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It is the aspiration of many Nigerians to travel outside in search of greener pasture. Some also want to travel out for vacation or for any other business. Unfortunately, many do not get to see the borders of the country because they cannot be granted visa.

The acquisition of visa has remained a major problem for some, but there is good news. The news is that there are so many countries Nigerians can travel to without visa; just get you international passport and buy your travel ticket and you are good to go.

You may be thinking it is only within Africa that Nigerians can travel to without visa, but it will surprise you to know that there are many countries in the Europe, Asia and South America that Nigerians can travel to without any visa. In this article you will learn all of those countries.


Yes, if you are a Nigerian who is interested in business and not fun, travelling to Asia could be a great breakout. There are a couple of Asian countries that allows Nigerians some weeks or months without visa, on arrival.


One of the most interesting Asian countries Nigerians can travel to without visa is Maldives. This country is located in Southern Asia and it lies in the Indian Ocean. It is a country that consists of thousands of coral islands, such attractive sites.

Maldives grants Nigerians 30-day visa on arrival. It is a country with great tourism area and a place to spend quality time with loved ones.


Bangladesh is another Asian country that grants Nigerians with passport free visa on arrival. This is possible due to the country’s mutual bilateral agreement with Nigeria. Bangladesh, like India is a highly populated country

Inasmuch as they are highly populated, Bangladesh has very great cuisines you would want to try out. English and Hindi is spoken in Bangladesh.


Cambodia is an Asian country which is located in the southeast part of the region. Cambodia has so many sites of attraction and great business centres.

The country offers Nigerians 30-day visa free on arrival. Therefore, it is a country you can consider going as a Nigerian without visa.


Among the list of visa free countries for Nigerians is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a south Asian country and it grants Nigerian free visa on arrival.

To travel to Sri Lanka on a free visa, you must have the “Electronic Travel Authorization”. The country has so many scenes of attraction, which provides an array of good experience while in the country for holidays.


Oceania presents many beautiful countries Nigerians can travel to without visa. These countries allow Nigerians many weeks and Oceania is a good place to go for vacation. Maybe you can consider it a good location for your honeymoon.


Palau is one of the beautiful Island nation located also in the Oceania. Palau is known to have many jellyfish lakes. This Island nation offers Nigerian 30-day visa on arrival.

Palau is however a great place to spend quality time, sharing love and having fun. There are some important places like Nikko Bay, Palau International Coral Reef centre and so on, which will give you the required environment for such activities mentioned above.


Micronesia is an Oceania country that is located in the Northwestern region of the region. Micronesia, like Palau grants Nigerians 30-day visa on arrival. Just as other Oceania nations, you can enjoy the interesting attractive places in Micronesia.


One of the most beautiful nations Nigerians can travel to without visa is Fiji Island. Fiji Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It sounds fascinating to know that this country has 333 islands in it and a population of 800,000 people.

In the Oceania or the Pacific, Fiji has the most developed economy. They have acquired such through tourism and logistics. Fiji allows Nigerians who has passport 4 months free visa.


Nauru is a beautiful Oceania country that offers free visa to Nigerians who have acquired international passport. Nauru is the world’s smallest republic.

Nauru has so many tourist attractions that could savour your sight and emotions. Such places of attraction are the world war relics and the Japanese sponsored Anibare Harbour.


Samoa is another Country that offers Nigerians free visa, allowing them up 60 days without visa on arrival. It is an island nation located in the south pacific region, Oceania.

Samoa Island is located between Hawaii and New Zealand. The Samoa Island has so many waterfalls, wonderful caves, beaches and lots of museums.


This is an Oceania island country located along the South Pacific. Tuvalu is however the smallest country in the world. This Island nation grants Nigerians 30-day free visa.

Unlike the other Oceania countries, Tuvalu does not have great structures and aesthetic beauty, but it is rich in amazing culture and loving people.


Nigerians can travel to many African countries visa free. Of course we are brother who dwell in the same region. Africa is a home of many interesting sites wonderful cultures. From the East to West and from North to South, Africa is beautiful.

You could also travel to these countries for business, as we are known to be industrious as well. Some of the African countries Nigerian can travel to without visa are:


Tanzania is one of the most vegetative and naturally beautiful countries in Africa. Tanzania is located in the Eastern part of Africa and the country has three out of the seven Africa’s natural wonders and high mountains. In Tanzania is the deepest lake in the Africa. Tanzania reserves most of the African wildlife.


Like Nigeria, Senegal is a West African country. In the West, Senegal is bordered by Atlantic Ocean. It is the home of much African wildlife. Since Senegal belongs to the ECOWAS community as Nigeria, their citizens can inter travel without visa.


Another visa free African country for Nigerians is Mozambique. Mozambique is found in the southern part of Africa. This country grants Nigerians free 30-day visa.

In Mozambique are many beaches and natural wonders. The intriguing sights of sailors, scuba divers, fishermen are some of the things that attract people to Mozambique, aside business ventures.


Niger Republic borders Nigeria to the North. This country belongs to the ECOWAS community as such, allows Nigerians to come in without visa.

Niger Republic has camels, deserts and many attractive places that you can have fun. You can also explore mountains and intriguing terrains of the country.


Mali is a landlocked Sahel country, with histories full of past, enticed with struggles, just like the history of Timbuktu. Therefore, Mali has some incredible sights to behold including the four UNESCO World-Heritage sites.

You can also travel to Mali from Nigeria for business, as they are huge business merchants and gurus.


Mauritius is an island nation located along the coast of the Indian Ocean. They grant Nigerian 90-day visa free. The country has both English and French as their official languages.

Mauritius is a tropical climate country and this makes it a warm country to live. The long stretching beaches, astute volcanoes’ peaks and the green vegetations of Mauritius make the country a place to get some romantic feeling.

Other African countries Nigerians can travel without visa are:

  • Seychelles
  • Liberia
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Republic of Benin
  • Burkinafaso
  • Sierra Leon
  • The Gambia
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • Togo
  • Ethiopia
  • Ivory Coast
  • Cape Verde
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda


How can I apply for visa in Nigeria?

To apply for visa in Nigeria, simply go to the local consulate with your international passport and the visa application form which can be gotten online.

Which America country is visa free for Nigerians?

The American countries whete Nigerians can travel to without visa are Haiti, Barbados, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis. These countries are most time referred to as Caribbean countries.

How can I get International Passport in Nigeria?

To get your international passport, you have to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service portal or any of their nearest office to apply.


Now that you have gathered these knowledge about the visa free countries for Nigerians, the next step to take is to plan your business or vacation trip. Meanwhile, if you still have unanswered questions please do well to pen it down in the comment section.

I believe this article was helpful to you. If it really was, please share it in your social circle; a friend might need it. Thank you and do keep in touch with us for updates.

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