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It is the aggregate of your JAMB and post-UTME scores that will give the first impression about your eligibility.

It also goes further to determine whether you should be considered for admission or not.

As a result, you must put in your best to make high scores. Commonly, knowing what cut-off mark you need helps to prepare better.

As such, in this post we have discussed the cut-off mark of Yaba College of Technology (Yaba Tech).

Yaba Tech JAMB Cut-Off Mark

The official JAMB cut-off mark of Yaba Tech is 150. Thus, only candidates who made a minimum of 150 will be eligible to sit for the School’s post-UTME, then admission.

If you fall short of this requirement, you must switch to another school with a lower cut-off mark.

Departmental cut-off mark

While having at least 150 in UTME makes you eligible to sit for Yaba Tech post-UTME, it your aggregate score that will be used to admit you.

However, here is a list of Yabatech departmental aggregate:

S/NDepartmentCut-off mark
2Agricultural Technology45.00
5Arts and Industrial Design55.75
6Banking and Finance50.38
7Biology Education50.13
8Building Technology49.38
9Business Administration52.75
10Business Education45.00
11Chemical Engineering55.88
12Chemistry Education46.13
13Civil Engineering53.50
14Computer Education47.75
15Computer Engineering55.13
16Computer Science55.63
17Electrical Engineering55.88
18Estate Management50.50
19Fashion Design and Clothing Technology50.88
20Fine Art and Applied Arts 46.5046.50
21Food Technology53.38
22Home Economics Education52.50
23Hospitality Management48.25
24Industrial Maintenance Engineering49.13
25Industrial Technical Education46.25
26Integrated Science Education59.00
27Leisure and Tourism49.25
28Marine Engineering50.50
30Mass Communication55.63
31Mathematics Education48.38
32Mechanical Engineering55.00
33Mechatronics Engineering56.00
34Metallurical Engineering45.88
35Nutrition and Dietetics50.75
36Office Technology & Management47.38
37Physics Education50.13
38Polymer and Technology45.00
39Printing Technology45.00
40Public Administration55.38
41Quantity Survey51.13
42Science Laboratory Technology56 63
44Statistics Education48.63
45Survey & Geo-Informatics48.50
46Textiles Technology45.00
47Urban & Regional Planning47.25
48Welding and Fabrication Technology45.00

How is Yabatech aggregate calculated?

First, consider these grading systems:


A1 = 8.00

B2 = 7.20

B3 = 6.40

C4 = 5.60

C5 = 4.80

C6 = 4.00


A1 = 8.00

A2 = 7.20

A3 = 6.40

C4 = 5.60

C5 = 4.80

C6 = 4.00

One Sitting = 10.00

Two sittings = 8.00

To calculate,

  • Divide your JAMB score by 400 and multiply the answer by 50.
  • Sum the points of your O’Level result or results as the case may be.
  • Add the two results, and there you have your aggregate.


Amaka is applying for Computer Engineering and she made 200 in JAMB. She also has the following O’Level grades obtained on one sitting:

  • English: C4
  • Mathematics: B2
  • Physics: B3
  • Chemistry: C6

Aggregate will be:

200/400 = 0.5

0.5 × 50 = 25

5.6 + 7.2 + 6.4 + 4.8 + 10 = 34

34 + 25 = 59

About the school

Yaba College of Technology popularly known as Yabatech is a public tertiary institution in Nigeria. It was established in 1947 and located in Yaba, Lagos State.

Currently, the school has over 16,000 enrolled in different programmes of the. Because it is a polytechnic, the institution awards National Diploma and Higher National to its full-time and part-time graduates.

Faculties and Departments

There are 48 courses taken in Yabatech. These courses cut across engineering and technology, applied science, arts, social sciences and Management.

School of Arts, Design & Printing

  • Book Publishing
  • Fashion Design
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Printing Technology

School of Engineering

  • Agricultural & Bio-environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical/electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Maintenance Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mineral & Petroleum Resources Engineering
  • Welding And Fabrication Engineering

School of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture
  • Building Technology
  • Estate Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Surveying & Geo-Informatics
  • Urban & Regional Planning

School of Liberal Studies

  • Languages
  • Mass Communication
  • Social Science

School of Management and Business Studies

  • Accountancy
  • Banking And Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Office Technology Management
  • Public Administration

School of Science

  • Biological Science
  • Chemical Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics

School of Technical Education

  • Art Education
  • Business Education
  • Educational Foundations
  • Technical Education
  • Vocational Education

School of Technology

  • Agricultural Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Hospitality Management Technology
  • Leisure And Tourism
  • Nutrition And Dietetics
  • Polymer And Textile


Does Yabatech write post UTME?

Yes, post-UTME is one of the core admission procedures of Yabatech. To apply, simply enter the post-UTME page to start your application.

Does the school accept second choice?

Yabatech only accept candidates who chose it as first choice. So, you must change it to your first choice when it your target option. As a result, 3rd choice is not even an option to consider at all.

How many questions is Yabatech post-UTME?

You will be given 30 minutes to answer 40 CBT questions.

Do you have more questions?

If yes, ensure you leave them in the comment box below. Please share this post if it was helpful to you.

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