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You may have heard that one of the ways to passing exams is studying past questions. Yes, that actually is the truth. Studying past questions helps you grab or understand the nature of questions usually asked in the exam. Sometimes, questions are repeated and it is definitely a bonus to him that had come across such question.

It not surprising however, that you are in search of WAEC past questions. And I am glad I would be helping out in this situation. In this post, you will not only get to download different WAEC past questions of different subjects in PDF; you will also learn why it is important to study past questions.

Some WAEC study apps have also be reviewed. So now let us get on with it.


You can click any of these subjects to download the WAEC past questions in PDF for which you want:

Science Subjects

Chemistry 1

Chemistry 2


Agriculture 1

Agriculture 2


Further Mathematics

Art Subjects







English Language 1

English Language 2

Mathematics 1

Mathematics 2

Mathematics 3

Mathematics 4

Yoruba Language


If you have access to a Smartphone, one of the easiest ways to access the WAEC past questions is through some mobile apps. Although these WAEC exam practice apps do not come for free, the cost of activation is usually not very expensive; so it is what you can do if you are determined.

Now let us find out these WAEC apps:

2020 WAEC Past Questions And Answers

This app is rated 4.1 on Google Playstore and there is a number of good reviews from users that the app is helpful. You can give it a try if you want to study for WAEC following a trusted guide.

English WAEC Past Questions and Answers Offline

This app is a wonderful one since it is currently rated 4.1 on Google Playstore. Although it is basically for the English Language, this app has received so many positive reviews, with many reviewers claiming it is really helpful.

From what I gathered, I think you would love to give it a try and study with a guide.

My School JAMB CBT + WAEC Past Questions

This seems to be one of the best mobile apps to prepare WAEC with, following the rating and reviews from users. The app is rated 4.6 on Google Playstore and there are over 5,000 downloads.

The app incorporates past questions from JAMB which means you can prepare for both WAEC and JAMB with it. You could also want to give it a try.


You may even be wondering if it is really worth to get your hands on any of these past questions. Well, you have that decision to take but what I am sure of is that you will need to study past questions if you must pass any exam well.

  • Past questions helps you know how questions are being asked
  • With past questions, you will know the type and number of questions you are expecting in the real exam.
  • Studying past questions will boost your confidence, which is very important in passing any exam.
  • Past question gets you ready for an actual exam.
  • Sometimes, questions from the past years are repeated. When you have studied past questions, you easily identify these repeated questions and answer them easily.
  • Past questions provide you a guide to study with, to know where to pitch you interest and where to damp it.


If you do not pass the SSCE, you cannot proceed to the tertiary institution. It is also important you pass this daunting yet important exam on one sitting – of course, you would want to give time to other life engagements than sitting for one exam over and over.

We have clearly discussed how you can pass WAEC in the post via the link. The steps you will take and what you must do are discussed.

They are simple things you can do; so feel free to take those steps and pass your WAEC in flying colours.


How can I study WAEC Past Questions?

To study past questions, you will need to go over the questions one after the other answering the questions. You could get a different booklet in which you will be putting down your answers, after which you mark yourself and get to know your progress.

You will need to study different years of the WAEC exam so that you will have the experience of different years. By doing so, you will understand the trend of the exam and predict the nature of your own.

Is D7 a Pass in WAEC?

D7 and E8 are interpreted by WAEC as Pass while F9 is Fail. A1 is excellent, B2 id Very Good, B3 is Good and C4, C5 and C6 are Credit.

What is WAEC Number?

According to WAEC Direct, WAEC Number is a unique 10-digit or 12-digit code or number which candidates use to access various services on WAEC; Candidates use the WAEC Number to check their result.

How can I check my WAEC 2020 result?

To check your WAEC result, you will need the WAEC Result Card. It is usually issued when you register for the WAEC exam.

  • Log on the WAEC Result Website
  • Enter your WAEC Examination number
  • Choose your examination year
  • Enter the PIN on the Card
  • Enter the serial number also written on the card
  • Click the submit button to get your result displayed on your screen.

How much is original WAEC certificate?

It is important you know that original WAEC certificate is free. You are supposed to pay for it but schools would not keep to that. However, some schools ask their students to pay up to N5000 or more to get their original WAEC certificate.


If you have followed from the onset up till this point, I am most certain you have picked all we have for you regarding WAEC past questions.

Meanwhile, if you have questions to ask regarding the topic, do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box. Have you some other things to suggestion to help? We will love it if you give it; the comment box is all yours.

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