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Even the way bankers dress is enough to attract someone into loving the career.

The neatly ironed shirts nicely tucked into the trousers or skirts simply portray not just a neat profession, but a decent and noble one.

Banking offers one a plethora of opportunities, numerous to mention, but it also demands hard work.

It is also a job that will offer you a decent pay, enough to offset your bills.

So if you have been wondering how you can key into the banking industry and make that difference you have been grooming yourself for, here is a good opportunity to exploit.

I have treated all you should know about the Zenith Bank recruitment: the various opportunities available, the requirements relative to the positions and how to apply.

Also answered at the end are some important questions you may be asking about the exercise.



Zenith Bank is actually one of the highest financial institutions in Nigeria, listed in the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) in October 2004, and the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Zenith Bank was founded in 1990 by Jim Ovia. The bank is licensed as commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Today, Zenith Bank maintains subsidiaries in various countries outside Nigeria: Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and The Gambia.

In Nigeria, Zenith Bank have over 500 branches across the 36 states of the federation, including the FCT.

According to a 2019 record provided on Wikipedia, Zenith Bank has a total asset which amounts to N5, 898,596,000,000 and an annual revenue of N331, 586,000,000 in 2019.


Working with a bank like the Zenith Bank requires that you have certain qualities that will make you deliver quality services to your customers.

During the recruitment process, these qualities are looked out for, and when you do not have them, I am afraid the job may not get to way.

So here elaborated are certain qualities every good banker must have:

  • Every good banker must have good leadership qualities; always ready to take up responsibilities.
  • A banker must have a sound communication skill, both in the written and spoken forms.
  • Good bankers should be thoughtful and analytical in their reasoning.
  • Bankers are supposed to be honest with the customers.
  • It is the quality of any good banker to be smart and innovative.
  • The innate ability to proffer solution to problems should be an inseparable quality of any banker.
  • Bankers must be cooperative with their colleagues.
  • Any good banker must have a preserved personality.


It is proper you set your goals aright, because if you derail from the right part, you will live to regret it. So before we go on, you should ask yourself “Why do I want a banking job?”

I believe if you are honest as supposed, you will get the right answer.

Here are some reasons people choose the banking career:

  • To enjoy the competitive salary and other benefits flowing in the industry.
  • This industry exposes people to a wide range of experiences and opportunities. Therefore it could be nice to take a career in banking.
  • Although it is arguable, bankers can actually have good working conditions.
  • Banking brings one to the noble position of serving the people.


This programme is set to employ the best talents into the banking industry. The candidates to be recruited must show and prove that they are best for the various vacancies available in the bank.


You must meet the requirements below in order to stand a chance for the job:

  • Applicants should possess B.Sc or HND with a minimum of second class lower division or upper credit respectively, obtained from a recognized institution within or outside Nigeria.
  • Candidate should have completed their compulsory one year NYSC programme and therefore have the NYSC Discharge certificate.
  • Applicants should be Nigerians; foreign applicants are required to present an official document of their work permit.
  • The allowed age limit for applicants is the maximum of 27 years old.

How to Apply

To apply for Zenith Bank graduate recruitment programme, simply enter the online application page to submit your details: Click Here to Apply (https://xceedonline.zenithbank.com/zenithonline/)

NOTE: Please you must understand that at the time of publishing this article, the Zenith Bank Graduate recruitment was closed;

so you will not be able to access the job application page until the job vacancy comes up.

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When will the recruitment begin?

The truth is that the recruitment is currently not ongoing. Yet there is no official date when the recruitment will start. You can subscribe to this website to get updates about it for free.

What is the recruitment portal?

Every recruitment advert is made on the Zenith Bank’s Career page. The application is done on that same official website which is https://xceedonline.zenithbank.com/zenithonline/


It has been a good ride up till this point. I would now have the confidence that you have gotten all you should know about the Zenith Bank recruitment.

Be that as it may, if you have any question, do not hesitate ask.

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