home Economics 54.575
Education Integrated Science 48.95
Education Mathematics57.05
Education Physics 54.25
Education Technology57.45
Creative Arts63.775
Medicine and Surgery81.375
Physiotheraphy 73.45
Medical Laboratory Science 72.325
Pharmacology 71.2
Dentistry 74.05
Pharmacy 75.3
Biomedical Engineering 72.85
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering73.575
Civil & Environmental Engineering72.025
Computer Engineering 76.65
Electrical & Electronics Engineering77.425
Mechanical Engineering78.65
Metallurgical & Material Engineering70.6
Petroleum & Gas Engineering72.75
Surveying & Geoinformatics Engr67.3
Systems Engineering77.45
Estate Management65
Quantity Surveying65.6
Urban & Regional Planning 58.975
Cell Biology & Genetics 65.6
Computer Science 74.625
Marine Biology 62.625
Industrial Mathematics67.2
Zoology 60.025
Mass Communication 69.65
Political Science66.125
Social Work63.35
Sociology 65.2


The University of Lagos commonly known as UNILAG is a public research research university located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is one of the five first generation of universities in Nigeria. Hence, the university was established in 1962.

The University is an outstanding one which has produced many important and resourceful personalities in Nigeria. One among the host of many is Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, the Vice President of Nigeria.

UNILAG is located in three campuses with the main campus in Akoka. The College of Medicine is located in Idi Araba while the School of Radiography is in Yaba.


The University of Lagos is composed of 12 academic faculties which are:

  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  3. Faculty of Management Sciences
  4. Faculty of Clinical Sciences
  5. Faculty of Dental Sciences
  6. Faculty of Education
  7. Faculty of Engineering
  8. Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  9. Faculty of Law
  10. Faculty of Social Science
  11. Faculty of Science
  12. Faculty of Pharmacy

Each of these faculties are made up of numerous departments through which quality education and sound research are carried out.

With such succinct academic qualities as to attract so many international recognition, UNILAG can be your best choice of university in Nigeria. You only need to brace up and take the opportunity and become a student of this prestigious university.


The University of Lagos admit students via the UTME and Direct Entry modes. There is also the sandwich system for students in the Continuing Education section. Undergraduate students are also pulled in from the JUPEB programme.

For this article, we are concerned about the UTME mode of admission. Therefore students seeking admission into UNILAG are advised to choose the institution as their first choice of institution.

Students who chose the school as second or third choice of university will not be considered for admission. Nonetheless, such students can make changes in their choices via the JAMB change of course/institution application form.

Only students who have scored from 180 and above in the JAMB UTME will proceed to the next stage of post UTME or screening. After the screening, qualified candidates will be selected and offered the provisional admission into the various courses they chose.


How is UNILAG cut-off mark calculated?

To calculate your UNILAG post UTME aggregate or cut-off mark:

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8
  • Divide your post UTME score by 2
  • Add the two products of the divisions above.
  • The resulting aggregate is your score. With that, your fate of admission will be decided.

Is UNILAG Post UTME form out?

At the time of publishing this article, the post UTME form for University of Lagos was not out. Meanwhile, the form is usually made available to interested candidates for purchase between the month of July and August.

With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, I am afraid it will remain so. So to remain up-to-date with every information regarding that, do well to subscribe to our newsletter.

How can I get admitted into UNILAG?

First, UNILAG is a Federal University of Nigeria and as such any Nigerian and even foreign students can be admitted into the university. So to be admitted into the University of Lagos, you will have to:

  • Write the JAMB UTME and pass with at least 200 mark. Perhaps you are not sure how to pass JAMB, this guide can help you through the process.
  • Buy the post UTME form and sit for the exam. Do well to score high also in the exam.
  • Meet the requirements and have all th necessary documents needed for your registration.
  • Pray and be optimistic you will be admitted. Doubting your abilities and potentialities is already a road to huge failure.


Securing admission into the University of Lagos, UNILAG can be a daunting escapade. But when you have the right information and tools, the work will be easier for you and you will be halfway through the entire process.

So with this post about the JAMB Cut-off mark of UNILAG and the departmental cut-off marks, you’ll be able to position your targets right.

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